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Join Mark L. Watson as we explore the physical and the metaphysical, and search for the threads that join them.
On each episode we delve into the world of the unknown, the occult, the spiritual and the esoteric.
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Peer Beyond The Veil Mark L. Watson

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Join Mark L. Watson as we explore the physical and the metaphysical, and search for the threads that join them.
On each episode we delve into the world of the unknown, the occult, the spiritual and the esoteric.
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    2021 Monsters Ball

    2021 Monsters Ball

    As the nights draw long, the leaves flicker red and brown and carpet the land, and the great hearth fire is stoked.
    In from the dark come all manner of creatures, the lost souls of the underworld, seeking shelter from the encroaching frosts.
    It is around that fire that we gather tonight for stories of the darkness, tales from the crypt, legends of the beyond.

    We are honoured to welcome to the fray;
    - Forrest Burgess, the magnificent host of the Astonishing Legends - https://www.astonishinglegends.com
    - James Shakeshaft, my fellow countryman from Loremen - http://www.loremenpodcast.com/
    - Joshua Cutchin, fantastic author and previous guest on the show - https://www.joshuacutchin.com/
    - Anna Timperley and Lindsey Behee from Ghost In The Attic, Bodies In The Basement - https://www.facebook.com/GABBPodcast
    - 'Toledo' Joe Shortridge, one of the co-hosts of the awesome  222 Paranormal - https://www.facebook.com/222paranormal
    and special guest;
    - Allen Greenfield, the incredible mind and author behind many books on the subject of the paranormal and the recent Hellier documentary

    So join us for a one-night only special ad-free event, the 2021 Peer Beyond The Veil MONSTERS BALL!


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    Solving the hard problem of consciousness - Stephen Hawley Martin

    Solving the hard problem of consciousness - Stephen Hawley Martin

    Since the beginning of modern science, going back hundreds of years, the answer to one question has remained elusive. However far our studies of neurology go, however closely we map the human brain, or any animal brain for that matter, it appears that there are parts of our being that are yet hidden.

    The approach and theory that everything that is, exists in a physical form in some way, is being increasingly challenged.

    That which we know as our consciousness is posing a problem to those trying to find it in a physical sense.

    Phenomena such as the near-death experience, the out-of-body experience, dreamwalking, remote viewing, psychic mediumship and reincarnation all go against what we know and can study.

    And whilst some may not believe in any of the above being ‘real’ in the sense we know them, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    Thus, if we are to believe that even a mere 1% of the evidence of these things is true, then there must exist a form of being which is outside the physical body.

    As German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, “all truth passes through three stages; first it is ridiculed; secondly it is violently opposed; then thirdly it can be widely-accepted”

    Where you, personally, are on that scale will differ of course.

    But if we are to get to the grand truths of these strange things, we must be willing to take the risks, suffer the ridicule, stand up to the opposition, and stay together.

    My guest tonight is spearheading the research and reporting of such things, and his wide collection of excellent books cover many aspects of the human consciousness.

    It is a joy to welcome the great Stephen Hawley Martin to the show to talk through his work and his books, and to explain how if we want to understand what we truly are at the base level, we should all try without pause, to Peer Beyond The Veil.v


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    The reckoning - Terry Lovelace

    The reckoning - Terry Lovelace

    Last year, in the previous season of the show, we spoke at length to former Lawyer, Assistant Attorney General and Air Force EMT, Mr Terry Lovelace.

    The story of his encounter at Devil’s Den State Park, in Washington County, Arkansas, is one of the most thrilling, terrifying, saddening and entirely convincing tales in the annals of extra-terrestrial encounters.

    The tale of a young Mr Lovelace and his friend Toby, begins rather innocuously with a camping trip, but ends with two lives completely ruined and more anecdotal evidence of a governmental cover-up than you are ever likely to hear in one place. Both men are split up from each other, sent their different ways, and would never talk again.

    But the story does not end there. And nor indeed, does it start there either.

    After publishing a contact email address in the back of Incident at Devil’s Den, and asking those with similar stories to contact him, Terry was inundated with incredible tales from hundreds and hundreds of others who have had encounters with beings and entities of other worlds.

    And so, after compiling them together, he put pen to paper once more.

    He fleshed-out the original tale, reaching back into his own past to piece together some of the building blocks which prefaced his encounter at Devil’s Den, and shared some of the most incredible tales which had been shared with him.

    It is a great pleasure to welcome the fantastic Terry Lovelace back to the show again tonight to talk about the second book, The Reckoning, and to expand a little on just how many of you out there have stared at the stars in wonderment and terror, knowing that it is with some ease that we Peer Beyond The Veil.


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    Opening the doors to the mind - Michelle Belanger

    Opening the doors to the mind - Michelle Belanger

    Since the Bronze Age, cultures around the globe have developed belief systems based on mythology, on anthropomorphic gods who walk between the physical realm and the beyond. They have created complex systems of religion which draw on astrology, astronomy and cosmology, even when studies of such things were in their infancy. Some of the most ancient philosophical concepts in Chinese culture deal with the yin and yang, of a state of being beyond the natural body.

