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How love, connection and trust translate into leadership. What horses and animals have taught me and how they’ve led me into becoming a better leader for myself and in my business.

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Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse Kat Chrysostom

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How love, connection and trust translate into leadership. What horses and animals have taught me and how they’ve led me into becoming a better leader for myself and in my business.

Interested in booking Kat as a speaker for your next event? Visit katchrysostom.com to get in touch.

    A Little Heart & A Lot of Try

    A Little Heart & A Lot of Try

    Will Smith said “No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you if you’re not skilled. Skill is achieved through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to be better everyday.” This rings true for many of us and sometimes it's easy to discount people's hard work when we only see the end result. 

    Today, we are talking with Alissa Kelly who shares a beautiful story about her horse Toasty. Toasty was a “reject” with poor confirmation, but with Alissa’s vision and his heart, they made an impression in the arena that has shocked people. Listen to learn more about Toasty and how try and heart can overcome obstacles in animals’ lives and in our own lives.

    Alissa Kelly is a wife, mom and barrel racer of 14 years and both raises and trains future barrel horses for competition. Beyond that, she enjoys working from home doing sales, marketing, networking and promoting riders and brands within the equine industry.

    One of her prize horses is Toasty and he is a rather special horse. He was discarded due to his severe sway back at the age of only 2. As Alissa says “The most valuable lesson I have learned from him stems from his heart and try. These two things have led him to becoming recognized and adored by many. He’s the horse that loves his job, tries no matter the circumstance and puts his heart into the sport.” 

    Toasty reminds Alissa every day that even if we are not breaking records or winning every weekend, you can still be admired and respected.

    Connect with Alissa at The Back Tack.

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    Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone

    Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone

    I’ve always seen and connected with animals differently than many people. I could never explain the feeling I had with them, but in this episode we are talking about a book, Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone, that demonstrates this feeling so beautifully and unfolds stories that represent the silent language that is spoken between animals and humans.

    We will be reviewing research and science behind the connection between animals and humans as well as learning how animals can make us better leaders. True leadership is partnership—not dictatorship.

    What is the difference between training and educating, anyway? We will be talking about that difference, and:

    How animals can teach us love without boundaries
    To be still 
    And to listen without expectations

    If you’re interested in reading or learning more about this book, check in out here.

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    Living In Authenticity

    Living In Authenticity

    Welcome to Episode 4 of Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse.

    Today, we are talking with Jamie Samples of Yellow Barn Media about authenticity. When people are authentic, you can feel their genuineness. They are more likely to be happier, more productive and share with others.

    Although I don’t usually talk about my dog, in this episode, I’ll be telling a quick story of his adverse reaction to a visitor in my home. Animals are ever-present and his reaction reminded me of just that.

    Jamie is own of the most authentic people I know and she has many great things to share with us. She is the owner and founder of Yellow Barn Media, a full-service marketing firm, specializing in content creation and business coaching. She is well known for her contagious smile and zest for life that flows over into her marketing content. Jamie started her entrepreneurial journey at 13 years old and her passion for all things marketing has bloomed in that space for the last 20+ years.

    On a personal note, Jamie is a wife, boy mom, and hobby farm enthusiast, most recently known as the crazy chicken lady to most of her friends. She lives life to the fullest and enjoys working her craft and connecting with people through social media.

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    Love, Language and Leadership

    Love, Language and Leadership

    Welcome to Episode 3 of Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse. 

    Today, we are talking with Pat Parelli about love, language and leadership. There is an unspoken language between humans and animals, but to many people, that language is foreign and can be frustrating. When we are present and connected, the language barriers disappear. Kat Chrysostom saw this happen in real-time with Para. After being with multiple trainers that could not solve his puzzle, he became defensive and was acting as any prey animal would. If you haven't listened to Para's story, you can listen to his story here. 

    Through love, language and leadership, Pat Parelli solves this dilemma. Pat is the Ceasar Millan of the horse world and has revolutionized  the equine industry with his philosophy of Natural Horsemanship. Using  love, language, and leadership, Pat has helped over 700,000 students in 72 countries develop safe, ethical and effective partnerships for life.  

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    Become Courageous

    Become Courageous

    Welcome to Episode 2 of Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse.

    Today, we are talking about courage. With a little confidence building and small acts of courage, Para went from refusing to cross boggy ground to swimming in unclear waters. 

    Sometimes, the first step is the hardest to take, but our guest today helps share how we can start small and grow big. 

    As one of the first female success coaches in the country, Mandy Bass has helped thousands of entrepreneurs break through their income ceilings, reduce stress and lead more fulfilling lives. What she didn’t know was how important these skills would be in saving  herself. On February 7, 2016 she suffered a brutal attack on her life  when a college student broke into her home in a drug-induced rage and nearly beat her to death. Against all odds, she got herself back on her feet and rebuilt her business and her life. 

    Mandy shares lessons she learned from the attack and her journey through  healing—both for herself and the man who attacked her—in her book,  Taming The Tokolosh: Through Fear into Healing.  Mandy’s courage to face and forgive her attacker was featured on the Today Show and in People magazine and also earned her a place on the TEDx stage.

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    Meet Kat Chrysostom and Para

    Meet Kat Chrysostom and Para

    Welcome to Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse! We are going to have a lot of fun, learn new things and better connect with our authentic selves and others.  

    In this episode, you will get to better know your host, Kat Chrysostom, as she shares her story from temporary paralysis to back in the saddle. In between, she explains the physical healing—but more importantly—how Para came into her life and how he mentally healed her and allowed her to reconnect with herself. 

    This podcast is about lessons that animals can teach us. Real-life stories will be shared, books will be reviewed and guest experts will be interviewed.  

    So glad you've come to listen. ♥

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

kristina Browder ,


I love you Kat !! Momom would be soooo proud !!! Soo proud of of you !! Love ya 😇🐴💯🐾

Yellow barn media ,

Beautiful stories + lessons on life and leadership

Kat is a wonderful story teller that brings stories about life and leadership. These short podcasts are perfect to listen to on your commute or really anytime to encourage and inspire you. She has amazing guests that also share wisdom and insight. I highly recommend this beautiful podcast!

Katie Casale ,


Such a great story and Kat is so inspiring. Animals do really heal us and this is a true testament to that! Definitely a must hear!

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