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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

    485 - Organizing Paper Management

    485 - Organizing Paper Management

    In this podcast series, we've been talking about essential organizing. You can catch up on this series by listening to these episodes:
    Organizing Personal Spaces Organizing Family & Communal Spaces Organizing Storage Spaces This week, we are moving to organizing your paper management in our quest for functional organization in your home. You know how much I love to talk about paper organization! People are FINALLY coming around to the fact that paper is not going away, and it needs to be organized. You could organize your paper first or last, and you could also choose to only organize portions of your paper. 
    We found in our research study that 54% of people have piles of paper everywhere. Only 18% of people have a system in place for organizing that paper. In addition, 70% of Millenials perceive a reduction in stress when their paper is organized. You see, we all have paper. You could have less paper, but you're never going to be paperless. 
    Paper is different than other areas of your home. It's different because 85% of what you store in your filing cabinet you will NEVER need again. The remaining 15% is paper that you do need and you need to be able to find it when you go looking for it. You only go looking for these important papers when there's a problem. Binders are the solution! Trust me, your future self in crisis will thank you when you have your paper organized and can find what you need.
    But here's the other problem you will run into with paper: Only about 20% of what I suggest that you put into your binders is actually in your filing cabinet or it is actually paper at all. The other 80% of what needs to be in your binders is either on the computer where only you know how to find it or it is stored in your brain. If something happens to you, how does anyone else take care of anything in your home or for your family?
    In this episode, you'll find encouragement for why and how to get your paper organized.
    Are your papers organized? What is keeping you from organizing your paper?
    Mentioned in this episode:
    Podcast #420 - The Weight of Paper
    Paper Organizing Retreats
    The Paper Solution® Binders

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    All About the New Education Friday Workbox with Sheri MacGregor

    All About the New Education Friday Workbox with Sheri MacGregor

    I am so excited to share with you our updated Education Friday Workbox®! Sheri MacGregor is joining me in this episode to help me tell you about all of the changes.
    Sheri MacGregor is a former teacher with a Master's in Elementary Education, a certified organizer, and is now in charge of our teacher support at Organize 365®.
    You can listen to these previous podcast episodes to learn more about Sheri:
    Friday Workbox with Sheri MacGregor Transformation with Sheri M. Sheri was a part of the mastermind group that helped us revamp the Education Friday Workbox® and Playbook. You'll be seeing a lot more of her because she did all of the videos in the Education Friday Workbox® dashboard, will be joining me for Teacher Camp, and will be your host and guide for the weekly co-working time for teachers.
    The new Education Friday Workbox® has an updated Playbook to help you set up your organizational system. We also included not only the 2.0 Slash pockets but 3 additional colors of Slash pockets -  because we know that teachers are juggling extra categories of work that need to be organized!
    In this episode, Sheri and I talk about these changes and so much more! We share with you some practical ideas for organizing your Education Friday Workbox®, Teacher Camp coming this summer, and how to approach your administrator for reimbursement and continuing education units.
    Get the presale Education Friday Workbox® with special bonus here while supplies last.

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    Coffee Chat - Education Friday Workbox PRESALE Bonus

    Coffee Chat - Education Friday Workbox PRESALE Bonus

    It's finally here!
    In this episode, I give you a quick coffee chat overview of the new Education Friday Workbox®, the presale purchase bonus offer, and the reveal of a brand new Friday Workbox® color.
    The new Education Friday Workbox® is now available to purchase with a presale bonus. For 10 days (or until the limited quantity is sold out), we're offering you the opportunity to get a sapphire blue Education Friday Workbox® and our gift to you is a tropical blue portable Sunday Basket®.
    To purchase this presale offer, click here: https://organize365.com/product/education-friday-workbox-presale1651171735 
    Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18 to hear all of the details of the newly revamped Education Friday Workbox® playbook and the new dashboard videos in my conversation with Sheri MacGregor.
    Next Tuesday, I'll tell you all about Teacher Camp coming this summer!

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    484 - Organizing Storage Spaces

    484 - Organizing Storage Spaces

    In this podcast series, I have talked with you about organizing your personal spaces and then about organizing your family and communal spaces. Now, we're ready to move into your storage spaces.
    Storage spaces are not easy to organize, but once you set your mind to it, they can be maintained for the rest of your life! Really, they can! Whether it is your attic, basement, or an off-site storage unit, once you have a system in place, this storage space can stay organized for decades.
    With the exception of some transient storage spaces, your storage space is generally a hidden area of organization. People don't see these spaces so we tend to put off organizing them. 
    What I want you to understand is the mindset of organizing a storage space. You must start thinking of it as a store. It is your on-demand, already paid-for store, where you're storing things for when you need them.
    In this episode, I share with you about creating a storage mindset, what kinds of things you might find in your storage space, and how to group those items. I also talk about why you might consider tackling your storage space BEFORE the rest of your home.
    Ready to organize your storage space? You'll find more detailed guidance for organizing your storage space in  The Productive Home Solution™.
    What do you keep in your storage spaces? What have you been holding onto in your storage space that really needs to go? 

