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Project You is about learning the tools to build internally and allow that shine to express outwardly. The time in now to reframe, rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul and the place is here, now let‘s work on Project You!

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Project You is about learning the tools to build internally and allow that shine to express outwardly. The time in now to reframe, rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul and the place is here, now let‘s work on Project You!

    Life 101 with Dr. Yi Jin

    Life 101 with Dr. Yi Jin

    Dr. Jin a neuroscientist and retired Professor at UC Irvine joined us today for the 120th episode of Project You with Camie Cragg. I really don't want to make this about me but HOLY SMOKES this interview was one of the most profound and relatable talks I have had in a long time. Why? Dr. Jin nurtured my mind and soul through facts of the body, brain, heart which led to an overall health talk. This man touched on topics that I as a fitness enthusiast have been talking about for years minus the medical backing, schooling, and research he has. Sitting there witnessing his giving heart to authentically help people without pushing them down mainstream, traditional-medicine was what was so rewarding! A man who doesn't see you as a number yet a living soul that can be saved, helped, and supported by asking for help, reaching out to know more and being your own advocate!
    These kinds of people are very rare which is why I know you will be attracted to what his heart, knowledge and soul must share! If you have any interest in just knowing about the simplicity of who we are originally as humans- hunter gatherers, you will love every minute of this episode. 
    From breast feeding, thermo dynamics, sleep, anxiety, blue light, obesity, brain, leaky gut, etc this is a raw conversation about LIFE 101 with Dr. Jin.

    Camie Knapp (Cragg)

    • 1 hr 12 min
    The Act of Forgiveness

    The Act of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness means different things to different people. Generally, however, it involves a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. The act that hurt or offended you might always be with you, but forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help free you from the control of the person who harmed you. Tune into today's episode as I guide you through a real story that happened to me moments after our engagement party! It's these moments where I realize, and you might realize, that the devil/evil spirit comes at the times that you least expect them especially when joy is embedded in your heart! It's only because the awakening that I was able to see clearly on what was happening and without a shadow of a doubt I knew my heart was not going to react yet respond in the way my heart felt only because I had forgiven her a long time ago! If I didn't, I truly don't think the blessings would have opened in my life like they did and continue to! Love wins and remember that the act of forgiveness is healthy when it comes to the internal well-being! I don't know that I could have taken any more hurt and pain than I already did- which naturally led me to forgiving her without getting a verbal recognition from the attacker! This act hugely rewarded my health, by lowering the risk of heart attack, improving cholesterol levels, sleep, reducing pain, blood pressure, levels of anxiety, depression, and stress.
    Camie Knapp (Cragg)

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Finding the Real You with Ray Gonzalez

    Finding the Real You with Ray Gonzalez

    Who are we really, behind the masks we wear on a daily basis?  For wealth manager Ray Gonzalez, it took hitting rock bottom to discover The Real Ray G.  
    Having built a prolific billion-dollar practice and become a leader in the industry of wealth management, one might have thought that Ray had it all.  At the pinnacle of his 30-year career, Ray couldn't help but feel something big was missing.  Ray quickly realized after meeting his lifelong goal of becoming a millionaire that there is more to life than success-- and how so many of the most important parts of life are missing from the most successful people's lives.
    Tune into this insightful conversation between myself and Ray, where we address his inspirational personal transformation story, his three pillars of success (mental, physical, and financial fitness), addressing trauma, and learning to rediscover your authentic self.  Our discussion addresses how Ray and people like him rediscover their inner child and learn to reparent them into happy, successful members of society.  
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to Project You with Camie Cragg, an audience that continues to grow every single day!

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Community & Service talk with Bay Equity’s Mike Richardson & Dulce Drakulich

    Community & Service talk with Bay Equity’s Mike Richardson & Dulce Drakulich

    Community is the reason for doing business for Northern Nevada's highest rated lender online, Mike Richardson! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Richardson and real estate/mortgage expert Dulce Drakulich to better understand the dynamic of running a business and having the heart to do things for the community while meaning it! 
    At Bay Equity they understand that your house is a home and not a loan. They know this because they have always been in the business of caring about their customer's journey, and writing their story right alongside their clients. Being on the mic with them, I soon gathered that this wasn't just a well written mission statement, this was the lifestyle they truly live on a day-to-day basis. I believe this is an extraordinary mindset, especially from business owners and experts in a very competitive business. Mike and Dulce started their careers during the Great Recession in 2007, which was fueled by easy credit, insufficient regulation and toxic subprime mortgages.
    Tune in to the three of us as they talked business which was very informative, but they spoke more of their "why", their reason and their purpose. I was personally astonished by this internal passion that clearly separates them from the rest in their field! There is a reason why they are the best, and that is because they believe their client is more than a sale. You can feel there is care, love and respect on the other side! 
    Reno, Nevada is honored to have Mike and Dulce of Bay Equity in their corner! I told them both without people like them, change is hard to come by when it comes to community! People need to care in order to have change and these two care...a lot! 
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to Project You with Camie Cragg, an audience that continues to grow every single day!
    Mike Richardson – NMLS ID# 1195440
    Dulce Drakulich – NMLS ID# 2099055
    Bay Equity LLC | NMLS ID# 76988 | Equal Housing Opportunity

