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An Ask Me Anything for all things podcasting. Bringing together expertise from around the podcasting ecosphere to answer all of your podcasting questions. Hosted by Mathew Passy, The Podcast Consultant.

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An Ask Me Anything for all things podcasting. Bringing together expertise from around the podcasting ecosphere to answer all of your podcasting questions. Hosted by Mathew Passy, The Podcast Consultant.

    Building Podcast Websites Easily with Tom, Co-Founder of PodcastPage.io

    Building Podcast Websites Easily with Tom, Co-Founder of PodcastPage.io

    Creating a podcast requires a great deal of time both for research and production, so websites, despite their importance, are often put on the backburner. While there is a range of platforms to create websites, they either do not have enough functionality or require more expertise than many podcasters may have. Our guest today, Tom, co-founder of PodcastPage.io (https://a.paddle.com/v2/click/108153/113452?link=2381) , joins us to share how the platform tackles some of the website-related problems podcasters find themselves up against. We kick off the show with some insights into PodcastPage. Matthew is currently trying it out and has moved his Causepods page to the platform, and there are affiliate links in the links section. Then, we move onto how PodcastPage helps with SEO and discoverability of podcasts. We round the show off by learning more about some of the upcoming features PodcastPage has in store as well as the different client packages available. Tune in today!

    Key Points From This Episode:

    •  Find out what sparked the development of PodcastPage and Tom’s interest in podcasts.

    •  Learn about the ways PodcastPage allows you to modify your podcast website.

    •  How PodcastPage has thought about SEO to make podcasts more discoverable.

    •  The benefits of having all of your podcast content on one platform.

    •  Current PodcastPage integrations and what’s on the horizon for the company.

    •  A look at the plans that PodcastPage has available for its customers.

    Links From Today’s Episode:

    PodcastPage on Twitter (https://twitter.com/podcastpage)

    PodcastPage (https://a.paddle.com/v2/click/108153/113452?link=2381)   (Affiliate link)

    Causepods Podcast Page (https://causepods.podcastpage.io/)

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    Audry – A Platform for Podcast Collaboration with Eugenio Warglien.

    Audry – A Platform for Podcast Collaboration with Eugenio Warglien.

    Today on the podcast we chat with Eugenio Warglien, the CEO and co-founder of Audry. Audry is a brand new platform that is helping podcasters to connect and collaborate through promo and guest swaps to ultimately help all parties grow their audience. Eugenio shares how they founded the company after identifying the need for podcasters to discover and get connected with others who are also looking for a supportive network. He talks about how shows can benefit from using the content from other podcasts and why cross-promotion is such a powerful strategy. Tuning in, listeners will also learn about the process podcasters go through once they join the platform and how they plan to make money even though the platform is (and likely will remain) free.

    Key Points From This Episode:

    •   Why they got into the space of podcast promotion and the value of their content backgrounds.

    •   How they became interested in solving the issues related to growing through the podcast medium.  

    •   Digging into the question of how a podcast can use the content of other podcasts to grow.

    •   Founding Audry to help podcasters discover others who are also interested in collaborating. 

    •   Why cross-promotion is one of the most effective ways for a podcast to grow.

    •   The steps podcasters go through once they join Audry.

    •   The two types of partnerships through which Audry members can connect.

    •   Hear about the free access to the platform and the business model they have in mind.

    •   The most common partnership challenges that users face on the platform.

    •   The importance of defining exactly who you are trying to reach with your content.

    Links From Today’s Episode: 

    Eugenio Warglien on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugeniowarglien/?originalSubdomain=de)

    Audry (https://www.audry.io)

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    Monetize Your Podcast with Aaron Dowd of Podcorn

    Monetize Your Podcast with Aaron Dowd of Podcorn

    There are a lot of different ways you can make money with podcasting. But today, Aaron Dowd will be giving us some insight on not only what you can do, but also how Podcorn can help. We explore the entire process:

    ·     How to make a great show and grow your audience

    ·     What your monetization options are

    ·     How to find and successfully work with the right sponsor for your show

    ·     What the process is like working with Podcorn

    Try Podcorn:

    https://podcorn.com/ (https://podcorn.com/)

    Find Aaron at: 

    @thepodcastdude on Twitter  (https://twitter.com/thepodcastdude?lang=en)

    thepodcastdude.com (thepodcastdude.com)  

    Have questions:

    Email Aaron at aaron@thepodcastdude.com (mailto:aaron@thepodcastdude.com)

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    Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker

    Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker

    I recently launched a client podcast and the one network they had to make sure they got listed on was Breaker (https://www.breaker.audio/) . Breaker is not a household name in podcasting, but in the financial services space, there are a growing number of hosts and consumers who love this platform. 

    I quickly reached out to figure out how to get this new show listed on their quickly and got a response from Jacob Tender, Community Manager for the community-built podcast consumption platform. 

    Sure enough they have just launched a new tool to help you submit and claim your show on their platform. You can find it https://www.breaker.audio/p/get_started (https://www.breaker.audio/p/get_started) ). By the way, if you have a credit on a show, you get notifications if someone comments, likes, etc. 

    But in searching around, I discovered the full suite of things that this platform does differently from the rest. 

    Please enjoy this chat with Jacob where we talk about the Breaker platform, the social aspect of this podcast app, and Breaker Upstream (https://www.breaker.audio/i/upstream) , which makes it easy for content creators to monetize their show. 

