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Slip into the well with Saturn Darkhope

Pennies in the Well Saturn Darkhope

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Slip into the well with Saturn Darkhope

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Kveldrida of PST ,

An enchanting voice in the night!

Saturn has the most incredible voice and if you have ASMR tendencies like I you, you;ll love it! On a more serious note, Saturn is willing to talk about very personal and deep issues without apparent fear. Very rarely do you find a host capable of breaking down the elements of being human, the emotions, perceptions and lies we tell ourselves. This is a good tool for those wanting to be better, more aware, spiritual human beings.

Son of Woden ,

Lack of Pagan or Craft content

I have just finished listening to all of the episodes. First, I want to say that I admire, respect and appreciate Saturn's initiative, effort and dedication in producing Pennies. My constructive criticism would be that there is little Pagan or Craft content that I can recognize other than an occasional mention of her coven, "goddess", etc. or a reading (in the last episode). My perception is that the content is the comings and goings of personal life, recast as life coaching, wrapped in too often self-indulging, overly theatrical style of speaking that often rambles and digresses from the original subject. I did not find this podcast worthwhile but I do respect her efforts.

Panakaos ,

A unique listening experience

Saturn leads the listener into a labyrinth of reflection and discovery, as if led gently by the wrist. Insights enveloped in rolling whimsy compel the listener forward and immerses them in familiar shadows that may not have been spared a glance before. Each point that is made flows smoothly into the next until all has come full circle, and the listener finds themselves standing alone at the entrance once more, a bit disoriented at her absence but nevertheless more ready than before to walk the labyrinth on their own.

Personal note: For the past few months I've been dreading my impending Saturn return. Now that it's arrived, I must say I've found myself delighted that it's brought with it a much-loved podcaster and namesake. For one episode or many, welcome back Saturn.

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