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A DC running centric podcast with interviews and discussions between hosts Chris Farley, william e docs and Joanna Russo, that centers around and quite often drifts away from running.

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A DC running centric podcast with interviews and discussions between hosts Chris Farley, william e docs and Joanna Russo, that centers around and quite often drifts away from running.

    Ep 249 - Unbirthdays (Andy Bacon)

    Ep 249 - Unbirthdays (Andy Bacon)

    We start off talking about birthday etiquette because it just might be one of our hosts birthdays today (well not anymore, on the day we recorded), which naturally leads into an extended discussion about Kevin Bacon. We are joined at (12:26) by EX2 Adventures owner Andy Bacon who tells us that he has heard the Kevin Bacon question before (which should not be shocking for a guy named Chris Farley but what can we say). At (15:26) we ask about the history of EX2 and the journey that lead Andy to that position. At (20:29) we talk about how 2020 changed things for their company and at (23:58) we asked how their customers responded to these forced changes and then discuss the unfortunate circumstances some of their vendors found themselves in. At (28:23) we talk about the virtual races this spring and then the recent in person Rosaryville Half Marathon/10k, the safety measures that they had to put in place and the feedback response from the race participants. At (42:30) we hear about their upcoming race schedule which includes two more in-person events. We are back at (47:25) to wrap the interview and at (51:10) we announce the elimination of the Mens Track and Field programs at William and Mary. At (52:37) former PTN guest John Kelly completes an amazing feat, a Grand Round Project and at (54:40) Ryan Hall runs his first ultra-marathon. At (57:22) we have a couple of Arlington stories, the Arlington biker who mooned people on the Custis trail is finally apprehended, and then at (1:02:37) Docs takes us on a journey with the Bridges of Arlington County. At (1:09:09) Docs takes us off agenda to tell a story about a recent run in Arlington County. We close out at (1:17:38) with a couple of PTNish stories, a woman who runs with dogs ran every street in the Florida Keys and then we revisit the Bear story from last week for Docs.

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    EP 248 - Fell in Love with Running through Pacers Races (Rheinhardt Harrison)

    EP 248 - Fell in Love with Running through Pacers Races (Rheinhardt Harrison)

    At 1:00 We let the audience know that Docs is not on the show.
    At 3:00 we intro the show and the guest
    At 8:00 we talk to Julie about the Runners World article she was profiled in
    At 12:00 We welcome in Rheinhardt Harrison
    At 14:00 Rheinhardt lets us know how his virtual learning is working for him
    At 15:58 Rheinhardt tells us when the first race he ran was and tells us how he got into running as a youth
    At 21:55 Rheinhardt takes us through middle school and the first couple years of running in HS in Florida
    At 28:20 Rheinhardt takes us through his training and racing after Cornavirus hits.
    At 29:50 We talk about training and doing workouts alone
    At 32:00 we talk about the 3 races he did this summer
    At 33:18 Rheinhardt talks about the great job Dave Milner did to put on the Music City race and the South Carolina Trackfest
    At 35:10 Julie asks about the recruiting process after the summer races
    At 36:00 we talk about what event might be his best
    At 38:20 How were his emotions during this tough time
    At 39:25 we ask him about coach Tom Schwartz
    At 41:50 College is a priority for him
    At 43:30 we talk about greats hes compared to the opportunity
    to break 4 mins in the mile
    At 45:30 We talk about the legend who reached out to Rheinhardt after the 4:01 mile
    At 47:03 We talk about what he misses about the DC area
    At 48:08 he lets us know how he feels about Pacers Running Races
    At 49:55 Rheinhardt exits the show
    51:05 We talk about how Covid has changed recruiting for HS athletes and timing of the XC and track seasons for college athletes
    At 56:30 We talk about Jim Miller run a sub 3 hour marathon for the 6th decade in a row
    At 1:00:20 we talk about a runner who was chased up a tree by a bear

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    Ep 247 - OG Bard (Addy Baird)

    Ep 247 - OG Bard (Addy Baird)

    After we learn something about William Bard, and nothing about where Docs was last week, Docs has a suggestion for the Washington Team Football team. At (9:47) we are joined by political reporter Addy Baird. We open up getting the last name mispronunciation out of the way and discuss Addys running and a tough injury. At (14:56) we talk about her BuzzFeed article where she reports a culture of toxity at SolidCore. At (38:50) we find out why she is a die hard Mets and Julie pledges her allegiance to the Florida Marlins once again. At (40:40) we are back to wrap up the interview and we find out if there is a connection between Addy Baird and Duke Baird. At (43:48) Docs talks about how much he is enjoying the NHL return and wonders why all the other major sports have not returned to play, and we take a deep dive into the manufactured crowd noise. Also PTN agrees to pivot into a new business. At (51:08) we have breaking news that nobody could have possibly heard anywhere else.

