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Planet Thirty is where aspiration meets inspiration. We interview the best and the brightest in music, film, TV, fashion, travel, writing and business.

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Planet Thirty is where aspiration meets inspiration. We interview the best and the brightest in music, film, TV, fashion, travel, writing and business.

    Episode 75: Dr. Tremane Bartley

    Episode 75: Dr. Tremane Bartley

    Dr. Tremane Bartley is the eldest of three siblings. Him, his brother and his sister were raised by parents who were entrepreneurs. His younger siblings took notice of his hard work as he paved the way for them by setting a good example.
    In his last year of high school, a chance meeting one morning would lead him into a full scholarship at Benedict College, a prestigious HBCU in South Carolina. His stellar performance at the undergraduate level ushered him into dental school at the University of Connecticut.
    His fascination with science and inspiration from his parents lead him to not only cultivate a love for business, but a love for helping people. Dr. Bartley is a long way from Jamaica, but the lessons and values he learned on the island have stayed with him.
    Today he is a dedicated father and husband and owns a thriving Orthodontic Practice. He works from three locations in the state of Connecticut. The young man who dreamed of being an entrepreneur took a leap of faith and is building an incredible legacy.
    Oh yea… and his siblings? They too are both Dr. Bartley! They followed the lead of their big brother. Both of them are now dentists. Interestingly, Dr. Bartley works with his brother and although their sister lives in another state, the three are each other’s biggest cheer leaders.
    A leader, entrepreneur, excellent orthodontist and more. Dr. Tremane Bartley is the definition of discipline, sacrifice and hard work. With plans to expand his business even more, there’s no telling what giant move he’ll make next.
    This is the story… thus far… Of Dr. Tremane Bartley.

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    Episode 74: India ’Alanis’ Browne

    Episode 74: India ’Alanis’ Browne

    If you are a friend or a member of her family, then her name is India. If you are a fan of competitive gaming and in particular Rocket League, then her name is Alanis!
    At just 16 years old, India Browne is already making history. In 2022 she became the youngest female from the UK to win a gold medal in E Sports at the Commonwealth Games.
    She may be just a teen; however she is as focused as an experienced CEO. India speaks with determination and an authority that many adults are still chasing.
    India assembled her own computer specifically to play video games and compete in Esports tournaments. In our interview she explains how she went from having casual curiosity about Rocket League to being on stage viewed by millions of fans from the gaming world.
    Though she has tremendous passion for gaming. India is well rounded. She is now in college (Form 6) in the UK and is trying to decide where her interest lies more. Is it in business, hospitality or law? Whichever one she decides upon she is bound to be successful.
    Whether it is in the arena of academics or Esports, India or Alanis is far from finished. The question is. How will she make history next?
    This is the story… thus far… of India ‘Alanis’ Browne

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    Episode 73: Daryl C. Thompson

    Episode 73: Daryl C. Thompson

    Daryl C Thompson has solidified a sound reputation as an artist in the Northeastern Caribbean. However, he is a sage of sorts. Not only does Daryl run his family’s business successfully, but he has used his experience and education to assist young entrepreneurs to start their ventures the right way. Do you need to rebrand? Ask Daryl. Would you like a beautiful painting? Ask Daryl. Need new logo? You guessed it. Ask Daryl.  Daryl is a source for all things creative.
    The artist, entrepreneur and startup guru was raised in the Caribbean between three islands. Though the status quo and culture would encourage traditional career paths, Daryl took the road less traveled. Not only studying art at University but returning to the Caribbean to pursue an entire career steeped in everything colorful and textured. Daryl’s love for painting and curiosity eventually lead him to graphic design. He admits that this sector seemed more promising financially. And of course, that never hurts. He has taken the sum of all he has learned and has quietly changed the way new businesses brand and represent themselves on Anguilla, his island home.
    After years of directing others, Daryl the branding expert has entered new waters. He has decided to rebrand himself. Daryl has become a model. Brands are now seeking him out to represent their products. Though he has adjusted well to his new role, he is still tickled by the fact that he is now being directed as opposed to being the director.
    Entrepreneur, painter, model and father. Daryl C Thompson has had a fascinating life thus far. But he is nowhere done with exploring what else life has to offer.
    This is the story…. Thus far… Of Daryl C. Thompson.

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    T’keyah Crystal Keymáh

    T’keyah Crystal Keymáh

    Chicago is a special city. Two former first ladies, Robin Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Walt Disney, Bernie Mack and today’s guest T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh are all products of this spectacular city.
    It is certainly a blessing to be gifted in one facet of the arts, however T’Keyah executes at an extremely high level in multiple areas. The director, actor, writer, producer and poet has struck gold on and off screen. Her initial plan in life saw her heading in the direction of finance. However, a few profound experiences in college lead her to the arts. It didn’t take long for her to be hooked. Although I am certain that she would have made a brilliant banker or trader, the world is grateful that she found her true calling and has in tern shared her talent, spirit and energy with us all.
    The term ‘artist’ is used loosely by many. In the case of T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh, it is not a vague suggestion of what she does, it is the essence of who she is. From improv to live theatre, from network television to movies, T’Keyah has graced our screens for several decades. She is a true legend. Her playful voice over work on Pinky and the Brain made us smile, her iconic roles on In Living Color, Cosby and That’s so Raven are unforgettable, her Solo stage performances have provoked our thoughts. Oh yes… T’Keyah Crytsal Keymáh is the definition of the word … Artist!
    For all that she has accomplished, she has remained humble and is an exemplary human being. It was a definite honor and pleasure being able to share time with her and allowing her to share her own narrative.
    A narrative that continues through her excellence.
    This is the story… Thus far… Of T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh

