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It‘s not enough to have your marriage survive. We want your marriage to thrive! Bringing unique perspectives from counseling individuals and couples in the church, the law, and the military, Bryon and Jennifer Harvey bring a wealth of experience and perspective to Operation: Thriving Marriage.

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It‘s not enough to have your marriage survive. We want your marriage to thrive! Bringing unique perspectives from counseling individuals and couples in the church, the law, and the military, Bryon and Jennifer Harvey bring a wealth of experience and perspective to Operation: Thriving Marriage.

    Ep 68 - Friends, Finances, and Your Marriage

    Ep 68 - Friends, Finances, and Your Marriage

    In Episode 69 of Operation: Thriving Marriage, we focus on how friendships impact the financial health of a marriage. Jen shares personal stories about how her friends influence her relationship and finances, reflecting Jimmy Evans' insight from XO Marriage that our friends shape our future. We delve into Biblical teachings that highlight the importance of healthy, God-designed relationships, emphasizing that financial decisions are crucial within these dynamics.
    We address the challenge of friends who negatively affect our finances, especially in today’s social media-driven world. Friends often showcase their extravagant lifestyles online, leading to feelings of inadequacy and financial strain. We discuss the pressure to match their spending on dinners, activities, and vacations, which can cause tension and stress in marriages.
    To navigate these challenges, we offer practical solutions. Your financial decisions as a couple should reflect your values, goals, and the example you wish to set. We emphasize the importance of contentment and aligning financial goals with Scripture. Learn to celebrate your friends' successes without falling into discontentment and make wise choices about the people who influence your financial habits.
    In conclusion, as Christians, we are called to be different through how we live and manage our finances. Let your financial decisions glorify God and reflect His kingdom. Tune in for insightful discussions on managing friendships and finances in your marriage.
    **Keywords: Financial Health in Marriage, Marriage and Finances, Social Media Influence, Biblical Financial Guidance, Christian Financial Management, Contentment in Marriage, Marriage Advice Podcast**

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    Ep 67 - Through the Eyes of a Child

    Ep 67 - Through the Eyes of a Child

    In this enlightening episode of the Operation: Thriving Marriage podcast, we turn the spotlight on our first guests - our kids! Join us as we dive into the world of marriage from a child's perspective, exploring their candid thoughts, heartfelt observations, and innocent wisdom about what it takes to build a thriving marriage. 
    Our kids share their views on love, partnership, and what they've learned from watching us navigate the ups and downs of married life. This heartwarming and insightful episode offers a refreshing look at marriage through the eyes of the next generation. Whether you're a

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    Ep 66 - Spicing Things Up

    Ep 66 - Spicing Things Up

    In this episode of the Operation: Thriving Marriage Podcast, we answer a listener question. Megen asked “How to spice things up in marriage without cheating.”
    Marriages all go through phase in sex and intimacy. There are times when sex is less frequent than one or both of you desire. There are also times when the sex is not as fulfilling as one or both of you would like it to be. These are normal struggles in marriage. Cheating will not solve those problems. Cheating can only lead to hurt and pain in a marriage.
    In this episode we talk about different ways to spice up the sex in your marriage. One of the most important things is to discuss sex together and communicate what you want and need. Other ideas include ways of being more sexy towards each other and planning a sex date.
    Please keep the questions coming. We love to hear from you. You can contact us at OperationThrivingMarriage.com. We hope you enjoy this episode and come up with new ways to spice things up in your own marriage.

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    Ep 65 - Flood of Anger

    Ep 65 - Flood of Anger

    Welcome to Operation: Thriving Marriage. In today's episode, we address a common marital issue—anger. Often, we blame our spouse for making us angry, creating a cycle of blame and frustration. But here's the truth: it's not our spouse who controls our emotions; it's us.
    We dive into how to break this harmful cycle by taking responsibility for our feelings. Understand that your emotions are shaped by your personality, genetics, and past experiences, not by your spouse's actions. Recognize that incidents, not people, incite anger.
    Learn practical steps to manage your anger: pause, pray, or take a walk to calm down. Communicate with your spouse without blaming them. Instead of saying, "You make me angry," say, "When this happens, I feel..."
    Join us as we explore these insights and offer tools to transform how you handle anger, fostering a loving and peaceful marriage. Tune in to Operation: Thriving Marriage and start building a stronger relationship today!