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    Ep 246 - What is Backwards (Brian Godsey)

    Ep 246 - What is Backwards (Brian Godsey)

    At :55 Julie is introduced back as a cohost and is going to try to keep it positive. At 2:44 Farley sets up the show. At 5:15 Farley and Julie talk about their move to West Arlington. At 12:05 we intro Brian Godsey, former WR holder in backwards running – 13:15 We talk to Brian about his days at Miami of Ohio. At 18:14 Brian talks about how he got into Backwards Running. At 20:20 we measure the backwards running bit with other bits that have happened recently during the pandemic. At 22:50 Brian talks about races he did and places he traveled to do them. At 26:17 Brian talks about his arch nemesis in Backwards Running. At 28:07 Brian talks about what his training was like for the backwards running. Brian talks about the different muscle groups needed for backwards running at 30:45. At 32:45 Brian talks about a fun fact from a Game Show. At 34:10 Brian gives advice on how to chase a World Record. At 35:30 we sign off with Brian and try to twist his arm to listen to PTN. At 36:25 we come back and try to convince Julie to get back into running with Backwards Running. At 38:10 we talk about the London Marathon running the elites. At 42:55 we discuss what is happening in College sports around the country. At 51:40 we talk about the new professional group from ON Running - OAC

    • 57 min
    Ep 245 - Ransom Advice (Mark Stickley)

    Ep 245 - Ransom Advice (Mark Stickley)

    Its just the guys again this week and they start off reducing the inner circle. At (9:40) we are joined by the owner of the Runners Retreat, Mark Stickley, who put on the Loudon Mile last week. We have him on primarily to tease him about going to Virginia Tech, and then we talk about the in person road race that they were able to hold in Loudoun. We are back at (48:12) to wrap up the interview and then at (50:40) we talk about the cyber attack that shut down Garmin online. At (1:00:16) we talk about Tommy Rivers, an ultra marathoner that was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Ep 244 - Just Didnt Quit (Marques Hagans)

    Ep 244 - Just Didnt Quit (Marques Hagans)

    We open the show wondering where in the Georgetown Julie might be, we talk some UVA and set the podcast table. At (10:00) we are joined by UVA WR Coach and marathoner Marques Hagans. We open up talking football, the transformation of UVA football and ask Marques about his athletic career before discovering running. At (23:30), before getting to the football question, Docs asks the standard PTN question. At (26:18) we find out why Marques got into running and the unorthodox path to completing his first marathon. At (47:10) we discuss the mental transformation from running and at (48:00) we talk more about the ProlyFyck Run Crew in Charlottesville and how they built their runs to be more inclusive. At (56:33) Docs tries to influence Marques on running terms and has a suggestion for a future running challenge. At (1:01:20) Farley tries to get the inside scoop on the fall football season. We are back at (1:06:00) to wrap up the interview, and then at (1:08:48) Docs reads some listener feedback for Farley regarding the American Record story from last week. At (1:15:40) Farley has a big announcement about his beloved Arlington, which was just named in a science based rankings as the fittest city in America. Finally, at (1:21:09) Docs rants about the return of MLB and their complete lack of Covid protocols.

    • 1 hr 33 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

kttx470 ,

Thoughtful and Funny

Great for runners in the DMV and beyond who want to hear thoughtful conversations about running and the wider fitness community. The hosts have a great chemistry and obviously do not mind one another’s company.

Keo0919 ,

Faithful Fan

PTN is a must listen for any runners in the DMV area (and beyond). The hosts have great chemistry and distinct personalities that shine through in their banter and conversation. They broach a variety of topics in the running world, and then some. This show is made for your weekend long run! If you are looking for somewhere to start, some of my favorite episodes are: #57, 77, 89, 116, 154, 180 and 193, just to name a few.

Runnerchiccy1818 ,

Informative and Fun!

Loved the interview with Bethany S. Pacer’s podcast is so good! If you run, enjoy humor, and want to learn more about the running scene, this is a great listen!

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