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Weekly radioshow about post-rock and related music.

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Weekly radioshow about post-rock and related music.

    Podcast 28-06-2024

    Podcast 28-06-2024

    Anyone, Anywhere     –  If I could freeze this moment
    God Is An Astronaut  –  Falling leaves
    And So I Watch You From Afar     –  North coast megafauna
    Playgrounded     –  Tomorrow’s rainbow
    Wolvennest   –  Lost civilizations
    Death Will Tremble To Take Us    –  Like a ship upon a storm
    Unwed Sailor     –  Final feather
    Those Who Ride With Giants   –  The resilience born in fire
    Dool     –  House of a thousand dreams

    • 57 min
    Podcast 21-06-2024

    Podcast 21-06-2024

    Myriad Drone     –  Vitreous
    This World Has Bees  –  I give myself to the black empty sea
    Anyone, Anywhere     –  Resillience
    Seabreather  –  Niagara
    Mono     –  Hear the wind sing
    Collapse Under The Empire    –  Echoes
    Leech    –  Knock knock
    El Altar Del Holocausto  –  El silencio de un gesto

    • 58 min
    Podcast 14-06-2024

    Podcast 14-06-2024

    Johnnyrandom – Bespoken Inverted MTB
    Bogus Blimp – Ministry Of Police Affairs, Pt. 1
    Fassine – Englander
    Seabreather – Niagara
    Floating In Space – Alive
    God Is An Astronaut – Falling Leaves
    Grimace Federation – Ghost in a Mirror
    Midwest Product – Mumbler
    Orange Crush – Shoresides
    Paraphon Tree – Ambition and Exhaustion
    Tom Furse – A Journey In Ecstasy
    Bonjr – if it’s real, then i’ll stay (slowed + reverb)

    • 57 min
    Podcast 31-05-2024

    Podcast 31-05-2024

    Echotide     –  All frequencies wide open
    Atomic Unit  –  Patience, my friend
    Airships On The Water    –  Approach the canopy
    Oh Hiroshima     –  Deluge
    NYOS     –  Gold vulcan
    And So I Watch You From Afar     –  Do mór
    Hubble   –  Voyage
    Outrun The Sunlight  –  Animal
    And In The Darkness I Was Free   –  Conveyor

    • 57 min
    Podcast 24-05-2024

    Podcast 24-05-2024

    Treebeard    –  Incognita
    Mono     –  Run on
    EF   –  Hello scotland
    Ariel Power  –  Skye whale
    Mountainscape    –  Iridescent
    Tars     –  The surge
    And So I Watch You From Afar     –  Do mór

    • 57 min
    Podcast 17-05-2024

    Podcast 17-05-2024

    Downriver Dead Men Go    –  Nothing more
    Filaments    –  Totwasser
    Dvne     –  Reaching for telos
    Ranges   –  VIII – Albedo redintegrata: The whitening
    Jarr     –  Bulbs
    The Green Kingdom    –  Endless
    Airbag   –  Tyrants and kings
    Sleepmakeswaves  –  Terror future

    • 57 min

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