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A podcast hosted by Midwestern Seminary President Dr. Jason K. Allen.

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A podcast hosted by Midwestern Seminary President Dr. Jason K. Allen.

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4.5 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

Rod.Gomez ,

Great Podcast - Weak Audio

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The content is often valuable and helpful. The audio, however, sounds like Dr. Allen is talking through a cottonball. I'm no audio engineer, but I would love if the audio was adjusted to allow for greater vocal clarity.

Thank you for this valuable ministry and podcast. I appreciate it greatly.

Pastor D39 ,

Good but let the man talk

I agree with the recent review that I read here. Dr. Allen is brilliant but we want to hear what the interviewee is having to say. It seems that they get to speak for a moment then Dr. Allen gives all the reasons why he does what he does.

samchoi ,


I used to love this podcast. However, it's increasingly become self-promoting and unhelpful. I've been thinking about this for months and just have had enough after the last few.

Most episodes go like this:
1. Dr. Allen introduces the interviewee (they're always top notch).
2. Dr. Allen asks a few initial questions about the subject. But rather than making the interviewee the star, he interjects little points from his own experience.
3. Let's pause for an Advertisement from Midwestern.
4. Dr. Allen continues to conversation and speaks equally, if not more than the guest (This was especially true during the Dr. Vines interview), while usually name dropping (example Adrian Rodgers episode). For sure, they're helpful references, but just too much Jason!
5. Most interviews conclude with only a little content conveyed, the listener thinking about additional theological education, and how clever and well-connected Dr. Allen is.

Overall, this podcast would be so much better if Dr. Allen sought to make the guest the star and would limit his speech. He's clearly brilliant but he shines too much. That comes across as self-promoting. I understand the necessity of the Ads but combined with how much it Dr. Allen speaks, it's just too much.

Hoping for more!

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