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Gospel Driven, Hard Hitting, Culturally Relevant

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Gospel Driven, Hard Hitting, Culturally Relevant

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4.8 out of 5
778 Ratings

778 Ratings

Mr Isidro ,

A true blessing & amazing ministry!

I'm a regular viewer of your YouTube channel which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't already seen. You have to check it out and subscribe ASAP!

So of course I'm beyond excited and blessed to have found your Podcast, I can't believe I didn't think of searching for you guys on here a long time ago.

Thanks to everyone at Apologia Church Ministries for everything every single one of you does for God's Kingdom here on earth. Especially for helping equip the Body of Christ in keeping & defending the one true faith.

May God & His Holy Spirit continue to protect Apologia Church & it's Ministries from all the flaming arrows of the enemy. And from anything that may try and stray them in any way shape or form from staying in God's will for their church. And lastly Father please bless all my brothers & sisters at Apologia in a very personal & special way that glorifies Your Son & leads them in even deeper relationship with Him. And to Him be all glory, praise, honor & blessing. In the Name above all names Yahushua haMashiach (Jesus Christ). Amen!. —JR (YouTube user "SecondLifeAround" from Yuma, AZ)

Cornerstone member ,

Great content!

Just wish a new episode dropped more often.

Axioms and Things ,

Could be incredible!

There’s a wonderful podcast somewhere in here. If the hosts exercised more humility, it would be very engaging. Keep the intensity and conviction, minus the petty back-and-forth. I never agree with your opponents, but the way you go about “exposing” them (esp. when you play and pause video clips, control the narrative, and all just agree with each other without extending very much grace to that person or trying to see if you can reach him where he is, etc.) comes off as childish, self-absorbed, and weakens even your good points.

Remember that Paul says we’re not any better than the lost. Christ died for them and for us. Sure, we have to condemn sin, but we shouldn’t ever be snobbish, even if we’re trying to “push back” against snobbish unbelievers.

Also the repetitive argumentation (“Who cares!? We’re all stardust anyway!”) can be incredibly hard to listen to and becomes almost grating. Please find more accessible ways to argue your otherwise decent points if you wish to be taken seriously. At the very least edit out the parts where you repeat this phrase again and again as it becomes intolerable. But why not approach Bible study with an open heart, knowing you could be wrong to some extend, and even if your not, having the humility to know that you once were in sin just like those you were trying to reach and being as patient with them as God is with you? Please pray on it.

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