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Conversations about design and the web, with Heydon Pickering and Stephen Hay.

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Conversations about design and the web, with Heydon Pickering and Stephen Hay.

    Pixel Perfection

    Pixel Perfection

    Pixel perfection: the idea that designers and developers can have pixel-level control over how things are shown on the screen. At worst, it's an illusion. At best, the time and effort invested to try and achieve it may not be worth it. Heydon and Stephen ponder our reluctance to accept the web as a non-static medium, what our "real" deliverables are, and whether the quest for pixel perfection provides the value we tend to think it does.
    The article on "hard and soft grids" that we discussed is:
    Touhey, James. ‘The Bottomline on Measuring Hard and Soft Grids, Part I’. Medium, 10 August 2018. https://uxplanet.org/the-bottomline-on-measuring-hard-and-soft-grids-part-i-7ff52d7bc458.

    • 51 min
    Should designers code?

    Should designers code?

    In our second episode, we discuss the wonderfully polarizing question, “should designers code?” We'd go so far as to say that this is the definitive guide to this question, as we remain as cool-headed, reasonable, and rational about the topic as is humanly possible. And you honestly will never need to read another article about it. Nor should you. The question of whether designers should code is now a solved problem.
    Not only is this episode more fun than flogging a dead unicorn, it also sports our new intro and outtro music, performed by Mr Pickering himself. We've also got a painfully proper transcription this time around.
    Stephen on Twitter: @stephenhay
    Heydon on Twitter: @heydonworks

    • 52 min
    Is CSS a programming language?

    Is CSS a programming language?

    In their very first episode, Heydon and Stephen discuss whether CSS is—or should be considered—a programming language. There's also a bit about beer.

    • 1 hr

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