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Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Podcasting is an ever growing ocean covering every topic your imagination can fathom. But what about the podcasters? Why did they start a podcast? What hurdles did they have to overcome along the way? What drives them to keep creating content? How do they define success? Pro Podcaster Stories dives deep to explore these questions and much more.

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Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Podcasting is an ever growing ocean covering every topic your imagination can fathom. But what about the podcasters? Why did they start a podcast? What hurdles did they have to overcome along the way? What drives them to keep creating content? How do they define success? Pro Podcaster Stories dives deep to explore these questions and much more.

    Passion Meets Podcasting with Glen Willis

    Passion Meets Podcasting with Glen Willis

    When your passion meets podcasting you get the Full Court Press NBA Podcast and Glen Willis.  Glen has always had a passion and love for the game of basketball, so he decided to launch a podcast.  Glen and his brother coached basketball for many years.  In their podcast Glen and Greg share the technical side of basketball from their coaching perspective.  They use their deep coaching background to break the game down in a different way. Their unique experiences and perspectives offer a unique story that helps them to stand out.  
    Glen Willis is an avid basketball fan.  He is a contributor at Peachtree Hoops. He is an inactive youth basketball coach that still looks for ways to contribute to the sport by way of helping to facilitate camps and training programs.  He lives in the Seattle, Washington area with his wife Sarah. In 2016 He launched the Full Court Press NBA Podcast which he co-hosts with his twin brother Greg.  
    He is a fascinating guy and a really insightful and well thought out guy.   We had a great conversation.  We talked about basketball and podcasting, but we talked about a few other things as well including long term content creation schedules, spending time on your core competency and engagement and feedback.  I think you are really going to enjoy this episode.  
    Show Notes:
    [03:13] Glen has an NBA focused podcast.   [03:26] Glen shares how he developed such a great love for the NBA. His love for basketball began in middle school.   [05:20] Glen and his twin brother coached basketball for many years.   [06:53] His passion and love for the game never disappeared or regressed at all despite the fact that his basketball journey wasn’t quite what he would have imagined. [08:24] He had a six-month break where he wasn’t doing a full-time job and that really helped him be able to launch the podcast.  [09:38] In order to cover the entire NBA, Glen needs to have a 12-month plan.  The hardest aspect is to get familiar with all the new players coming into the league.   [11:42] They watch and focus on three teams a week. They record on those teams and share what they saw and really dive into what they are doing and trying to do.    [13:47] Glen starts his draft work in April.   [16:03] There are many NBA podcasts to help you learn more about the game. [17:38] Glen knew they could use their deep coaching background to break it down in a different way.   [19:57] They wanted to bring a technical conversation from people that have a coaching and teaching background in the sport hoping that would not be better than everything else, but instead would contribute to what people consuming that type of content would find value in.   [21:04] Glen shares about joining a podcast network and what have been the benefits of the podcast network.   [23:41] Glen knew that he needed a team to fill in the gaps of his podcast knowledge and help him to learn even more.    [25:02] Parents were very appreciative of the time and effort Greg and Glen invested in their young people and when they launched their podcast they wanted to support and help.  It helped them to get some support and visibility at the beginning.  [27:43] The podcast network they are part of (Lineups) does all the marketing, promotion, and social media.   [30:09] Any advertisers that Glen or Greg pull in themselves are completely their revenue.  Any ad the podcasting network brings in is a 50/50 split.    [31:45] They are not in podcasting for the ad revenue.  They are energized by the content.   [34:01] They record their episode and hand the file off to professionals that are more passionate about podcast production like Pro Podcast Solutions. [35:01] Glen shares how they are handling the NBA shutdown and these challenging times.    [37:39] The podcast is currently on hold since the league has been on hold. They are doing a week by week assessment deciding if they feel like it is an appropriate time to start pu

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    Best Resources for New Podcasters

