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I'm Dr. Z., a clinical psychologist and an author. In PLAYING-IT-SAFE I will share with you research based-skills, interviews, readings, insights, tips, and all types of curated info to get unstuck from worries, anxieties, fears, obsessions, and ineffective playing-it-safe actions. 
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PLAYING-IT-SAFE Dr. Z. - Patricia Zurita Ona, Psy.D.

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I'm Dr. Z., a clinical psychologist and an author. In PLAYING-IT-SAFE I will share with you research based-skills, interviews, readings, insights, tips, and all types of curated info to get unstuck from worries, anxieties, fears, obsessions, and ineffective playing-it-safe actions. 
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    36. Dr.Z and Chris Martin

    36. Dr.Z and Chris Martin

    As Chris Martin would say, the curiosity didn't kill the cat. In fact, she's alive and well."
    Today, I'm sharing with you an interview with Chris Martin, a content producer and creativity coach who helps people unleash their creative fire by transforming imaginative ideas into tangible reality. 
    Chris is a very caring creative person that asks deep questions, creates engaging projects, and is an ongoing source of encouragement for any person that collaborates with him. In fact, since the beginning of the Playing-it-safe podcast, Chris has been a key person helping me to brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot all types of technical challenges. 
    If you're starting a creative project and want to get skills-based coaching, ongoing support, and collaborate with a person that genuinely cares about what you do, take a look at Chris's community: Curiosity Builders.
    In this conversation, you will hear in particular how Chris handles overwhelming emotions, feedback, and personal narratives in regard to creative projects. And you will also hear specific tips to practice curiosity as a super-power!
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    35. Dr. Z on shifting from disengagement to engagement!

    35. Dr. Z on shifting from disengagement to engagement!

    As a species, we are hardwired to avoid, control, and escape whatever makes us uncomfortable. That’s natural and expected.
    To avoid is to be human. But what happens when we avoid things that we care about because they make us uncomfortable or sad?
    What happens when we disconnect from the things that matter to us because we’re trying to control what we feel? What’s the long-term outcome of avoidant behaviors in our lives?
    When you make a habit of avoiding the situations and activities that bring up discomfort, and the avoidance becomes a chronic pattern, then it's time to make a shift.
    This episode will help you recognize avoidance behaviors that have been keeping you stuck and will tell you how to get mobilized. You will learn 3 specific activities you need to schedule in your weekly calendar to stop disconnecting and get back to your life.
    NEW BOOK: ACT for Perfectionism and High Achieving Behaviors: Do Things Your Way, Be Yourself, and Live a Purposeful Life.
    Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3xT7j0T
    Wanting to give your best, making the best decisions you can, and striving to have all the information when something matters to you, doing these things makes sense because you care deeply. That’s not necessarily the problem; the problem is when these behaviors go unchecked, take on lives of their own, and become more debilitating than fulfilling
    This is not a book in which you will read the usual clichés about high-achieving and perfectionistic actions. This is a book that shows you how to nurture, cultivate, and enrich your drive for high achievement without the sleepless nights, many hours of regret, years of blaming and criticizing yourself, or dwelling relentlessly on worries, fears, and anxieties.
    I believe—and behavioral science shows—that to create and live the life we want, we need to learn to accept ourselves as we really are, rather than as we wish to be. And if you’re prone to being a high achiever and a perfectionist, this book is an invitation to do so.

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    34. Dr. Z and Debbie Sorensen

    34. Dr. Z and Debbie Sorensen

    How often do you play-it-safe by minimizing what's important to you and avoiding conversations?
    In this conversation, I interview Debbie Sorensen, a clinical psychologist, co-author of the book ACT daily Journal, and co-host of the psychology podcast Psychologists Off The Clock. In this episode, Debbie and I chat about different micro-skills, based on Acceptance and Commitment Training, that you can use to approach conversations that matter to you.
    Here are the resources that we discussed in the conversation with Debbie:
    Conversation with Steve Hayes:
    ACT Daily Journal: Get Unstuck and Live Fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
    Debbie's webpage: www.drdebbiesorensen.com

