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Project You is about learning the tools to build internally and allow that shine to express outwardly. The time in now to reframe, rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul and the place is here, now let's work on Project You!

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Project You is about learning the tools to build internally and allow that shine to express outwardly. The time in now to reframe, rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul and the place is here, now let's work on Project You!

    The Challenge & Blessings of HEALING!

    The Challenge & Blessings of HEALING!

    I remember hearing my dad say, “Don’t pick your scabs, your healing!” Of course I didn’t see the depths of what he knew it as, yet it didn’t take long to understand the pain of a cut and how quickly you can get to the stage of a scab — shortly you will be on your way to not feeling that pain that you felt in the beginning! 
    However it doesn’t mean that it’s easy! Instead once the cut is done, the bleeding begins the journey is all so authentic to each cut! 
    How deep was it? 
    How severe was it? 
    Did it need stitches? 
    Did it need a band-aide? 
    Did you clean it out? 
    Did it get infected? 
    All the questions and or reactions to the cut is how well it will heal. 
    Low and behold I didn’t know that life was like that till it became very apparent to me! We get cut- we get sliced open- we get chopped up sometimes in life but by the Grace of God we have the chance to respond correctly or more correctly as time goes on to heal! 
    Healing is just as challenging if not more than the actual event where the cut happened! Lots of treatment, lots of love, lots of cleaning up to do yet without it becomes gross, disgusting and infected and no one has time for that. 
    Sit back and tune into our episode today where we find a place in our life where we got cut and accepted the healing process! What did that look like for you? What would you have done different and how will you respond next time to a cut in order to heal properly. 
    As I share another thread of my journey I pray that you take the wheel and also explore what that looks like for you and how will you finally accept the challenge to slow down and not pick the scab! Instead let the events happen in order to find yourself a healed wound! 
    Hint hint! We have all been wounded yet it’s how quickly we can pick up our cleaning tools and nurture this special event called “to heal” is to become! 
    Camie Cragg

    • 33 min
    Breaking Habits, Patterns & Conditions

    Breaking Habits, Patterns & Conditions

    Breaking habits & patterns starts with noticing what you do, how you react & what condition you are in. When one sees themselves in the mirror for maybe the first time and realizes that human isn’t the “authentic” self it’s a perfect time to raise your arm and admit you need help! You need more tools! You need change! 
    When the options seem so slim to find recovery from pain, hurt & trauma that have oh so easily built in a condition know for a fact that this thought of yours is NOT TRUE! That is your thought and that is not you heart! Follow your heart when seeking the shift in forming new patterns Nd habits! Pull from the gut! And walk into the uncomfortable situation which is change because you deserve it once and for all! 
    It can be any part of life that needs assistance; love life, physical life, spiritual life, career life, emotional life, etc- you make the call by 
    1) looking in the mirror 
    2) noticing the habits & patterns
    3) declare that the most important relationship you can and will have is with yourself.  
    4) devote a daily practice to healing 
    5) forgive yourself that you left you out of the equation 
    Tune in to today’s episode by putting yourself in your shoes as you would so graciously for your friend- be a friend to you- change the habits and patterns by honoring the soul that lives inside of you! 
    Camie Cragg

    • 32 min
    Two VOICES behind Project C:  Dr. Billie Casse & Shonna Guirado

    Two VOICES behind Project C:  Dr. Billie Casse & Shonna Guirado

    Project C is a motion, it’s a rhythm, and a place to discover self while letting go one day at a time of the old toxic place we used to live! 
    Tune in today for a very special episode as two women share their experience in Project C- two women that actually took the chance, they made the choice and are seeing the change.
    One of them shares her testimony to only two weeks into Project C and the other woman completed her 12 week program with all get numbers in the table! 
    It’s interesting to what can happen when you really trust the process and believe in yourself! So many times we as humans look past the desires of our hearts yet Dr. Billie Casse lost 37% of her body fat in twelve weeks and Shonna two weeks in has showed up for self, lost 8 total inches and in an exited state to complete her 18 week Project C with all ambition to meet Dr. Casse with huge results- she is going for losing half of her body fat!!!!! 
    Check in, as these women tell the inside scoop to how they became, what struggles and challenges they faced and what today means to them! 
    💋 Camie Cragg

    • 1 hr 5 min
    What is Project C?