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    Transformation with Krys H.

    Transformation with Krys H.

    Welcome to the newest Wednesday Podcast! On Wednesdays, I get to talk with members of the Organize 365 community as they share the challenges, progress, missteps, and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. I look forward to helping YOU get Organized!
    This week I am sharing my conversation with Krys H. She lives with her husband and their 21-year-old cat, but she is also mom to 11 grown children. Krys talks about the medical issues in her family and how having The Paper Solution® Medical Binder paperwork with her helped the first responders care for her during a recent accident. She also shares how she packed for a long-distance move that included downsizing from 3,000 sq ft to 1,400 sq ft. Krys is also a faithful keeper of her Sunday Basket®, which she does on Friday each week. There are so many fun nuggets of inspiration in this conversation!
    What resonates with YOU about Krys' story? Are you dealing with medical issues in your family or preparing for a move?
    I am grateful that you are reaching out to share your stories and progress with me and with the Organize 365® community. If you are ready to share your story with us, please apply at https://organize365.com/wednesday
    For more information about the programs and products mentioned in this podcast please check out these links:
    Organize 365®
    The Sunday Basket® System
    The Productive Home Solution™ (formerly All Access)
    The Paper Solution® Binders
    I look forward to helping YOU get Organized!
    PS - Be sure to share YOUR unique way of using #myextra5 and tag your post on Instagram so we can share your wins!

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    483 - Organizing Family & Communal Spaces

    483 - Organizing Family & Communal Spaces

    This week we are moving from personal organization to the next area of organization: family and communal spaces.
    These are the areas that you will want to organize first because people see them when they come into your home, but they are the hardest areas to organize and maintain. I know, there can be judgment anxiety over these spaces. There is also a tension between wanting these spaces to look good but also being able to live in them comfortably.
    In our research study, we found that only 14% of people say that they have their family and communal spaces organized. Why is this? Well... 
    How often have you spent so much time cleaning and organizing just to turn around and find that space trashed again? I'm sure you've been through these seasons or you might be living in one of those seasons right now! Sometimes, it's like shoveling snow in a snow storm!
    As you can see, family and communal spaces are hard and that's why I recommend that you start with organizing your personal spaces. Build your organizational muscles and habits there first. When you do get to the family and communal spaces, start with your kitchen. You'll feel a difference when you know where everything is in your kitchen and when you know that everything in there is purposeful. After the kitchen, move on to your other shared spaces: the family room, communal bathrooms, dining room, front hall closet, and cleaning supplies. 
    Listen to this episode for more encouragement and inspiration for tackling the organization of these hard-to-organize family and communal spaces.
    What makes these family and communal spaces so hard for you to organize and maintain? Do you have toddlers? Teens? Lack of time? Too much stuff? 
    Ready to get these family and communal spaces organized? Learn more about The Productive Home Solution™ and how the program can help you reach that goal. 

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
1K Ratings

1K Ratings

ACMTexas ,

Love the new day in a life episode!

More great content! I love this series and the realistic approach to productivity and prioritizing. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this series.

RebbRom ,


Me, me, me. It’s all about how amazing she is. Confidence is an amazing thing to have, but good grief! 🤦🏻‍♀️ “I don’t mean to brag, or anything…” Ummm, yeah you do 🤣

So much time spent on plugging her organizing program. Go to ClutterBug. Class’s blog, podcast and YouTube vlog are life changing. She has so many free printouts. What she charges money for are also VERY affordable.

Jenbunny626 ,

Not for me

I tried listening to this podcast after hearing her on another that I love, but it feels like more of a diary of her day to day life… Like a YouTube Vlog or something a self absorbed teenager would do…I don’t need to hear how “crazy” it is that you got gas on a Tuesday, or that you shower and take a bath everyday (?!)

I tried a few different episodes, and they all just seem to be about her and her business.. it feels like an infomercial. I would have enjoyed it more if the actual content was focused on the listener (not the speaker), and gave practical advice. I guess some listeners that have been following her for a long time enjoy that look into her life, but it’s not for me.

The Sunday Basket (aka Getting Things Done Method) has really worked for me. However I did not purchase the $100 “System” from her, but made my own for about $20.

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