    Best Resources for New Podcasters

    Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Podcasting is an ever-growing ocean covering every topic your imagination can fathom.  What about the podcasters? Why did they start a podcast? What hurdles did they have to overcome along the way? What drives them to keep creating content? 
    There are now over a million podcasts in existence. That means people have many choices when they're looking for a podcast for whatever topic they’re seeking.  That means you have got to be on top of your game. 
    In this solo episode, I share seven of my best resources for new podcasters.  We are going to be talking about how to engage with other podcasters in the community, which conferences you should be attending, and detailing the equipment needed.  We are also going to be talking about what hosting company you should go with, how to get music, artwork, and many other great resources.  This episode is going to have so much great information! We also have a bonus for you in this episode.  We have put together a PDF guide that is going to be your go-to resource for this episode.  
    Show Notes:
    1. Join Facebook Groups
    Podcaster’s Hangout was created by John Dennis to allow for the participation of community and collaboration of Podcasters around the world. Podcast Movement Community - For Podcasters was created by Podcast Movement (Dan Franks and Jared Easly) as a place for people who are podcasters, looking to become a podcaster, or who are members of the podcasting industry.  Independent Podcasters Group was created by Independent Podcast Conference (Joe Pardo) as a group designed to bring together independent podcasters. They are always looking to help others get to the next level and grow together.  Podcasters Paradise was created by the Entrepreneur on Fire Community (John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson) as a place for fellow Paradisers to share valuable information, collaborate with other Paradise members, and provide others with constructive feedback on podcast-related topics.  She Podcasts was created by She Podcasts (Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar) as a safe place for women and those who identify as female or identify as non-binary ONLY who podcast or who are setting up a show currently to ask questions, provide support, share resources, wins, advocate for each other and whatever else they like. 2. Attend a podcast conference
    Podcast Movement - August 5-8 Dallas, TX - Podcast Movement is the largest, longest running annual conference for podcasters and the podcast industry. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an industry veteran, we’ve got over 150 sessions and events designed just for you. Podfest Expo - March 5-7 Orlando, FL - Whether you’re new to podcasting or a veteran podcaster looking to innovate and improve your podcast, our easy-to-understand conference tracks allow you to customize a daily agenda based on what you’re most interested in learning. No matter your skill level or experience, Podfest has plenty to offer. She Podcasts - October 15-18 Scottsdale, AZ - The largest in-person gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more. The purpose of She Podcasts LIVE is to offer women audio creators a chance to learn and experience community in an environment created JUST for them. We focus the education, the social interaction, and even the aesthetic on women only and it makes a big difference. Independent Podcasters Conference - September 24-26 Philadelphia, PA - ICON originally started out as Mid-Atlantic Podcast started (December 2014) as a Facebook group for podcasters who live in the Mid-Atlantic States. After seeing the interest to have a podcast (exclusive) conference in the northeast, Joe Pardo jumped on the opportunity to make it happen. This conference is for anyone that identifies as an independent podcaster all around the world.  3. Invest in quality equipment
    I highly recommend a dynamic microphone, because the

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    Using Your Podcast to Build Authority and Opportunities with Brad Larsen