    What is Project C?

    What is Project C? 
    A program that is inspired by the medicine of motion, nutrition, mental health, self care, among detoxing from the past life of toxic habits, negative thinking and survival! 
    We have generated in the most organic way, through experience, a way to thrive in a program that is authentic to each individual! Surfacing details about each individual is where the self discovery starts in Project C- finally once and for all one can become their best self because they took the Chance to make the Choice to be the Change! 
    We apply this program on a solo basis, 12-14-16 week and even sometimes 18 weeks of practicing discipline to become knowing that it will be a challenge, there will be flawed moments/days, yet there can be and will be a change because you deserve it! We strive to showcase a way to live vs a moment in time (quick fix) as the mind, body and soul transformation shows what success can look like beyond any materials of this world- we believe that the greatest piece of success that one can have is within their own hearts desires presented because of their own devoted actions every day, every week, every month, every year to live a better internal well being which in time will always express itself outwardly! 
    Tune in to today’s episode on exactly what is Project C and don’t forget to check out the episode right after this one of a current Project C client and also a newly accomplished Project C client- their mindset along with results all because their trusted the process & most of all believed in themselves! 
    Email: Camie@camiecraggfitness.com for further information about online or onsite options for Project C- 
    Be a risk taker, breathe, believe and become. 
    Camie Cragg

    • 37 min
    Dissecting Anxiety & Depression Through the Eyes of Kelley Perotti

    Dissecting Anxiety & Depression Through the Eyes of Kelley Perotti

    Kelley Perotti has always been a positive person, glass half full, free spirited & a little scatterbrained. 
    Little did she know this year, change was before her. Looking back Kelley can see the signs of change yet it wasn’t till l February 2021 she found herself in a dark place. Dark as in, she was in a place of negative thoughts overtaking her day which took her to a space that she did not wanted to be a part of any longer. 
    Kelley was scared! She had friends in life that have struggled with anxiety & depression all of their life & here she was only dealing with it this past year as it truly was overwhelming such and awful feeling. She knew she needed to make a change & find help, which is some thing that’s very hard for her to do. Low & behold she reached out to her healthcare provider close friends & found her way to the Brain Health Restoration with Dr. Zavala.
    Kelley shares her full story in this episode about anxiety & depression and also a few words from her to you! 
    “I hope that sharing my story can encourage one person or help one person to maybe research what Brain Health Restoration can offer you! I am so thankful for the friends and family around me who loved me no matter what, that is unconditional love. You never know how somebody’s feeling, let’s remember to have a grace & compassion for others & be loving & kind. If you notice a friend or a family member not behaving like themselves reach out make sure they’re OK let them know you are there for them & that they are loved!"
    Camie & Kelley Perotti

    • 1 hr
    Planning To Live Your Life Your Way

    Planning To Live Your Life Your Way

    Many people feel as if they're lost in this world. They work hard but they don't seem to get anywhere worthwhile.
    A key reason that some may feel this way is that they haven't spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven't set themselves set-desired goals.
    I truly believe that goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.
    The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts.
    You'll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you to be in full procrastination mode!
    Learn about different SMART ways to set goals.
    Ask yourself questions like why would you set goals, how are you going to achieve them, and in what areas of your life.
    I’m so excited to be with you and immerse ourselves in things they need to be talked about, need to be written down and need to be accomplished!
    Because the desires of your heart are real yet they only become real with action behind them!
    Xoxo 💋
    Camie Cragg

    • 1 hr 10 min

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4.9 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

tracytruthseeker❤️ ,

Friends and connections!!

Love this one so much! But it was also sad, because I struggle with this a little bit , loneliness is real even if you have people around you!! Connection ,chemistry is key! I tell my husband this all the time ... I need more connection, luckily I do have a wonderful sister, and 3 sister-law’s and a friend from when I was young, but they don’t live here! Grateful for that!! Loved the podcast camie, you’ve really grown!!❤️

CCharmed ,

Motivated and Iconic

I love how real Camie is. She has evolved into an empowering women who shows you can be strong and feminine. Also there is strength in vulnerability. Can’t wait to hear what she brings to the podcast next.

tdad27 ,

Bald is beautiful

Her straightforward brightness is exactly the way she is. There’s a humbleness in her sincerity that makes you feel comfortable and safe to consider the ideas expressed.

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