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    Ep 64 - Trad Wives

    Ep 64 - Trad Wives

    Welcome to Episode 64 of Operation: Thriving Marriage! In this episode, we delve into the topic of Trad Wives, exploring what it means to be a Trad Wife, its roots in nostalgia versus scripture, and its impact on modern marriages.
    Hosts Bryon and Jen kick off the discussion by questioning the allure of the Trad Wife movement and its representation in today's culture. They dissect the aesthetic versus the practical actions associated with being a Trad Wife, highlighting the unrealistic expectations it can create, especially for young couples.
    The episode tackles the roots of the Trad Wife movement, emphasizing its foundation in 1950s marketing rather than biblical truths. It sheds light on how this movement, while not inherently wrong, can lead to shame and dysfunction, particularly for those unable to meet its standards.
    Listeners are encouraged to critically evaluate trends that claim to represent biblical truths about marriage. The hosts stress the importance of consulting qualified sources like pastors and theologians rather than relying solely on social media influencers.
    The discussion also delves into biblical perspectives on beauty, submission, and marital roles, providing a balanced view that encourages godly character and mutual respect within marriages.
    In conclusion, Operation: Thriving Marriage emphasizes the need to align marital practices with biblical principles rather than cultural trends. The episode serves as a guide for couples navigating the complexities of marriage, urging them to seek wisdom from trusted sources and to prioritize their relationship with Christ above all else.
    Tune in to gain valuable insights into building a thriving marriage rooted in biblical truth!

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    Ep 63 - Critical Spouses

    Ep 63 - Critical Spouses

    Welcome to Episode 63 of Operation: Thriving Marriage! In this episode, we delve into the delicate balance between criticism and growth within marriage. We explore the concept that holiness, not just happiness, is a key goal. First, we address the challenge posed by criticism, often a significant source of conflict in marriages. How can we navigate critiquing our spouse without causing harm?Our solution? Presume goodwill. Regular listeners know this mantra well. Coupled with humility, we delve into Proverbs 16:18, emphasizing the importance of humility in both listening and speaking. Understanding context and maintaining a loving relationship foundation are also crucial elements discussed.Join us as we unpack these essential principles that not only foster growth in holiness but also strengthen the fabric of our marriages. Remember, marriage isn't just about happiness; it's about fulfilling God's vocation for us and aiding each other in becoming more Christ-like. Tune in for practical insights on thriving in both holiness and marital harmony.

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

slomoshion ,

Listen, Follow & Share

It came up in conversation, that a friend of mine was listening to Bryan and Jennifer's podcast after he read the couples book. I began following the podcast but hadn't started listening to it right away. I drive an hour back and forth to work daily. One day after another podcast that I was listening to, went off, Operation: Thriving Marriage came on. The couples back and forth banter and conversation were not only engaging and informative but are easy to listen to. I found myself agreeing with various points and relating to their scenarios. I highly recommend this podcast to newlyweds, couples like me married for nearly 30 years and everyone in between. If you're married, you should listen, follow and share.

Mom to 5! M.M. to 3! ,

Important to remember!

Thank you so much for pointing out that both men and women need to deal with this issue. I absolutely agree; worship is an amazing lust stopper! Worship music shifts the atmosphere and puts the focus on Jesus and off of us.

Basiakali ,

Practical advice, scriptural foundation, fun hosts

The Operation Thriving Marriage podcast offers genuine insight into the various obstacles modern marriages inevitably encounter. Even though the podcast is scripturally based, the hosts are fun and entertaining. Very well done; worth a listen!

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