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Podcast with Sheila is a weekly recording that empowers, inspires and motivate through positive real life experiences. We believe that life is one Big CLASSROOM and we learn daily as we journey on. This platform has been designated to share inspiring real life experiences.

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Podcast with Sheila is a weekly recording that empowers, inspires and motivate through positive real life experiences. We believe that life is one Big CLASSROOM and we learn daily as we journey on. This platform has been designated to share inspiring real life experiences.

    PHYLLIS LEAVITT || America In Therapy 🇺🇸

    PHYLLIS LEAVITT || America In Therapy 🇺🇸

    Episode 101: PHYLLIS LEAVITT - America in Therapy: A New Approach To Hope And Healing For A Nation In Crisis.

    In this thought-provoking episode of PODCAST with SHEILA, we welcome Phyllis Leavitt, MA, a seasoned psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience, and the author of the compelling book *America in Therapy: A New Approach To Hope And Healing For A Nation In Crisis*.

    Phyllis discusses the urgent need to bring our whole country into therapy to address the current crisis of escalating hatred, divisiveness, and violence. Drawing from her extensive experience as both a client and therapist, she shares how the principles of the best psychotherapy can be applied on a national scale to heal our country.

    Phyllis sheds light on the correlation between individual destructive family dynamics and the behaviors of some of our most powerful institutions and leaders. She emphasizes that many answers to healing our human relations and restoring peace and safety can be found in the field of psychotherapy.

    Join us as Phyllis provides a message of both urgency and hope, exploring personal stories, client case studies, and professional expertise. She explains how every one of us can participate in healing ourselves and our country, regardless of our sphere of influence. This episode is a must-listen for anyone concerned about the future of this world and seeking solutions for a more loving and sustainable world.

    Tune in to hear Phyllis Leavitt's inspiring insights and learn how we can all contribute to a brighter future.


    Don't miss this enlightening conversation that could change the way you think about healing on a national scale!

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    DR MARY KELLY || Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow

    DR MARY KELLY || Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow

    This is our 100th Guest on PODCAST with SHEILA

    Empowering Success: A Conversation with Dr. Mary Kelly"

    In this special 100th episode of Season 2 of PODCAST with SHEILA, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Mary Kelly, an esteemed economist, author, and CEO of Productive Leaders. With her extensive background in leading multicultural teams across 19 countries and authoring 18 influential books, Dr. Kelly brought a wealth of practical insights and motivational strategies to inspire our audience.

    Key Highlights:

    - Guest Introduction: Dr. Mary Kelly, economist, author of "Money Smart" and "Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow," and CEO of Productive Leaders.

    - Expertise Overview: Dr. Kelly's profound understanding of career development, resilience, and productivity, and her engaging speaking style.

    - Themes: Aligning seamlessly with the core themes of PODCAST with SHEILA - to inspire and spread positivity through real-life experiences.

    - Interview Highlights: A dynamic conversation exploring leadership, financial management, overcoming procrastination, and more.

    Interview Insights:

    1. Dr. Kelly's journey leading multicultural teams and its impact on her approach to leadership.
    2. Practical financial management strategies from her book "Money Smart" for entrepreneurs.
    3. Actionable tips from "Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow" to boost productivity.
    4. Core principles for driving productivity and efficiency within organizations.
    5. Advice on navigating career transitions and setbacks with resilience.
    6. Techniques for engaging and inspiring audiences during speaking engagements.
    7. Approach to writing and researching content that resonates deeply with readers.
    8. Motivation behind exploring diverse topics and ensuring consistency in delivering insights.
    9. Memorable experiences managing multicultural teams and addressing cultural differences.
    10. Vision for spreading inspiration and positivity through her work.


    Dr. Mary Kelly's interview was a celebration of inspiration, empowerment, and practical wisdom. Her unique blend of expertise and experience served as a beacon of motivation for listeners, reminding us of the power of resilience, determination, and positivity on our journey to success. As we mark our 100th episode milestone, we continue our mission to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide through engaging conversations and shared experiences. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey, and here's to many more inspiring episodes ahead!

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    ERIC MCHUGH || All About AI Powered Matchmaking & Web3

    ERIC MCHUGH || All About AI Powered Matchmaking & Web3

    Unveiling the Future: Eric McHugh's Journey as President of ShopX in the Web3 Era


    Welcome to Season 2, Episode 99 of PODCAST with SHEILA! In this episode, we are thrilled to have Eric McHugh, President of ShopX, as our guest. Eric shares insights into his journey in the Web3 landscape, including his role at ShopX and his innovative AI matchmaking platform, Dataing.

    Key Discussion Points:

    1. ShopX and Web3: Eric discusses the role of ShopX in utilizing Web3 technology to revolutionize the e-commerce space. As President, he leads the charge in leveraging decentralized platforms, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in online transactions.

    2. Dataing: Revolutionizing Matchmaking with AI: Eric sheds light on Dataing, an AI-powered matchmaking platform that redefines the dating experience. By conducting background searches on individuals using social media profiles, Dataing enables users to make more informed decisions when connecting with potential partners. This innovative approach fosters deeper connections based on shared interests and compatibility.

    3. Web3 and Its Potential Impact: The conversation explores the broader implications of Web3 technology beyond e-commerce and matchmaking. We delve into the transformative power of decentralized systems, highlighting its potential to democratize access, empower individuals, and reshape industries.


