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Podcast launched in May 2022 by Neurodivergent Women, for Neurodivergent Women. Discussing neurodiversity, mental health, motherhood, inclusive employment, barriers to diagnosis, neurodiversity affirming health care, and more.

Princess and the Pea Podcast Annie Crowe

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Podcast launched in May 2022 by Neurodivergent Women, for Neurodivergent Women. Discussing neurodiversity, mental health, motherhood, inclusive employment, barriers to diagnosis, neurodiversity affirming health care, and more.

    13 | Long COVID & the Autistic Community

    13 | Long COVID & the Autistic Community

    We kick off season 2 with a huge episode where our host Annie Crowe talks to Autistic Physician Dr Mel Houser (she/they) about how long COVID is impacting the Autistic community and why understanding Autistic physiology is key to neuroaccessible and inclusive healthcare.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    12 | Shiny Ball Syndrome

    12 | Shiny Ball Syndrome

    Part 2 of Annie’s stimulating chat with the ausome Frances Brennan, an Autistic ADHD Speechie (aka Speech Pathologist), we end season 1 with a BANG!

    • 1 hr 19 min
    11 | Eating Disorders & Neurodivergence

    11 | Eating Disorders & Neurodivergence

    Annie Crowe chats to the insightful and delightful Frances Brennan, an Autistic ADHD Speechie (aka Speech Pathologist) about her experience with disordered eating from a neurodiversity lens.

    • 1 hr 15 min
    10 | Neurodiversity & Allyship

    10 | Neurodiversity & Allyship

    Annie chats to Natalie Phillips-Mason, a change management professional and, more importantly, an ally to neurodivergent people everywhere. 

    Annie and Natalie discuss everything from the importance of language, overt allyship, disclosure difficulties, and so much more!

    Show notes www.neurodivergentmillennial.com

    • 58 min
    9 | Autistic Mothers Group

    9 | Autistic Mothers Group

    Annie speaks to Occupational Therapist and new mama, Claudia who is a neurotypical ally. Claudia works at Autism SA and was recently privileged to witness a fellow new mama (from mothers’ group) discover that was autistic. Annie and Claudia discuss the challenges of becoming a new mum and how autistic women (and AFAB individuals) can be better supported in the transition to parenthood.

    Annie is passionate about helping neurotypical health professionals become more neurodiversity-affirming in practice through the promotion and valuing of lived experience expertise. We all need to help shift away from the pathologising medical model of disability and towards the social model of disability that aligns with the neurodiversity paradigm. This is a human rights, anti-discrimination issue. And we won’t stop until we’ve changed the world! #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #DisabilityPride

    *Trigger warning: some ableist language is used in this episode so please be kind to yourself and know that we are all on our own journey trying to unpack out internalised ableism. Compassion is key - to ourselves and each other.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    8 | ADHD Motherhood and Money

    8 | ADHD Motherhood and Money

    Annie chats with the wonderful Tina @theADHDaccountant about late diagnosis, motherhood and money!
    In the first part of this episode, Tina shares how she discovered her own neurodivergence after her son was diagnosed. And the wonderful self-acceptance and understanding a diagnosis (or self-identification) can bring.
    Then Annie and Tina talk about parenting with ADHD and all the joys and struggles. And how much easier it is to work and live when you understand your divergent brain and can then accommodate it and stop fighting and hiding your neurodivergent traits.
    Finally, they get into the money with budgets and impulse spending. Annie shares a shameful story from her past! Shhh!
    Enjoy! x
    Show notes: www.princessandthepeapodcast.com

    • 1 hr 6 min

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4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

olivecat ,

New episodes?

Will there be any new episodes?

Kyleleen ,

Brain Twins!!

Just listen to my first episode after hearing Annie on the Women & ADHD podcast. I am over the moon excited to have found this podcast and especially in this episode on twice exceptional! I related to so much in the episode, but near the end when you and your guest speak about needing to read a book that you already know well to slow your brain down enough to be able to fall asleep, and as a self soothing technique I squealed in excitement!! I stumbled across this method of falling asleep a few years ago and now can fall asleep in 10 to 30 minutes instead of 60 to 90 minutes (or more 😣) just by listening to an audiobook of one of my “chicken noodle soup” books. For me it is also the Harry Potter books (though lately not so much - JK’s transphobia has stollen the comforting feelings for me), Jane Austen’s novels, and few other random favorites 🥰. Thank you so much for making your podcast!!! Can’t wait to listen to the next 20 episodes I saved to my phone 🤓

GenXZebra ,


Cannot recommend this highly enough. As a late-identified autistic woman, I’ve learned so much from, and felt so “seen” by, Annie Crowe and her guests. I can’t wait for Season 2! They spoke about so many things that applied directly to me— too many to list. I’ve shared several episodes with people close to me. Thank you Annie Crowe!

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