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Our Two Cents Podcast is a weekly show that provides wisdom and actionable advice about Finance, Investing, Real Estate, Income Taxes, Insurance, Marketing, Advertising, and the Law. OTC features local business and community leaders and is a great podcast with a great group of professionals in all sorts of different job fields who share their expertise along with great insightful guests from local business owners, musicians, philanthropists, and everything in between.

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Our Two Cents Podcast is a weekly show that provides wisdom and actionable advice about Finance, Investing, Real Estate, Income Taxes, Insurance, Marketing, Advertising, and the Law. OTC features local business and community leaders and is a great podcast with a great group of professionals in all sorts of different job fields who share their expertise along with great insightful guests from local business owners, musicians, philanthropists, and everything in between.

    226 - Virtuity Financials

    226 - Virtuity Financials

    Kyle Jones and Amanda DiGacomo welcome Jasmine Mazariegos, Senior Broker at Virtuity Financial Partners and the newest tenant in the Mill Rock Way office. Jasmine Introduces the company she works with, Virtuity Financial and discusses the aspects behind financial literacy. Jasmine tells us how she attended CSUB with a major in kinesiology but later realized through experience that a career working 9-5 for someone else wasn’t going to get her to her financial goals, she was mentored and trained in Financial literacy and now provides the same information if not more to her clients. She discusses the change in perspective from working an average 9-5 job to dedicating herself to being an entrepreneur and teaching others that they can do the same. Jasmine provides her clients with financial advice that ranges from educating them about life insurance and advising them to protect assets in Trusts and Wills to teaching them about a wide range of investment strategies. She also discusses growing up not having the resources and education about financial literacy and is now passionate about teaching clients the importance of financial literacy.
    Website: https://virtuity.com/
    Jasmine's IG: Jasmine_finance

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    225 - Key Staffing

    225 - Key Staffing

    Amanda DiGiacomo welcomes Jackie Koster, Founder and CEO of Key Staffing Inc and LLS Visionary of the year. Key Staffing is a company founded in 2019 by Mrs.Koster and it is now a leading recruitment firm serving all industries including, industrial, administrative, accounting, and medical. Jackie tells us the story of how Key Staffing came to be from simply her entrepreneuring spirit and determination to succeed. Amanda and Jackie also discuss the impact that generational cultures bring to the workforce and the difference on how to motivate for success. In starting a business there are always ups and downs, losses and wins, when Jackie started Key Staffing in 2019 the pandemic was an unforeseen obstacle but with great tenacity, Jackie and her team were able to provide the community with job opportunities for both candidates and clients. In 2023 Jackie discusses the loss in reduction of not only her company’s staff but the drastic reduction of revenue her company was receiving, but with consistent efforts and an amazing staff the company has been able to grow from what they lost. Key Staffing is a company committed to helping candidates find the right opportunity for their lifestyle.
    Their mission is to create a long-term partnership with clients by connecting their workforce with companies and businesses. Key Staffing has collaborated with Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) to host a casino night in which all proceeds from the event will go towards funding research and supporting patients battling blood cancer. For more information on Key Staffing and the LLS casino night check out the links below. 
    LLS Casino Night Tickets
    LLS Donation Page
    LinkedIn: Jackie_Koster
    Instagram: Jackie_Koster
    Website: www.hirekeystaff.com/

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    224 - Planned Exits

    224 - Planned Exits

    Kyle Jones welcomes Scott Garrison, Founder and CEO of Planned Exits, a new company that provides business owners with strategies on how to maximize their business’s value upon exit. Scott tells us the story of how Planned Exits came to be and his inspiration behind the company. The company is committed to helping business owners, and entrepreneurs plan for successful exits with the most favorable terms that help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
    Exit planning is a critical process that holds immense significance for businesses, and It allows them to strategically navigate the complexities of transitioning out of their ventures. Whether they are selling the business, passing it on to family members, or exploring other exit options. Exit planning addresses legal and tax considerations, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition through meticulous analysis, financial planning, and the development of a tailored strategy. For more information on Planned Exits check out the links below.
    Website: www.plannedexits.com/
    LinkedIn: Planned_Exits