    Using Your Podcast to Build Authority and Opportunities with Brad Larsen

    Real estate is a very competitive business and the real estate podcast area is a very competitive category within podcast directories. Brad Larsen shares his successes, authority, and opportunities that have come because of his podcast. Brad talks about creating The Property Management Mastermind, Property Management Mastermind Show and The Property Management Conference. His story, advice, and humility are truly inspiring. Brad’s advice is very helpful and timely for everybody.
    Brad Larsen was born and raised in Iowa – his parents were both school teachers. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM and was commissioned as a 2LT in the US Army Infantry in 1996. He then graduated from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa in 1998. He was able to earn a baseball scholarship for both schools as a shortstop. Brad later earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix in San Antonio, TX in 2011. After serving on active duty in the Army as an officer in the Infantry, Brad left the military as a Captain in 2002 and moved to San Antonio to pursue his interests in real estate. He has been managing single-family homes since 2004. Brad is a member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR), Texas Association of Realtors (TAR), National Association of Realtors (NAR), and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®). Brad has been licensed since 2003 and has earned top honors in real estate to include the Platinum Top 50 award for agents in San Antonio. Brad is married to Leah Larsen and has two children. 
    Brad is so selfless even though at times he tries to argue differently and invites everyone to come on this journey and learn along with him. This episode is packed full of great advice and tips for real estate, podcasting, and life in general. 
    Show Notes:
    [03:37] Brad shares what led him into the world of real estate.  [04:06] Brad created the Property Management Mastermind where property managers can share ideas, thoughts, and collaborations on a national scale. Then he created his podcast, The Property Management Mastermind Show.  [05:03] Brad’s podcast has opened up a lot of doors and opportunities including other business ventures and speaking gigs.  [06:13] Brad looks at podcasting as an audio blog.  [07:11] Brad shares how his business looked before his podcast and how it has expanded his business ventures.  [08:43] Brad started a Facebook group and now has 8,600 members. This is another advertising avenue for getting the podcast shows out to more people.  [10:09] Another opportunity the podcast has facilitated is a national annual conference called The Property Management Mastermind Conference.  [10:32] All of his business ventures have stemmed from simply starting a podcast.  [13:03] Brad really wants to improve and benefit the real estate industry.  [15:40] On his podcast he tries to interview folks that he would want to understand better because likely others will also.  [16:49] Brad started his own podcast so he could answer the questions he wanted to answer for the community. It was a better option for him than a webinar.  [18:42] The podcast was a giant advertisement for his in-person live conference.  [20:04] Brad’s next live conference, Property Management Mastermind Conference, will be in March 2021 in Las Vegas.  [21:49] Brad has a Facebook Live every day to discuss current issues and how they affect renters and property managers.  [24:13] The current issues will be short-lived, so we should have a quick spike back up when this is over.  [26:08] The dollars are in the change. We are in the middle of change, so how we embrace it is going to be part of our attitude. We need to make it work for us.  [28:29] If home prices go down, investors will create the bottom. It creates the basement and that it is as low as the market goes.  [31:44] Brad recommends investing in residential single-family homes.   [34:12] Brad has sponsors for his pod

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    Helping Christian Organizations and Leadership Flourish with Al Lopus

    Helping Christian Organizations and Leadership Flourish with Al Lopus

    Having a business, career or job enables us to pay the bills, but many of us want work that is life-giving and meaningful. One way for Christians to find this type of meaningful work is to be employed by a Christian organization. Al Lopus is the President and co-founder of Best Christian Workplaces Institute. Al began ranking the best Christian organizations to work for in a Christianity Today article which led to founding BCWI in 2002. This organization uses research-based measurement tools and culture change advisory services to help Christian organizations set the standard as the best and most effective workplaces in the world. 
    There is even a certification for workplaces that get a client survey score of 4.0 or above. This signals that this is a great place to work with great leadership. Having the certification can attract high-quality employees, and it also appeals to potential donors. Al is also the host of The Flourishing Culture Podcast. On his show, Al conducts interviews with leaders on how they have created some of the best and most effective Christian workplaces. Al is a client of ours, and I’m excited to talk to him about his podcast, how he started, what success means to him, his unique pre-interview question method, and the example that his father set for him. 
    Al is an author, speaker, and consultant. Prior to co-founding BCWI, Al served 21 years in leadership roles. He held key leadership roles at the consulting firm Willis Towers Watson. He chaired the Board of Directors for The Nicolas Fund for Education. He also served on the Christian Leadership Alliance Board and is currently on the Advisory Board. He was also on the Board for Virginia Mason Medical Center. His passion and experience for proven leadership and amazing workplace culture are highlighted in this interview. I thought his interview was relevant for these current times, but my solo episode is still coming up in the near future. 
    Show Notes:
    [03:20] The BCWI vision is for Christian organizations to set the standard as the best most effective place to work in the world. They do this by measuring the health of the culture through an engagement survey. They also measure effectiveness of leadership organizations and do culture consulting.  [04:14] They want to inspire Christian leaders to create a flourishing workplace. [04:32] Al is the co-founder of BCWI. The firm started by trying to compile a list of best Christian workplaces.  [05:33] Al started The Flourishing Culture podcast to get his message to a broader audience.  [06:09] His daughter helped him with his first podcast.  [08:02] Al wanted stories of great Christian workplaces and what the leaders did to create that environment. [09:24] The podcast is really a way to reinforce their message to leaders, by listening to other successful leaders and sharing helpful tips. [12:57] To be certified as a best Christian workplace you need a client survey score of a 4.0 or above. Only about half of the organizations are certified.  [15:51] Al's been podcasting for about five years now. When he first started out, he bought lower-end equipment and then worked his way up. [16:30] He also sends his guests the script with all the questions prior to the podcast, and they send it back to him. [17:10] To produce the podcast Al and his team have a schedule of who the guests will be. Once the guest accepts the invitation, Al and the team writes the script. Then they record on Skype. [18:25] Then they upload it to the social media manager who sends the audio to Pro Podcast Solutions. Once published, the guests gets a notification email which includes social media prompts.  [21:20] The podcast is an educational and a marketing piece. [22:54] Being certified as a best Christian workplace helps improve the quality of candidates who apply to work there. High-quality individuals usually have offers from other workplaces. [24:17] Current employees also know that it will be difficult to find a bette