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    33. Dr. Z on Choices

    33. Dr. Z on Choices

    Imagine what would happen if you made choices to give just 10% more of yourself to your career? 
    Imagine if you make choices to give just 15% more of yourself to your relationships?
    Imagine how your life would change if you make choices to give 20% more to your health? 
    That’s what’s amazing about acknowledging the many moments of choice you have every time you're breathing. The possibilities are endless.
    Unfortunately, most people live in automatic pilot mode, without paying attention to the choices they’re making and without realizing, they live small and play-it-safe all the time.
    In this episode, I share with you 3 particulars states that you need to pay attention to in order to catch your moments of choices so you can stop playing it safe and starting living a purposeful life.
    Complete the Playing-it-safe questionnaire to figure out:
    - Your playing-it-safe profile
    - Which playing-it-safe behaviors keep you stuck
    - What you need to change is to stop playing small and start living a meaningful life.
    Click here to figure out your Playing-it-safe profile:

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    32. Dr. Z and Paul Ollinger

    32. Dr. Z and Paul Ollinger

    One way in which we play-it-safe is by “discounting what’s important to us or minimizing our needs.” Of course, in relationships sometimes we prioritize the relationships’ needs versus our individual needs. And yet, if this playing-it-safe move goes unchecked we may end up living lives that are not fulfilling, meaningful or rewarding.
    In this conversation, I chatted with Paul Ollinger, a nationally-touring stand-up comedian, podcaster, and former digital sales leader.
    This conversation was a powerful one because:
    Paul shares in detail how he made a shift, twice, from having a career that looked perfect on the outside and was enjoyable, - great benefits, stable, great people to work with - to creating a career path that was meaningful and purposeful.
    Paul shared the key questions he asked himself when figuring out what gives him meaning in this career:
    What would happen if I gave it all that I got in this life?
    What is my day-to-day life going to look like when I’m into this?
    What’s success?
    What’s my stress going to be about?
    Who will I spend time with?
    Lastly, Paul shared his behind-the-scenes process when preparing for a stand-up show, starting with idea collection and ending in his mindset when performing in front of an audience.
    You have heard me say this before, we all play-it-safe. The challenge is when we do it, how often we do it, and how we do it. Discounting what matters to us is just another playing-it-safe move and we better watch out for it!
    Get compassionate, research-based, and actional tips to stop playing-it-safe: https://www.thisisdoctorz.com/playing-it-safe-newsletter/

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    31. Dr. Z. and Jonny Say (part 2)

    31. Dr. Z. and Jonny Say (part 2)

    I never have heard a person say "I'm concerned about how kind, caring, and compassionate I'm with myself."
    Most of us may go into a judgemental mode when making a mistake, saying the wrong thing, or looking back at actions we took in the past. Sometimes, we may even hold onto beliefs that "by being tough with ourselves, we're keeping ourselves in check so we don't make the same mistakes again." We do have tricky minds!
    Here is what I can tell you: the science of self-compassion has shown us that "kindness takes us far."
    In this conversation with Jonny Say, part 2, he shares three different ways to practice self-compassion: (1) relying on empathic and validating statements, (2) noticing the common humanity of our vulnerable moments, and (3) self-correcting our actions.
    You will also hear me sharing a recent struggle I encountered and how self-compassion practices can be handy in those moments!

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5.0 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

Robert dany22 ,

Very Nice Podcast

The Music Nation podcast is best podcast Episode is amazing. i like music podcast..!!

Shilih654 ,

So interesting and informative!

I learn so much from each of Dr. Z’s podcasts that helps me as a clinical psychologist and as a person with everyday anxiety. I love how Dr Z explains complex ideas into easy to digest language and does exercises, such as mindfulness and self compassion, during the podcast. I look forward to the future of this podcast!

Dr. C. Robinson ,

Topics of importance

Dr. Z. is an amazing podcast host. She asks insightful and meaningful questions that allow her guests to be real and authentic. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to make a break through in their career.

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