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The historical true-crime podcast that uncovers old blood with each new episode. Follow a murder historian back in time to re-live history's most significant crimes with the historical context that you won't find on other true crime podcasts.

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The historical true-crime podcast that uncovers old blood with each new episode. Follow a murder historian back in time to re-live history's most significant crimes with the historical context that you won't find on other true crime podcasts.

    Foreigner: A Murder in Peking

    Foreigner: A Murder in Peking

    In 1937, Peking police discovered a British schoolgirl at the bottom of an ancient wall with her heart torn from her chest. The investigation unraveled multiple theories that increased tension between locals and the many foreigners living in China at the dawn of World War II.
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    Death Dealing: Ned Doheny, Hugh Plunkett & LA Noire

    Death Dealing: Ned Doheny, Hugh Plunkett & LA Noire

    In 1929, the son of oil magnate Edward Doheny was found dead beside his secretary in an apparent murder-suicide. The news exploded onto the papers for three days before the district attorney canceled the inquest and closed the case. When detectives decided there had been foul play, they were silenced, leaving everyone to wonder what truly went on that night at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

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    Bloodstone: The Corpse in the Cylinder

    Bloodstone: The Corpse in the Cylinder

    The Blitz in Liverpool, England, unearthed a long-buried cylinder. When a child discovered a corpse inside, it ignited a century-old mystery.

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    Wicked Creature: Murder on Cherry Hill

    Wicked Creature: Murder on Cherry Hill

    A daughter of the New York elite is accused of orchestrating her husband’s murder after he was shot through a second-story window at the historic Cherry Hill estate. The resulting trial culminated in the state’s last public hanging in 1827.

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    Bravo: Poison at the Priory

    Bravo: Poison at the Priory

    The 30-year-old barrister Charles Bravo died after an excruciating three-day battle with poison. The case was doused in clues, a fact that detectives hoped would aid in their quest for justice, but only hindered it. The list of suspects grew, and investigators struggled to cross names off their lists for good. The problem was that there were far too many people with reasons to poison the man. 
    It's a classic whodunnit.
    Who killed Charles Bravo? 

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    What Hast Thou Done?: The Ala Moana Five

    What Hast Thou Done?: The Ala Moana Five

    The 1931 Massie Affair ended in a lynching that shocked the world and a murder trial that threatened the Hawaiian Islands. 
    This is Part II of  "What Hast Thou Done." For Part I, listen to Episode 33.

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

ntdwwira ,

History and true crime

History and true crime come together in this well researched podcast. Excited to add it to my podcast repertoire.

roxyzeve ,



DebArdis1 ,

Just what I was looking for

First of all: I love Elise’s voice and sense of humor. The material is well explained and very interesting. I looked for a podcast that would cover old (real old) true crime and this one is the only one I found told in a interesting and straight to the story manner. I get annoyed by story tellers that get opinions and everyday blah-blah-blah mixed with the case’s fact and relevance. Elise does none of that. I highly recommend this podcast. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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