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Your spiritual best friends. Sharing personal stories, spiritual tools, and attempts to navigate this messy, imperfect, beautiful life.

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Your spiritual best friends. Sharing personal stories, spiritual tools, and attempts to navigate this messy, imperfect, beautiful life.

    Feeling Feelings

    Feeling Feelings

    How are you feeling today? Are you grateful, in fear, overwhelmed, feeling anxious, depressed, happy? Or maybe some other list of feelings entirely! Identifying emotions is the first step in making space for them. The more we allow our feelings and emotions to be here the less power they have to control and overwhelm us. Can we allow our feelings to teach us? In this episode, we share our feelings and experiences and then the tools we are using to make peace with our current reality. Join us!
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    What Is Courage?

    What Is Courage?

    How To Be Courageous
    This week on Pretty Spiritual Podcast, we're talking about how to be courageous. For so many of us, the idea of courage makes us think of alliance and bravery, the absence of fear. But it turns out in practice, it looks pretty different. So, what is courage? It's not the absence of fear. Courage means we do what we need to do despite the fear. Join the fun as we talk about how to have courage to face the life that's right in front of us one moment at a time. We'll share about where courage is alive in each of our lives. This includes courage required to live our fullest lives, to be present with our own experience, and to love ourselves exactly as we are. 
    Want to share your experience or tools with us? Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Insight Timer, Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, Podbean, and Stitcher (or our Contact page) and share your feelings, thoughts, and anything else! Thanks for listening to our spiritual podcasts. We love ya!

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    Unmet Needs

    Unmet Needs

    Find soothing from within. There's a current of anxiety in the larger world and maybe in our own homes. From covid and systemic racism to fear and disconnection, we share our current fears and unmet needs and wants. Then, we discuss the spiritual tools we’re experimenting with to address our unmet needs. Many of us notice an impulse to reach for soothing from outside things. Can we find that soothing and sense of belonging from within? This is a tender time, be gentle with yourselves.

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    How To Ground Yourself

    How To Ground Yourself

    Sweet friends, today we offer grounding techniques for uncertain times. It's natural to feel anxious or ungrounded at times, and especially during coronavirus. Here we talk about how to calm down when the world is topsy turvy. We share our own experiences with feeling anxious, scared, or ungrounded—and then we share practical tips and spiritual tools for ways to calm down. We may not be able to control pandemics or covid-19, but we can find safety within. Sending you love. You're not alone.

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    Feeling Lonely

    Feeling Lonely

    How To Deal With Loneliness
    These are some weird and stressful times! What better topic for our newest episode than feeling lonely. We recorded this episode about a month before the coronavirus reality started impacting our lives in the United States, but we’re hoping that it can still be helpful, especially if you’re feeling alone with fear or anxiety about our present circumstances.
    All of us have some experience with feeling alone. In this modern time, we are more connected than ever, but that can also make us feel farther away. Join us as we explore the question of how to deal with loneliness, especially in these unique, global circumstances. 
    Annie takes the lead in episode 49 and offers this definition of loneliness: “a state of mind characterized by a dissociation between what an individual wants or expects from a relationship and what that individual experiences in that relationship.” Or, in very simple terms, it’s perceived isolation. We’ll borrow that definition from Stephanie Cacioppo’s study of loneliness.
    Feeling Lonely
    If you’re dealing with loneliness, we want to assure you that you are so not alone in the struggle! These numbers reflect the impact of loneliness pre-quarantine, so we can only imagine that more and more people are starting to share in this difficult experience. 1 in 3 Americans is impacted by loneliness and 1 in 12 is severely impacted. And get this: loneliness is actually contagious. So we’ve got a lot of good reasons to dive into the topic and learn how to fight loneliness together.
    It turns out that loneliness is a piece of biology that helps us recognize our social needs. This was a really useful signal to ourselves that we need other people. It’s our biological cue to get into connection. If we don’t tap into the great connection that exists between all of us, we can get really stuck feeling separate. This can be especially hard if we have learned how to live life without deep connections, which can manifest as a state of chronic loneliness.
    Often, we don’t let people into our deepest and most painful experiences because we feel like outsiders. Perhaps we feel ashamed of our process or experience. Or maybe we just can’t connect to our true sense of belonging. No matter the reason we’re feeling cut off, healing means turning toward connection with ourselves and with others. If we want to learn how to overcome loneliness, we need to let people in. 
    What To Do When Feeling Lonely
    Wondering, why do I feel so alone? There are places inside of us that feel separate, disconnected, and like they don’t belong. The lonely places can seem even bigger because we feel like we’re the only ones having this experience. So we get to ask ourselves, what unmet needs are asking for my attention?
    We get it and we’re here for you! We’re so grateful to have each other and our spiritual community as our spiritual bffs. We need this loving support system and we want you to feel supported, too. We are so grateful when you reach out to us and want to urge you to reach out when you’re feeling alone. So start where it’s easy and feels warm (we hope!)
    We know how scary it can feel to extend yourself to others, especially when you’re feeling cut off. But in order to heal from loneliness, we need rich, reciprocal bonds. It’s a two-way street of connection where we let people get to know us and we also show up to get to know them. 
    We Are Always Here For You
    Instead of struggling through this life by ourselves, we want to share and celebrate our vital, human connections. Thank you so, so much for listening and being part of our virtual community. Please reach out and let us know what you need during these difficult times and how we can help support your spiritual journey. We are always here for you!
    And as always, we can’t wait to hear what you think. Plea

