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Planet Thirty is where aspiration meets inspiration. We interview the best and the brightest in music, film, TV, fashion, travel, writing and business.

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Planet Thirty is where aspiration meets inspiration. We interview the best and the brightest in music, film, TV, fashion, travel, writing and business.

    Episode 79: Marva Carty

    Episode 79: Marva Carty

    Marva Carty is a renaissance woman. Life has taken her to many countries, introduced her to many hobbies and has offered her experiences beyond her wildest dreams.  
    Marva was born in London England but at an early age she was whisked away and taken to her mother’s homeland, Trinidad. It is here that Marva would adopt the wonderful habit of reading. She confesses, she read any and everything. She especially remembers learning random trivia from the set of World Book Encyclopedias that her family owned. That random knowledge would benefit her in some surprising ways later on in life.
    Marva’s odyssey has seen her work in varied industries. From the admissions office at an American University to hospitality to toys. The latter perhaps, is what led her to her current line of projects. The super intelligent little girl with a fierce appetite for knowledge is now an author. Mari Loves Mangoes is the title of her first book. Complete with vibrant illustrations and a great story, Marva hopes to inspire children from diverse backgrounds to embrace who they are, love one another and pay attention to life’s lessons. This is just the first step in a series of books that she plans to expand upon. And in the future?  Well... Marva plans to own a multi-media conglomerate. When you hear her journey, you will understand why this dream of hers is 100% attainable. Smart, ambitious, persistent and hard working.
    This is the story… thus far… Of Marva Carty.

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    Episode 78: Darius James

    Episode 78: Darius James

    Darius James says that he has always been a BIG THINKER. When you hear his story, you may agree that even the word BIG is too small to describe the way Darius thinks. Born in Dominica, Darius says that he has always felt that his purpose in the world was to execute big projects with the intention of helping others.
    Darius’ father introduced him and his siblings to music. His father lived abroad for a time and on one of his trips back to Dominica he brought several instruments to the household. Darius says that he was immediately drawn to the drums. Little did he know, but the pulsing rhythms of that first drum set would guide and dictate the rhythm of his life for years to come.
    After some years of operating several businesses in his homeland, Darius accepted a job in the cruise industry. After three years of sailing the seas and exploring multiple countries, Darius decided that it was time to move on and settle down.
    A chance invitation to Anguilla landed him in the middle of the Tranquility Jazz Festival. Within days, the universe would align, and Darius would meet several players in Anguilla’s music industry. Anguilla, he decided would now be his home. After settling in, developing a business, falling in love and perfecting his craft, Darius realized that there was a need to train young minds on the island and beyond. Enter the Anguilla Music Academy. Darius’ brainchild that has pinned on its wings and has now taken flight. With the help of the community and investors, Darius dreams of helping the world are coming to fruition. However, the story is much deeper. And believe us, Darius James story does not end here.
    This is the story… thus far… of Darius James.

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    Episode 77: Hon. Haydn Hughes

    Episode 77: Hon. Haydn Hughes

    The Honorable Haydn Hughes is the son of a politician. The Honorable Haydn Hughes became a politician. He admits that this was not always in the cards for him. His high school days were spent hanging out and admittedly skipping some classes. His behavior, however, did not reflect his intellect. While the lessons in the classroom may not have intrigued him, he was inspired by books and authors outside of the school's curriculum. Mr. Hughes tells the tale of him going to the local Public Library on the tiny island of Anguilla and reading everything and anything that the library had to offer. He became a voracious reader, seeking knowledge whenever he could and the from wherever he could. His thirst for understanding the world would lead him to other bookshelves including his father's where he would read books by world leaders and politicians. Even after reading these books, he never fancied himself a future politician.
    Mr. Hughes worked several jobs as a young man and understood the value of money from a young age. According to him he did not purchase his first car until he was almost 30 years old. What he did accomplish before the age of 30 was building a house and the successful business. Mr. Hughes’ journey through life would take him from being a physical education teacher to a bank worker and eventually into the hospitality industry. He journeyed to France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These experiences showed him another side of the world. A side that he had read about as he fingered through the pages of those library books so many years before. Some of Mr. Hughes' experiences prompted him to become more politically active. Upon return to his native Anguilla, Mr. Hughes joined politically active groups and even hosted a radio show. With determination he would run for election. Mr. Hughes would fail to win a seat for 15 years, but he was not deterred. In 2020 Mr. Hughes won his seat and was elected into the government of Anguilla. Though he had served in his father's administration before in another capacity, Mr. Hughes’ love for Anguilla and his and enthusiasm to see the country succeed motivated him to push until he could win, so that he could contribute in a major way.
    In his capacity as the minister of Infrastructure, Communications, Utilities, Housing and Tourism, Mr. Hughes is determined to push his island forward. The island that taught him so many lessons and exposed him to so much at an early age. Some call his approach experimental. Mr. Hughes however says that he has a clear vision as to where Anguilla should go and along with his fellow ministers, he is determined to take the country there.
    Whether or not you agree with his philosophies, opinions or approach, the journey that got Mr. Hughes to his conclusions is a fascinating one.
    In his own words… this is the story…. thus far, of the Honorable Haydn Hughes.