    Have more questions, reach out to Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker at jacob@breaker.audio (mailto:jacob@breaker.audio)

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    Leveraging LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

    Leveraging LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

    Since its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn has been making lots of improvements to their platform. Growing your network and getting real engagement on LinkedIn comes down to more than just regular posting though. One has to know the ins and outs of how to do things right. Thankfully we have LinkedIn expert Karen Yankovich on today’s episode and she joins us to share some pro tips for crushing your game on the platform. We discuss the rising amount of podcasters who are beginning to recognize LinkedIn as a place to connect, and being a podcast host herself, Karen's advice would be of particular use to these groups. Joining this episode, you’ll hear strategies for maximizing audience engagement through posts, articles and repurposing video. Karen also talks about the value of using connection strategies rather than the LinkedIn equivalent of a cold call to build new relationships. Finally, she shares some great advice for getting your profile authorized to be LinkedIn Live compatible, and the brilliant applications for audience reach it presents.

    Key Points From This Episode:

    •   How Dave and Karen met through a MAPCON conference.

    •   Spikes in growth in podcasts because of LinkedIn.

    •   The growing number of podcasters who are using LinkedIn to build connections.

    •   What podcasting is really about: building relationships.

    •   The value of making wall posts combined with creating articles on LinkedIn.

    •   How to use short, captioned, native video posts on LinkedIn to repurpose content.

    •   Using YouTube caption autogenerating software to caption videos.

    •   Dangers around auto-connecting with people on LinkedIn.

    •   Gauging your outreach levels by the amount of spam you have in your inbox.

    •   The value of using a connecting strategy to bypass cold connects.

    •   Connecting with speakers before events or people in your chamber of commerce.

    •   Getting past the challenge of authorizing your LinkedIn for LinkedIn Live.

    •   Benefits of LinkedIn Live such as how videos get promoted after being recorded.

    Links From Today’s Episode:

    Staples Connect (https://www.staplesconnect.com/)

    Karen Yankovich (http://karenyankovich.com)

    Karen Yankovich on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenyankovich/)

    Good Girls Get Rich on Apple Podcasts (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/good-girls-get-rich-podcast/id1308227233)

    Independent Podcast Conference (https://www.independentpodcastconference.com/)

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Rev (https://www.rev.com/)

    Podfest Multimedia Expo (https://podfestexpo.com/)

    Podcast Editors Conference (https://podcasteditorsconference.com/)

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    The Power (and Perils) of Podcasting Networks with Jay Soderberg

    The Power (and Perils) of Podcasting Networks with Jay Soderberg

    In this episode, we once again bring our listeners the latest in the podcasting industry, speaking to Jay Soderberg, aka PodVader, about podcasting networks. Jay is the Executive Producer of the Locked On Podcast Network and co-host of Always Listening with Joel Sharpton. Tuning into the show, you will hear Jay’s perspective in Spotify’s acquisition of The Ringer, why big companies are buying into the acquisition game, and how Spotify will benefit from producing its own content. We talk briefly about the difference between free and paid podcast platforms and how curating playlists can help shows gain more listeners, and then Jay gives listeners some information about Locked On, including the shows they host and the areas they are hoping to expand on. If you, as a podcaster, are thinking about joining a network, listening to this episode is a must! Jay not only discusses all the benefits of belonging to a network but tells listeners about the potential pitfalls and gives them a guideline around the revenue-share they can expect.

    Key Points From This Episode:

    •   Exploring the landscape of the podcasting industry with Joel Sharpton on Always Listening.

    •   Jay’s upcoming Evolutions conference and Podfest Expo and their exponential growth.

    •   Spotify’s acquisition of The Ringer and why it makes sense for big companies to buy-in.

    •   Hear Jay’s thoughts on the exclusive content game and how it benefits these platforms.

    •   Why the payment wall is not a viable long-run strategy for platforms.

    •   Curating good playlists as a means of getting listeners for your podcast.

    •   Listening to shows on Sportify versus on a paid platform like Overcast. 

    •   Learn more about the Locked On sports podcasting network and Jay’s role there.

    •   Expanding into college sports and how the baseball scandal affects listener numbers.

    •   Leading sports in the US and what sports podcasters do to maintain their shows year-round.

    •   Advice for sports podcasters who need to produce 30-minutes of content every day.

    •   The benefits of being part of a podcast network, including collaboration and cross-promotion. 

    •   How Mathew became a Jets fan despite being raised in a Yankees home.

    •   The perils of a being part of a network and how to know if you’re dealing with a bad player.


    Links From Today’s Episode:

    Jay Soderberg on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/podvader)

    Jay Soderberg on Twitter (https://twitter.com/therealpodvader?lang=en)

    Podcast Movement (https://podcastmovement.com)

    Locked On Podcast Network (https://lockedonpodcasts.com)

    Pro Podcast Solutions (https://propodcastsolutions.com)

    Joel Sharpton (https://joelsharpton.com)

    Always Listening (Podcast) (https://joelsharpton.com/alwayslisteningpod)

    Podcast Movement: Evolutions (http://events.podcastmovement.com/la2020/)

    Podfest Expo (https://podfestexpo.com)

    Spotify (https://www.spotify.com/)

    The Ringer (https://www.theringer.com)

    Bill Simmons on Twitter (https://twitter.com/BillSimmons?ref_src)

    Overcast (https://overcast.fm/)

    Locked On Patriots Podcast on Twitter (https://twitter.com/LO_patriots?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor)

    New York Jets (https://www.newyorkjets.com)

    Podcast Me Anything (https://podcastmeanything.com)

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