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    Podcasting About Sports With Father and Son Hosting Duo Mike and Brian Mountan

    Podcasting About Sports With Father and Son Hosting Duo Mike and Brian Mountan

    Mike and Brian Mountan are a father and son duo who together host the Bri The Sports Guy podcast. They both love watching, playing, and talking about sports. Brian has an unusual gift for being able to remember and recall stats and history about sports that most of us often forget. They also have a very close father and son relationship and planned starting their podcast together to coincide with Brian graduating from high school and Mike retiring from his finance career.  
    Mike is a native of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. He received his BA and an MBA from Northwest University in Evanston, Illinois. He spent 13 years with Procter & Gamble and 18 years with Johnson & Johnson in a variety of finance roles including VP of Finance for Johnson & Johnson's Consumer Division Asia Pacific based in Singapore and Global CFO of Johnson & Johnson's diabetes care business. Mike also serves on the board for the Jacksonville School for Autism and is chairman of the finance committee of St Joseph Academy.
    Brian is a 20 year old who was diagnosed at age 3 with autism. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and has lived in Jacksonville, Florida twice. He’s also lived in Singapore and San Ramon, California. Brian graduated from high school in May of 2019 and has been working on the podcast ever since. In addition to sports broadcasting and blogging, Brian also works at the Brooks YMCA. You are going to love this conversation as we dive into their sports podcast and the wonderful father and son dynamic that flows throughout the show. 
    Show Notes:
    [04:04] Growing up, Mike watched a lot of sports and played a lot of sports. [04:16] When Brian and his brother were born, his family tried to get them involved in as many sports as possible. [04:41] Brian is six feet and six inches tall. He's a great basketball player and a great golfer. [05:03] Mike grew up watching sports on TV. He was fortunate to grow up in Wisconsin, a state that had all of the pro teams. [06:02] Brian's mom thought the podcast would be a good idea after Brian graduated from high school. They've done over a hundred and thirty two episodes now. [07:21] Mike and his family knew that Brian had a gift. Mike shares a story about Brian talking about a game, and a nearby restaurant patron being amazed at everything he could remember. [09:50] Students are really being impacted by the shutdown. [10:23] The baseball and basketball seasons have been put on hold, so the NFL is one of the main things they have to talk about right now. [11:50] They are doing a free agency review by division. Then they'll do an NFC and AFC draft preview. Then they'll talk about what they think about the upcoming teams. They're hopeful that by late May, they will see some broadcasts. [15:22] They subscribe to many sports resources in order to go deep in their podcast. [16:22] They would rather have too much content as opposed to too little content. They plan out in advance which sports they will talk about during the week. [18:07] They do three podcasts a week, and they have a sponsor.  [19:22] Brian talks about some of the awesome guests that they have had on the show. [20:19] They would love to get the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers on the show. His name is Craig Counsell. They are also trying to make some connections with local golfers and the Jaguars. [23:03] Mike timed his retirement to Brian's graduation, so they could both start the podcast together. [24:53] Mike has always been a workaholic, so the podcast gives him a lot to work on with so many different sports to cover. [25:32] They came up with the idea around Christmas of 2018. [26:40] Sports podcasting is a very crowded space. They did the show for their friends and to show the autism community that there's a lot of practical things they can do. [27:44] They define success by having a lot of great content and having fun.  [30:29] People in Florida are really interested in hearing them talk about football. [31:33] They use a lot of different ma

