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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

    386 - How to Multiply Time with Rory Vaden

    386 - How to Multiply Time with Rory Vaden

    How to Multiply Time with Rory Vaden
    I love the way Rory Vaden looks at time and prioritization. I first learned about him when I was getting started in multiple direct sales companies. He is an expert in the principles of success - time management, goals, and positive attitudes. I reviewed two of his books - Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose on the Organize 365 YouTube channel in 2020. I even have an older podcast about what I learned from his books - Episode 152. 
    I am delighted to share our conversation about time with you today. We talk about leadership, motivating others, achieving goals, and multiplying time. Rory shares some amazing thoughts about how to achieve your dreams - he says:
    It’s not that people struggle from a lack of discipline, as they do from a lack of vision.  The amount of our endurance is directly proportionate to the clarity of our vision. The number one cause of all procrastination is self-criticism [perfectionism].   
    We also talk about how to make steady, consistent progress towards any kind of goals (work, home organization, or anything else). He explains how he makes decisions about prioritizing his to do items. And, then he drops his bomb, he teaches me how to multiply time by changing how I think about the items on my list. You multiply time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow. 
    As Rory talks about how getting organized is a way you can multiply time, we share how my own lessons for you are helping you to multiply time in your own lives. Things like the Sunday Basket® and the 100 Day Home Organization Program can lead you to freeing up ten to fifteen hours a week once you set up the systems. Automation of your organizing can lead to exponentially more time as you continue to build and refine systems. Any time you create a process today, it saves you time tomorrow, and then saves you time every day moving forward. Invest in good habits, invest in your self-discipline, and invest in how you think about and use your time - you will get exponential rewards in the future.
    If you want to systematize and grow your business, I recommend you consider working with Rory Vaden and Brand Builders. We help people monetize and build their personal brand. Organize 365 is partnering with them and you can get a free call at freebrandcall.com/organize365

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    ReAir 243 - How To Get Organized Faster

    ReAir 243 - How To Get Organized Faster

    This week's #ThrowbackThursday podast is Episode 243: How To Get Organized Faster.


    In this episode, I help you to think about the 100 Day Home Organization program as a project, and chunk it together as much as you can. I give special hints and support for especially challenging times like organizing with a chronic illness or when you have little kids at home. Listen in to learn some tips and tricks to get big batches of organizing done.


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    Organizing Holiday Decorations

    Organizing Holiday Decorations

    Organizing Holiday Decorations
    Why do we keep the decorations we keep, and what is the best way to store them? As we go through life stages and unexpected events, our holiday items take on new meaning and sometimes add to our guilt or depression. That was true in my case.
    This week, your challenge is to organize your holiday decorations.
    Visit http://organize365.com/40-weeks-1-whole-house-week-19-organizing-holiday-decorations  for the full blog post.
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    The NEW Organize 365 APP with Emily

    The NEW Organize 365 APP with Emily

    Listen to all of our Wednesday Podcasts at organize365.com/wednesday-podcasts
    This week, on the Transformational Podcast for Wednesday, I am sharing how we are transforming the 100 Day Home Organization Program with a brand new smart phone app designed specifically for Organize 365! Emily Kelly - our Director of Marketing - and I speak about the new FREE smartphone app coming soon for Organize 365.
    The app will give you access to the FREE trial week of the 100 Day Home Organization Program and a FREE mini-course that will help you get started setting up your Sunday Basket®. For those of you who are already enrolled in paid programs for Organize 365, you will find bonus content in the app and it will be an easy to use, portable way to access the 100 Day Program.
    The app is now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  Search for "Organize365" - no space!

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    Coffee Chat - Books & Merch

    Coffee Chat - Books & Merch

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    385 - Book: Dare to Dream

    385 - Book: Dare to Dream

    Tom Barrett | Dare to Dream Work to Win | Book Review by Lisa Woodruff
    My March book reviews are all about sales. I share books that have influenced how I sell, the sales process I use, and how I have been able to create enough income to keep a small business alive, growing, and thriving for 8 years. 
    Dare to Dream and Work to Win: Understanding Dollars and Sense of Success in Network Marketing by Thomas Barrett is one of my foundational sales books. Dr. Barrett taught me about  1. consistency, 2. a duplicatable system, and 3. time. These three core principles have helped me to build a growing, thriving, profitable business. No matter if you are working a direct sales business or starting your own business, this book has so much good information. Dr. Barrett also taught me about entrepreneurial time - how your hourly rate for your work improves over time and this helped me to have hope in the early years where I was putting in so many hours for so little money. I hope you enjoy this quick review!
    You can also watch this as a video review on YouTube. 
    Follow me on Goodreads!
    If you are interested in trying Audible for audiobooks, you can get a free trial with my affiliate link.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
861 Ratings

861 Ratings

Benthebombus ,

My favorite podcast

I have many shows in my podcast feed but I always listen to the newest Organize 365 podcast first. I found this podcast when I was was looking for tips on decluttering, but I found so much more that keeps me listening, especially the deeply thoughtful insights Lisa shares on being productive.

canihebndosbbr ,

Life Changing

I love Lisa she’s always so positive, and motivation. She has really made a big great change in my life. Thanks for always being here and a positive voice all the time.

Linda Corn ,

Passionately motivating

Thank you for the heart you have for teaching others to organize. I listen regularly and always learn something new. I am an organized person (but currently life circumstances have made the water muddy.) I never come away from a podcast without new great techniques to add to my own. It’s a learning process. Your life experiences are also a valuable tool for things I haven’t been through yet. I never feel pressured to buy a basket but when I do, it will be well worth the money.
Thank you so much !

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