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    Episode 76: Kevin Lyttle

    Episode 76: Kevin Lyttle

    If you didn’t know that it was reality you would be convinced that it was a fairytale. Young man from a tiny Caribbean Island with a love for music records song for his island’s carnival festivities and the song shoots to #1 in the world. It could have been a fairytale. But it actually happened.
    Kevin Lyttle grew up on the island of St. Vincent. His love of the arts lead him to join his uncle’s dance group in his younger days. His love for the arts grew and he began to experiment with music. Although the airwaves were pumping soca and reggae predominantly, Kevin developed a love for R&B music. His understanding of that genre and its structure would lead him to fuse melodies, rhythms and harmonies in his head that were unconventional yet appealing.
    With little opportunity on the island for a fulltime career as an artist, Kevin sought employment with the local government. He was a hard worker, but swiftly realized that he was not prepared to give up on his dreams of becoming an internationally known artist. With what was at the time the equivalent of one month’s salary, Kevin risked it all and wrote, co-produced and recorded what he knew in his heart would at least be a local hit. What transpired upon the song’s release would be beyond Kevin’s wildest dreams. His song, ‘Turn me on’ became a worldwide anthem for party goers and lovers of dance everywhere.
    Kevin Lyttle has had and continues to have an incredible career. He has performed on every inhabited continent on planet earth. He journeyed from an island with a population of just over one hundred thousand to perform and be loved by millions of fans from every country. Kevin Lyttle’s career and life philosophies are a master class for any artist or musician seeking success. But for as much as he has accomplished, Kevin Lyttle is not yet done. This renaissance man has added yet another business to his growing empire as an entrepreneur.
    This is the story… Thus far… Of Global Super Star Kevin Lyttle…

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    Episode 75: Dr. Tremane Bartley

    Episode 75: Dr. Tremane Bartley

    Dr. Tremane Bartley is the eldest of three siblings. Him, his brother and his sister were raised by parents who were entrepreneurs. His younger siblings took notice of his hard work as he paved the way for them by setting a good example.
    In his last year of high school, a chance meeting one morning would lead him into a full scholarship at Benedict College, a prestigious HBCU in South Carolina. His stellar performance at the undergraduate level ushered him into dental school at the University of Connecticut.
    His fascination with science and inspiration from his parents lead him to not only cultivate a love for business, but a love for helping people. Dr. Bartley is a long way from Jamaica, but the lessons and values he learned on the island have stayed with him.
    Today he is a dedicated father and husband and owns a thriving Orthodontic Practice. He works from three locations in the state of Connecticut. The young man who dreamed of being an entrepreneur took a leap of faith and is building an incredible legacy.
    Oh yea… and his siblings? They too are both Dr. Bartley! They followed the lead of their big brother. Both of them are now dentists. Interestingly, Dr. Bartley works with his brother and although their sister lives in another state, the three are each other’s biggest cheer leaders.
    A leader, entrepreneur, excellent orthodontist and more. Dr. Tremane Bartley is the definition of discipline, sacrifice and hard work. With plans to expand his business even more, there’s no telling what giant move he’ll make next.
    This is the story… thus far… Of Dr. Tremane Bartley.

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    Episode 74: India ’Alanis’ Browne

    Episode 74: India ’Alanis’ Browne

    If you are a friend or a member of her family, then her name is India. If you are a fan of competitive gaming and in particular Rocket League, then her name is Alanis!
    At just 16 years old, India Browne is already making history. In 2022 she became the youngest female from the UK to win a gold medal in E Sports at the Commonwealth Games.
    She may be just a teen; however she is as focused as an experienced CEO. India speaks with determination and an authority that many adults are still chasing.
    India assembled her own computer specifically to play video games and compete in Esports tournaments. In our interview she explains how she went from having casual curiosity about Rocket League to being on stage viewed by millions of fans from the gaming world.
    Though she has tremendous passion for gaming. India is well rounded. She is now in college (Form 6) in the UK and is trying to decide where her interest lies more. Is it in business, hospitality or law? Whichever one she decides upon she is bound to be successful.
    Whether it is in the arena of academics or Esports, India or Alanis is far from finished. The question is. How will she make history next?
    This is the story… thus far… of India ‘Alanis’ Browne

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5.0 out of 5
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15 Ratings

K-Dizzle101 ,

People’s stories We didn’t know we needed

This Podcast is an absolute breath of fresh air. It captures a perspective and a sense of authenticity that I have not experienced anywhere quite like it.

Planet Thirty fills a void I didn’t realize we had. Thanks for putting in the time, effort and consistency that makes this podcast so high in quality and rich with gems of information....

EricaLPE ,

Excellent podcasts

Planet Thirty’s podcasts are educational and entertaining. The guests are all diverse and have unique stories of their arrival in their respective fields. Their contributions are evident. The questions to the guests are thought out and well executed. Kudos!

Samjah Iman ,

Where the Dopest Underground Creatives Live!

I am learning about so many amazing people that I never knew existed! This podcast has proven to me that the world is full of extraordinary human beings, we just have to know where to find them...and they are all on Planet Thirty.

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