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    Podcast Tips from the Experts at Podfest

    Podcast Tips from the Experts at Podfest

    I talked to some amazing podcast hosts and podcast professionals when I was at Podfest in Orlando. It was a great experience, and many experts were kind enough to share podcast tips that will help podcasters and especially beginners have a smooth start and a show that they feel great about. Super Joe Pardo who runs the Independent Podcast Conference shares the importance of letting your personality shine through and the goal that you should have to move the needle. 
    Then I talk with Glenn the Geek who has been podcasting since 2006 and has hosted thousands of shows. He runs the Horse Radio Network and the Florida Podcast Network. Glenn talks about the importance of consistency and what sponsors are really looking for. If advertising is something you are interested in, his advice is very useful. Chris Curran from Podcast Engineering School shares tips for microphone technique including how to speak soft and low and speak loudly. 
    Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies talks about how to leverage the power of SEO in your podcast and how and why you should do that. If legal issues are something you’re concerned about, pay special attention to this next clip from Gordon Firemark, the podcast lawyer. Gordon talks about protecting your brand and content and gives us information on the types of consent forms and contracts that are useful to podcasters. 
    Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting gives super good advice about what new podcasters really shouldn’t do. Even though it's a common mistake that many make. Jeni Wren Stottrup from Gritty Birds Podcasting gives a great tip for avoiding perfectionism and fear. Craig from Ingles Podcast talks about the importance of audience engagement. Coach Chris from The Personal Branding Playbook talks about how important marketing is. Emily Peck Prokop from E Podcast Productions talks about not trying to do everything all at once, and Christy Haussler from Team Podcast rounds out the show with her advice on rankings and list building. 
    Show Notes:
    [03:13] Super Joe Pardo runs the Independent Podcast Conference, and he feels that it's important to have your personality come out in your podcast. The goal all the time is to move the needle and make people feel something. [04:09] Glenn the Geek is from the Horse Radio and Florida Podcast Network. He's been podcasting since 2006. It takes awhile to make money. You need to be consistent. Sponsors are buying you not your show.  [06:27] Go to small companies in your niche. Work with them and involve them from the beginning. [07:53] Chris Curran runs Podcast Engineering School. He teaches people how to engineer and produce podcasts at a professional level. He also hosts the podcast engineering show. [08:43] Microphone technique is really important. Stay close and speak into the microphone from the right angle. You can get closer to sound soft and low. Lean back to say something loud. Be passionate and love what you are talking about. [09:26] Harry Duran is the host of Podcast Junkies. His tip is to leverage the SEO power of podcasting. Choose a name that people are searching for that also speaks to a pain point. [10:08] Be careful how you choose your name and what you put in your description. Choose words that people are searching for. [10:16] Gordon Firemark is the podcast lawyer. Creating media content is big business, so think of yourself as a business. You may need to form a company. [11:10] Protect yourself by protecting your title and your brand. Register a trademark for your brand and a copyright for your content. [11:41] Get consent from your guests in the form of a release. Use royalty free music or make sure you have the proper license. Always use contracts. [13:10] Dave Jackson is from the School of Podcasting. He also works for Libsyn tech support. Don't compare your show to other people's shows.  [14:28] Jeni Wren Stottrup is from Gritty Birds Podcasting. She's a producer, editor, and podcast coach. Once you have a concept

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3 Ratings

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Pro Podcast is Personal, Professional, and Perfectly Inspirational

I started listening to Darrell’s podcasts 10 or so years ago. I was very picky what show I would stick with. His shows always endured on my playlist right next to anything Ravenscraft, This American Life, Science Fridays, and Dan Carlin. Countless other good shows are still putting out podcasts, but my interest faded away from them long ago. But Darrell’s shows have the perfect blend of honesty, humor, and humility and very, very high standards for production quality in every show. Therefore, it is no surprise to me his and only one other of those top shows remain on my playlist today. Whether you are new to this medium, or If you are a podcast junky like me, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ve heard his guests talk before so you can pass them by. I’ve heard hundreds of hours from them and Darrell’s show with each of them is still original and extremely worth your while. You are one of the best Darrell. Keep these interviews going so I can “tune in” for another decade! —Robert Sterrett Beury—

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