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    Episode 71: Barth of BGoldNYC

    Episode 71: Barth of BGoldNYC

    Barth! If you have never heard the name, it is now time to remember it! Barth is poised to be the next big… no colossal thing in fashion.
    Born and raised in Brooklyn, Barth was influenced early on by styles, cuts and colors on the streets of New York. New York City’s streets are infamous for doubling as the world’s favorite runways and catwalks. Unknown to a young Barth, these sights would influence him in years to come. Barth admits that he wasn’t initially a “fashion guy”. Like every other New Yorker, he loved to look good. He appreciated designs that were not common but didn’t see a future in that industry. Barth was a designer at heart, but of a different kind. His passion layed in creating huge spaces. Barth wanted to design buildings. After graduating from Howard University with a degree in architecture Barth was excited to affix his creations on boulevards and blocks across the globe. He however grew disenchanted when he realized that most developers were not so much interested in the creative or the aesthetically pleasing, but in simply maximizing profit from square buildings.
    Barth knew that there had to be some other way to express the myriad of ideas floating around in his mind. After some research he came to realize that legendary fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and Virgil Abloh all had architectural backgrounds. This was the fuel that Barth needed. He flew to Europe and explored the fashion scene. From fashion houses to fashion shows, Barth was inspired and there was no turning back. He returned to the US and thus B Gold NYC was born.
    After years of designing and promoting his brand, several celebrities and high-profile individuals started to take notice and wear his pieces. That recognition led to him being selected for HBO Max’s “The Hype”; a street wear competition series that highlights the top tier of street wear designers. Barth as you would imagine emerged victorious.
    Equipped with that title, incredible designs, his wit and cleverness, an unmatched work ethic and a vision for creating stunning garments Barth has only just begun.
    This is the story… thus far… of Barth of B Gold NYC

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    Episode 70: The Honourable Perin Bradley

    Episode 70: The Honourable Perin Bradley

    This episode is dedicated to two of the most kind, loving, intelligent, creative and humorous souls that the world lost within the past decade. Erika Cannegeiter was a dear friend to me and this episode’s guest the Honorable Perin Bradley. Kareem Bradley was a very very close friend. To say I miss his presence is an understatement. While I miss him as a friend, my guest misses him as his brother.
    To Erykah and Kareem. We miss you both. The times we spent together coupled with the impact you had on our lives are forever etched in our minds and hearts.
    The Honourable Perin Bradley grew up in a tight knit village on the tiny Caribbean Island Anguilla. He admits that as a teen, he really had no clue what he wanted to do with his life. It was his mother’s constant guidance, persistence and prayers coupled with visits to his neighbor’s vast library that sparked young Perin’s imagination and showed him that there was so much more to aspire to.
    A few years went by and he found himself working at a local bank, driving a cool classic car and dating a wonderful young lady. What more could he want? Though that combination of spoils may have been enough for some, Perin wanted more. With the encouragement of his mother and some friends, he decided to attend Washington DC’s Howard University.
    Perin’s tenure at university unlocked new experiences, perspectives and knowledge. He credits those days for playing a significant part in shaping the man he is today.
    A consummate professional, he has served his island in several capacities, not only teaching but more importantly learning along the way. Perin, is sharp as a whip, witty and possess among other subjects a great knowledge of world politics, economics, finance and well… reggae music. He is one of the most interesting persons you can converse with.
    Today, he is the Deputy Governor of his island. Amid challenges he holds his head high and continues to do his best for the people of Anguilla.
    This is the story… thus far… Of the Honourable Perin Bradley

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15 Ratings

K-Dizzle101 ,

People’s stories We didn’t know we needed

This Podcast is an absolute breath of fresh air. It captures a perspective and a sense of authenticity that I have not experienced anywhere quite like it.

Planet Thirty fills a void I didn’t realize we had. Thanks for putting in the time, effort and consistency that makes this podcast so high in quality and rich with gems of information....

EricaLPE ,

Excellent podcasts

Planet Thirty’s podcasts are educational and entertaining. The guests are all diverse and have unique stories of their arrival in their respective fields. Their contributions are evident. The questions to the guests are thought out and well executed. Kudos!

Samjah Iman ,

Where the Dopest Underground Creatives Live!

I am learning about so many amazing people that I never knew existed! This podcast has proven to me that the world is full of extraordinary human beings, we just have to know where to find them...and they are all on Planet Thirty.

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