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Portraits of Atlanta is a community focused podcast that aims to showcase the community members of the Metro Atlanta Area. Join us as we meet the everyday people that make Metro Atlanta great.

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Portraits of Atlanta is a community focused podcast that aims to showcase the community members of the Metro Atlanta Area. Join us as we meet the everyday people that make Metro Atlanta great.

    Government Stimulus and SBA Programs for COVID-19

    Government Stimulus and SBA Programs for COVID-19

    Chad Brown, Partner at The Tax Shelter, answers some of the most common questions on the most recent government stimulus package. He studied the 800-plus package from the government and is tirelessly preparing to help guide individuals and businesses over the next few weeks.

    Chad Brown (Left) and Chris Lazarus (Right)

    Chad explains how unemployment benefits will apply to those affected by the coronavirus at a state and federal level. Some common questions for most people that he answered today include:
    When can I expect my government stimulus check?
    How much will the government send me?
    Should I take money from my IRA/401K?
    Do I have to pay my mortgage?
    Do I have to pay my student loan?

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo5WGLWil2s&w=560&h=315]

    Chad further explains what is currently known and unknown for businesses that need assistance. For instance, the unemployment programs are designed to get people close to 100% full pay. Also, for the first time unemployment will cover independent contractors. The federal government is giving up to $600/week to those in need on top of state unemployment.

    Chad educated us on the SBA programs including the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). He explains the difference between the two programs and their benefits. Both of the programs have ways to help business owners. The goal of the programs is to give businesses money to spend. The hope behind this is that quick spending, and making sure people have money, will lead to a quick recovery.

    Our host, Chris Lazarus, gives an update of the real estate market by reviewing statistics off the MLS.

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    His Hands Mission - Portraits Of Atlanta Podcast

    His Hands Mission - Portraits Of Atlanta Podcast

    We sat down with Bobby Nunez of His Hands Mission. Bobby leads a local mission that is focused on helping the homeless in the Cartersville, Ga area. Bobby shares his story of becoming a Pastor, working with the homeless, and making an impact in his community.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvzdOAO8SdQ&w=560&h=315]

    We discuss the challenges of fighting homeless in North West Georgia and the resources needed to continue the fight. Bobby also shares some success stories that they've had in moving people out of homeless situations.

    Portraits of Atlanta brings you community spotlights each week as we interview great people doing great things around North Metro Atlanta.

    PoA is recorded at The Studio @ Sellect Realty in Marietta, GA.

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    Towne Plumber on Portraits of Atlanta

    Towne Plumber on Portraits of Atlanta

    Subscribe to learn more about your neighbors. Each week we'll feature a new person in our communities. In today's episode, we're joined by Shane & Callie Mahaffey of Towne Plumber.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndzlY7o8NuA&w=560&h=315]

    This week we're joined by Shane and Callie Mahaffey, owners of the Towne Plumber in Woodstock, GA. Callie and Shane are high school sweethearts that are now operating their family-owned business.

    They opened the business three years ago and have quickly grown to be an essential part of the community. While we had them in the studio, they shared with us why they decided to open their own business and start their most recent adventure.

    Both Shane and Callie are extremely active in the community. You will catch them sponsoring local youth sports and taking part in the local parades. Their Instagram account is a great place to find everything from their dog of the week to Shane tearing up a front yard to install a new water line. Shane and Callie are always out and about in the community.

    When they get a chance to get out for dinner they are well versed in the many options in Downtown Woodstock. When asked, they both admitted two of their favorite restaurants are Freight and Pure. They also enjoy volunteering their spare time with Rotary of Towne Lake.

    Callie & Shane Mahaffey, founders of Towne Plumber

    You can reach Towne Plumber at www.towneplumber.com

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    Portrait 9 - Josh Bagby

    Portrait 9 - Josh Bagby

    Josh Bagby on Portraits of Atlanta Podcast

    Former walk-on UGA Football player Josh Bagby joins us in studio today to talk about life and business in Canton, GA. In addition to bleeding red and black, Josh is the founder of Cherokee Connect, a local facebook group designed to bring Cherokee County together.

    Josh joins us today to talk about being a business owner in Cherokee County and how he became a pillar in his community as an Alfa Insurance agent.


    Portraits of Atlanta is a Podcast designed to tell the stories of people that make our communities great. PoA is recorded in the Sellect Realty Studio in Marietta, GA.

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    Portrait 8 - Brianna Johnson

    Portrait 8 - Brianna Johnson

    On today's episode we're joined by Brianna Johnson of Acworth, GA. Brianna is the owner of Good Faith Health Insurance. Her mission is to help people make sure they have good coverage while donating a percentage of her profits back into the community. Tune in to hear about her community involvement, what got her into the health insurance industry and some things to know about with open enrollment around the corner.

    Brianna Johnson on Portraits of Atlanta

    Brianna shares with us about her background growing up in a devout family and what it was like being in such a large family.

    Brianna also tells us about her love of dogs and her favorite past times. She shares her favorite hiking places in Cobb County.


    You can contact Brianna Johnson, Health Insurance Specialist at:
    E: good.faith.consultation@gmail.com
    W: https://www.goodfaithhealthinsurance.com/

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    Portrait 7 - Mark Warren

    Portrait 7 - Mark Warren

    Mark Warren joins us on the Portraits of Atlanta podcast to share some stories from his remarkable life. He starts by sharing his passion for the wilderness and how his pursuit of this love has led to some remarkable things.

    Mark Warren on the Portraits of Atlanta Podcast

    First, Mark tells us about becoming the 1998 U.S. National Champion in whitewater canoeing. Later he went on to win the 1999 World Championship Longbow title. His accomplishments include being playwright and composer who's original score was played by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

    Then he tells us about Medicinebow wilderness school. Medicinebow is a school Mark founded that educates people on the wilderness in the Southern Appalachians. He also shares a story about why he spent two years living in a tipi.

    Last, Mark is a 5 time author who's upcoming book, Promised Land (Five Star, 2019) an historical novel and third in the trilogy Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey, releases this October. We get to hear a little about his fascination with Wyatt Earp from Mark on the show.


    The Portraits of Atlanta podcast tells the stories of everyday people living in the Metro Atlanta area. We are produced and recorded in the Sellect Realty Studio in Marietta, GA.

    Finally, we are always looking for great guests to join us in the studio. If you know of someone that you think should be on our show then please contact us and let us know today.

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