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    How To Heal A Broken Heart

    How To Heal A Broken Heart

    How To Heal A Broken Heart
    Wanting to know how to heal a broken heart? We’re with you friends. Turns out, how to get over heartbreak is something everyone deals with, sooner or later. In this very sweet and very tender episode, your spiritual best friends dive into the topic of getting over a breakup.
    We may not have a magic potion for you, but we do have some experience and hope to share around breaking up with someone you love. You see, we all have had a broken heart, too. Ella shares very sweetly about the experience of being in the midst of a breakup. Annie talks about being in two different loving relationships, one where she was the person breaking up with someone she loved and the other where she was the person being broken up with. Poni shares very tenderly about breaking up with someone you love, even if that someone is not a romantic partner. This means you might be experiencing a breakup with a family member or a friend if the relationship has become troubling.
    Sometimes we have to create space to protect our hearts, even if it breaks our hearts for the short term.
    How To Get Over Someone You Love
    In this episode, we talk about how hard it is (and how possible it is!) to get over someone you love. We know that getting over a breakup with someone you love sometimes needs more than just time and patience. That’s why we we don't just share our personal stories. We also share proven research about down-regulation of love to help your heart heal faster. That’s right, science! Who doesn’t love a little bit of science to help heal that sweet, tender heart?
    Are you curious what down-regulation of love means? Here is one example of how to heal a broken heart with down-regulation of love. First, you catch yourself staring at photos of your ex on social media, and fantasizing about them. Second, we encourage you to immediately stop following them on every social platform (always a good idea). Third, if you do happen to start dreaming about your ex, you can practice down-regulation of love by shifting from the positive, “Oh, they were so wonderful and perfect,” to the negative, “They actually never showed up for me in the way that I wanted them too.” Typically, we don't encourage negative thinking. However, this shift from negative to positive can actually help retrain your brain to ease out of the love with that person. That is to say, get over heartbreak faster. 
    What To Do After A Breakup
    We know that broken hearts hurt so bad. We love you and are cheering for you. That’s why we decided to do this episode. Sometimes we need loving support and to know we’re not alone. Other times we need a basic instruction manual for life and serious spiritual healing to help us get through a hard time. 
    In that vein, Ella demonstrates in real time the tools of being present that she uses to walk through her breakup. Annie shares tips and tools for how to handle life after a breakup whether you are the breakee or the breaker. (Do you like when we make up new vocabulary words, just to better accommodate the heartbreak episode? Breaker seemed like a good word to describe the person who is choosing to end the relationship and Breakee seemed like a good term to describe the person who is getting the breakup handed to them.) Poni shares some fantastic online resources that are linked in our tools tab, plus great somatic experiencing tools that can help you be present in moments of pain. 
    You Are Not Alone
    Seeking out a loving support system is always important after a breakup. In addition to safe friends and family, building up your internal support system so you can self soothe is also important. We love meditation and prayer for finding space in scary times. Also, sometimes a sudden breakup can be experienced like trauma and can knock you off your feet. If you are suffering and need

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5.0 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

LaraPK ,

I feel like these ladies are therapists and my friends

Oh and there tools put into practice really work. I’m finding myself in a raw space with a broken 2nd marriage and a lot of fear. These women make me feel normal, not crazy and the tools WORK. I thank God for this podcast.

GhenS1 ,

A Fave

These ladies are so relatable, vulnerable and willing to share their truth to help others. Always excellent topics & the tools are so helpful. Grateful to have 1st found them on Insight Timer. :-)

Kimberdoo17 ,

Healing to the heart and soul ❤️

So incredibly thankful that I found these ladies! Relatable, human, humorous, vulnerable, insightful and inspiring. Love their podcasts!

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