    In this enlightening episode, Eric provides a glimpse into the future of Web3 and its transformative impact on various aspects of society. From revolutionizing e-commerce with ShopX to reimagining relationships through Dataing, Eric's entrepreneurial journey embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability in the digital age. As we continue to explore the possibilities of Web3, one thing remains clear: the future is decentralized, democratized, and filled with endless opportunities for those willing to embrace change.

    Stay tuned for more thought-provoking conversations on PODCAST with SHEILA as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

    For more information and to Connect with Eric McHugh, Click on the link below.


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    #Entrepreneurship #TechTrends #DigitalTransformation

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    SARAH CART || Can love Survive the Onslaught of Chronic illness?

    SARAH CART || Can love Survive the Onslaught of Chronic illness?

    Title: On My Way Back to You: Navigating Love and Chronic Illness

    In this episode, we delve into the poignant journey of writer Sarah Cart, as she shares her experiences in caring for her ailing husband, Ben, amidst the challenges of chronic illness. Sarah's compelling narrative unfolds in her latest book, "On My Way Back to You," where she candidly reflects on the unexpected role reversal in her marriage and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

    Tune in as Sarah recounts the heart-wrenching details of Ben's journey from vibrant health to battling life-threatening conditions, culminating in the urgent need for a heart transplant amid the backdrop of a global pandemic. As she navigates the complexities of becoming Ben's caregiver, Sarah draws upon her deep reserves of faith, resilience, and community support to confront the myriad challenges and setbacks they face.

    Through her poignant reflections, Sarah not only highlights the fragility of health but also offers practical insights and advice for caregivers facing similar trials. From the importance of self-care to navigating the healthcare system, Sarah shares invaluable wisdom gained from her own journey.

    Join us as we explore the profound themes of love, resilience, and the power of community in Sarah's remarkable story of hope and healing.

    By Sarah's Book on Amazon:

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    BENJAMIN BROWN || If you like it, love it, then sell it. Never sell what you don't like.

    BENJAMIN BROWN || If you like it, love it, then sell it. Never sell what you don't like.

    Season 2 Episode 97 with Benjamin Brown**

    In today's episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Benjamin Brown, a seasoned sales expert with over 23 years of experience. Benjamin's diverse background in sales spans from telesales to house and car sales, offering a rich tapestry of insights into the world of selling. Beyond his professional endeavors, Benjamin is a devoted single father of two children, a role he cherishes deeply.

    Life as a Single Father:
    Benjamin shared his journey as a single father, expressing gratitude for the blessing of parenthood and the joy he finds in nurturing his children. His reflections underscored the profound fulfillment and responsibility that comes with single parenting.

    Importance of Sales:
    Our conversation delved into the significance of sales in the entrepreneurial landscape. Benjamin emphasized that sales is the art of causing something to move, highlighting its pervasive influence in daily interactions. He underscored the necessity for entrepreneurs and business owners to acquire sales training, recognizing it as a cornerstone skill for success.

    Everyday Sales:
    Benjamin insightfully pointed out that every day presents opportunities for sales, whether consciously or subconsciously. His perspective illuminated the nuanced ways in which persuasion and influence manifest in our lives, shaping outcomes and relationships.

    Selling What You Love:
    A poignant takeaway from our discussion was Benjamin's advice to only sell what you genuinely love or believe in. He emphasized the authenticity and passion that underpin effective salesmanship, urging listeners to align their endeavors with their values and interests.

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    Thank you for tuning in!

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    SHEILA GLAVEE || Dare to Disappoint those who cannot see your light

    SHEILA GLAVEE || Dare to Disappoint those who cannot see your light

    You Cannot Live a Brave Life Without Disappointing Some People

    In the journey of life, there comes a point where we must embrace the truth: you cannot live authentically without disappointing some people along the way. It’s a fundamental part of self-discovery, growth, and bravery.

    When we choose to be true to ourselves, to follow our passions, dreams, and beliefs, it inevitably means diverging from paths others may have set for us. This departure from expectations, however, should not be seen as a failure or a weakness, but rather as a testament to our courage and resilience.

    The reality is, the people who genuinely care for you will never be disappointed by your authentic self. They will support, encourage, and celebrate your individuality, even when it leads you down unconventional roads. These are the people who see beyond societal norms and embrace the essence of who you are.

    On the flip side, those who express disappointment or disapproval at your choices are often revealing more about themselves than about you. Their expectations may stem from their own insecurities, fears, or limited perspectives. In their eyes, your bravery may be a reflection of what they wish they could do themselves.

    It’s important to recognize that your journey is yours alone. You are not obligated to live up to anyone else’s standards or ideals. The path to a brave and fulfilling life is paved with moments of courage, where you choose authenticity over conformity, even if it means disappointing a few along the way.

    Remember, the people who truly care about you will walk beside you, cheering you on, through every twist and turn. They will embrace the changes, the growth, and the evolution of your being. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and bravery, hold onto those who lift you up and let go of the weight of others’ expectations.

    In the end, living authentically is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and those who truly matter will see and cherish the beauty of your true self, unapologetically living your life as you were meant to.

    So, dare to disappoint those who cannot see your light, and surround yourself with those who help it shine even brighter. This is how you live a truly brave life.

    To share your motivational life experience, send an email to my.life.globe@gmail.com

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6 Ratings

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Listening to Sheila is like coffee with a good friend

Listening to Sheila is like having coffee with a good friend. She brings an array of interesting guests and provides a positive light to my day.

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Poignant and fascinating podcast from Sheila . I will recommend most women and men to listen o this episode.

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