    • 38 min
    International Women’s Day: Evolving for 108 years

    International Women’s Day: Evolving for 108 years

    It's been 108 years that we have been celebrating International Women's Day as there was a Socialist Party of America whom gathered in a group of 15,000 women to protest against their long hours work, low pay and lack of voting rights in New York City. This movement got women to think beyond what the norm was and 108 years later we are seeing the creative genius absolutely, SOAR.
    In this episode I share some stories of what it meant to me to start my business 17 years ago in a field that was male dominated. The idea to be a pioneer in the health, wellness and fitness industry seemed too scary yet the grit of my soul and tenacity of my heart didn't reject my drive which was to do exactly that- AS I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE- I have the ability to look around to my great girlfriends, my clients, my family, my acquaintances and see how many women have been their own advocate, their own risk taker to become their better self for them, their community, their family, their workplace, etc. 
    Things we can ask ourselves today as we globally celebrate the drive, the heart and soul of so many women we actually get to ask a sincere question that can only be answered by you_
    What makes a great woman?
    What is special about a woman?
    What high values of a woman inspires you? 
    What type of woman do you want to be?
    Tune in as we flow from the heart and celebrate the past and plan for the future! 

    • 51 min
    Checking In

    Checking In

    Basic question, "Why would one be compelled to check in with self?" 
    Answer: "Checking in with yourself and assessing your needs helps you to pour into yourself so that you can pour into others. Oftentimes, we check on those around us but neglect ourselves. It's beneficial because it can improve your mood, your energy, your relationships with others, and your productivity.

    I know it sounds so easy but like I tell my Project C participants, "if it were easy everyone would be doing it!" Which always reminds me of doing things different than what the average would do- or even doing opposite of what you are used to. 
    Lately it's been my part time job checking in with self. Truly admitting that I needed help. Being aware enough that I deserved to heal. Not to mention being  the action based human who has adopted all these elements really has been difficult yet that is more reason why I do it! Because if it was easy everyone would be healed, happy and feeling the vibe! 
    I along with YOU deserve to check in and share truth with self which in return will allow us to
    know ourselves better than any other person in this world- that is kind of exciting right? To be honest don't you know other people like the back of your hand? Can you say that for yourself? 
    We should know us- we should know others - we should be that devoted to check in because we understand that it matters which will keep us aligned in love rather than self-righteousness or status. 
    In a quick thirty minutes I hope it's just enough to bring out that light! I hope it's just enough to decide to NOT be the dangers of the end of times! 
    Let's do and be opposite, individually & collectively. 
    Camie Cragg 

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

tiffalaine ,

Prescient and Powerful

I find this podcast to be refreshingly authentic, meaningful and tremendously informative. As I work towards a healthier way of life, Camie’s podcasts convey things I never knew (about fitness, food, health, etc..) as well as things I absolutely needed to hear. I love her candor, compassion and her continuous optimism. She brings heart, light and joy to every episode, brightening my days.

ErinElizabeth H ,

Like getting your friends advice.

I freaking love this podcast. I am so fortunate enough that I’m local and get to be apart of the CCF gym and work out with Camie- *but even if I weren’t able to*, this Podcast is a great reflection of the energy and love that you can feel in the CCF building.

Every. Single. Episode I have taken notes on.
Many of them I have replayed just so I could re-reflect on what I was hearing.
I have jotted some facts that are mentioned, I have visited some of the referenced websites, and I have applied the given advice on whatever topic discussed.

There is such a big heart and so much love and intention behind her words that I legitimately feel like it’s coming from a sister, a friend, a mentor- whoever I need her to be at that time. Each podcast is like a conversation, the rawness of the dialogue is beautiful and comforting.

tracytruthseeker❤️ ,

Friends and connections!!

Love this one so much! But it was also sad, because I struggle with this a little bit , loneliness is real even if you have people around you!! Connection ,chemistry is key! I tell my husband this all the time ... I need more connection, luckily I do have a wonderful sister, and 3 sister-law’s and a friend from when I was young, but they don’t live here! Grateful for that!! Loved the podcast camie, you’ve really grown!!❤️

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