    Studies of our very existence are seemingly as old as man, the very first records of our species showing hints that we have always questioned our place. And so they go on, discussing the nature of our being, of the contrast between what is actual and what is potential. The concept of mind vs matter.

    These philosophical questions, which we term metaphysics, have broadened to the furthest reaches of our imagination. We question every thing that there is to be questioned.

    What is our mind? What is consciousness? What part do we play in our own existence, and what part does existence play in us?

    We bring in the quantum concepts of study, of physics and of all the sciences, to help advance our knowledge to a place where we can better understand this meaning of life. In the theoretical quantum field theory, the known concepts of space and time are questioned themselves, as we push into areas of study not always widely accepted. But despite it all, despite what modern scientific study can do, we need to only look back to the beginnings to see that the power of the mind lies in the mind.

    No part of the human brain, mapped in its entirety, controls the human consciousness. Yet it is there. And so perhaps we are looking in the wrong places. Perhaps we just need more time.

    My guest tonight is constantly questioning the world around her, and the world within herself, and indeed the relationship between the two. Her works on various fields of metaphysics and studies of consciousness are go-to documents for those who endeavour to learn more about the realms of the mind.

    An acclaimed writer of numerous works, a fabulously-gifted psychic medium who has appeared on numerous tv shows, and a font of vast knowledge on all manner of strange and wonderful topics, it is an honour to welcome the beautifully-talented Michelle Belanger to the show tonight to talk about her life and her work, and how she carries the light with her whenever she is drawn to Peer Beyond The Veil.


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    The South Shields Poltergeist - Darren W. Ritson

    The South Shields Poltergeist - Darren W. Ritson

    There are hundreds and thousands of cases of hauntings and ghost activity, spread across the world, and across time.
    We hear the tales of the things which go bump in the night, the whispers of the shadows who duck from sight just as our eyes catch them in the doorways and corners.

    We see the grainy photos, the questionable orbs, the video footage of the door creaking open by itself. Some of it is remarkable, some of it could surely be proof of something. Though much of it can also be explained away, debunked, at the very least doubted.

    But occasionally, there is a case which cannot be disputed.

    A situation, of a haunting by ghosts or spirits, the dead, the passed-on, or by what we know as a poltergeist. Many would posit that such things are not indeed spirits of the once-living, but separate entities entirely. When the great, landmark cases come along, they are documented and studied and remembered throughout time, and the evidence and the happenings which took place during it become the next clues towards what exactly is going on.

    We have the case surrounding Borley Rectory or Thornton Heath, the events surrounding the legends of the Bell Witch or the Black Monk of Pontefract, and the infamous Enfield poltergeist.

    With a level of intrigue, seeming confidence in itself, and an unparalleled level of violence and intensity, none are more worthy of note than the case of the South Shields poltergeist.

    My guest tonight was a writer and researcher of all things paranormal with numerous publications to his name, when he was contacted to help with the case. What ensued over the months which followed present a terrifying and inarguable case of torment and horror.

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome Darren W Ritson to the show to talk about his work and the case and to tell us how he was thrown into the middle of a whirlwind which left him no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil.


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    The journey to where the footprints end - Joshua Cutchin

    The journey to where the footprints end - Joshua Cutchin

    Since the times before Buddhism spread across the tribes of the east, it’s influences climbing the highest peaks of the Himalayas, reaching those shamanic mountain peoples who occupied the remotest of villages, the legend of the meh-teh, or the yeti, has existed. Known to the people there as the mi rgod, the wild man, he was no folktale. In the 1820s he came to the attention of British explorers and mountaineers, his footprints found on the highest slopes of Everest, inexplicably large, in a place where no other man or beast could roam.

    Wild man myths and legends exist across cultures, the orang pendek hides in the forests of Indonesia, the almasty his cousin in Mongolia. In Slavic folklore there are tales of the leshy, the shepherds of northern Pakistan tell of the barmanou and the greyman haunts the highest peaks of the Scottish Cairngorms.

    But as yet, no man has stepped forward with irrefutable proof of the existence of any of them. We have no body, no hair, no teeth, no scat, no photograph which is deemed inarguable. So could they possibly exist on this tiny rock of ours with us and entirely evade any capture of cataloguing? Perhaps, such a thing is not entirely impossible. 

    But perhaps there is another explanation. Perhaps they exist here with us, but in a way which differs from ours. Should they be able to come and go from our reality, show themselves whenever they choose, however they choose, then perhaps they are here all of the time, and what we catch is the merest glimpse behind the curtain.

    Such theories are wild and varied. They are spirits, they are extra-terrestrials, they’re ultra-terrestrials, we of course have no real way to know.

    The evidence for all of the above is present, but we are yet to gather enough evidence of any of them for us to all land in the same place on such things. My guest tonight is rapidly changing that. A researcher and author on various aspects of the paranormal spectrum, he has penned two of the finest and most well-researched compendiums of knowledge on the bigfoot phenomenon. Meticulous in detail and with the great ability to unearth and analyse the variety of theories which abound, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the fantastic Joshua Cutchin to the show tonight to share some of his work, and to explain how, if we’re going to get to the bottom of bigfoot, then we all need to Peer Beyond The Veil.


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    • 1 hr 1 min

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