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    223 - PHB

    223 - PHB

    Amanda DiGiacomo welcomes Cepi and Lu, the executive board of Power Hub Bakersfield, a new local non-profit that helps businesses and C suite employees grow. Cepi the president tells us the story of how Power Hub Bakersfield came to be. Their inspiration behind bringing PHB to the community was that they wanted to provide business owners and C Suite professionals with the proper tools to power up their growth through networking, goal setting, financing, and accountability. This nonprofit is different from others as they provide networking, programs lead by experts, and an accountability coach. The board would like to invite any of you to their latest program sponsored by Lino’s venue on February 8th 2024. More information for their upcoming programs is on their Instagram linked down below.
    Website: https://powerhubbakersfield.org/
    Instagram: powerhub_bakersfield

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    222 - F45 - Training for Every Body

    222 - F45 - Training for Every Body

    Kyle Jones welcomes Sarah Kuhlmann and Tarin Meadows, Co-owners of F45 Training Seven Oaks and Fit-Pantry. Sarah and Tarin tell us the story of F45 training. Their inspiration behind bringing F45 training to the community was that they wanted to provide a fun place that produces high-intensity workouts to get the heart pumping. F45 Training’s mission is to help its members conquer everyday movements and unlock their inner athlete. At F45 Training, their workouts are created by certified personal trainers to bring together all muscle groups in the body, helping them achieve exceptional strength, energy, and flexibility that leave their members feeling their best. More information on F45 Training Seven Oaks is down below. 
    Sarah and Tarin established their own business known as Fit Pantry. Their mission behind their restaurant is to connect people to healthy real food with ease. They opened Fit Pantry in October of 2016 and have made it their mission ever since to serve others with well-balanced nutritious meals. You can find their locations and more information on their website below.
    Websites: https://f45training.com/studio/sevenoaksca/
    Phone number: F45 Training: (661) 310-3305
    Phone number: Fit Pantry: (661) 679-7684
    Facebook: F45_Training_SevenOaks
    Instagram: f45_training_sevenoaks

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    221 - How a Little Food Can Go a Long Way

    221 - How a Little Food Can Go a Long Way

    Amanda DiGiacomo welcomes Debbie Powers, executive director of Golden Empire Gleaners. Debbie tells us the story of how the local non-profit was founded and how much they have grown since then. Debbie goes over what the non-profit does for the community and how it has an impact on many lives. She discusses the process in which the non-profit receives its donations and how they create and distribute the baskets. Donations are a big part of the non-profits mission, volunteering is the other important part, Debbie discusses how the volunteers are what allows the program to run smoothly and how because of volunteers they are able to reach more people around the community. Club 85 is a monthly monetary subscription in which your donation is used to create a case of goods that is then donated to a family in need every month. We encourage you today to check out this local non-profit and be a part of the team, whether it be through volunteer work or food/monetary donation. 
    Golden Empire Gleaners mission is to help alleviate hunger and provide food for those in need in the Kern County community. They accomplish this by collecting and distributing food and agricultural products that might otherwise go to waste. Through the help of their referring agencies, they are able to distribute food to needy children, senior citizens, families in crisis, people who are ill, disabled, homeless or unemployed.
    Website: www.goldenempiregleaners.com/
    Phone Number: 661-324-2767
    Facebook: GoldenEmpireGleaners
    Instagram: GoldenEmpireGleaners

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5.0 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

bradchandlercoaching ,

I learned so much from this podcast

The variety of formats this podcast offers, from interviews to deep dives, keeps the content
fresh and exciting.

Feef11 ,

Great podcast!

Great information even for those outside California. Hosts are relatable and easy to listen to. Highly recommended.

hurleybabe2905 ,

You have to listen to this podcast!

This podcast has so much valuable information!! Don’t listen to any others! These guys live and breath this every day. Such great and honest advice.

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