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Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society's most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it's a dynamic journey. Purpose 360 is a masterclass in unlocking the power of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. Host Carol Cone brings decades of social impact expertise and a 360-degree view of integrating social purpose into an organization into unfiltered conversations that illuminate today's big challenges and bigger ideas.

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Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society's most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it's a dynamic journey. Purpose 360 is a masterclass in unlocking the power of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. Host Carol Cone brings decades of social impact expertise and a 360-degree view of integrating social purpose into an organization into unfiltered conversations that illuminate today's big challenges and bigger ideas.

    Unlocking Workforce Neurodiversity with Ultranauts

    Unlocking Workforce Neurodiversity with Ultranauts

    Even with a supportive family and access to quality education, opportunities for meaningful and inclusive work can be scarce for people with disabilities once they reach adulthood. The transition from school to the workforce is often overlooked, exposing a systemic failure to provide equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of cognitive or physical ability. 
    Ultranauts, a company born from a recognition that cognitive diversity could lead to strategic business success, embodies the transformative power of leveraging neurodiversity in the workforce. The company’s approach defies conventional hiring practices by prioritizing abilities over society’s perceived limitations. By recognizing the unique talents inherent in neurodiverse individuals, Ultranauts not only addresses a glaring market gap and conducts a profitable technology company (with a Net Promoter Score of 100), but has also pioneered a model of inclusive employment for other companies to implement. 
    We invited Rajesh Anandan, Co-Founder of Ultranauts, to discuss the company’s founding and how its model has proven to be effective for both employees and customers, proving that inclusion isn't just a buzzword, but a strategic imperative for business success. 
    Listen for insights on:
    The business value of cognitive diversity in work teamsMisconceptions that burden neurodiverse adultsStrategies to drive greater inclusion between employees, regardless of cognitive diversity Resources + Links:
    Rajesh Anandan’s LinkedInAbout UltranautsUltranauts Case StudiesUniversal WorkplaceTeamX
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:13) - Ultranauts • Rajesh Anandan
    (02:21) - Meet Rajesh
    (09:10) - Mission
    (10:08) - What Is Neurodivergent?
    (11:20) - Hiring Using Cognitive Diversity
    (12:40) - Key Benefits
    (14:57) - Customers
    (16:47) - Why Hire Neurodivergent Persons?
    (18:23) - Universal Workplace
    (26:46) - Last Word
    (31:07) - Wrap Up

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    The Value of Values with Daniel Aronson

    The Value of Values with Daniel Aronson

    Does acting on values hurt the bottom line? According to Daniel Aronson, Founder and CEO of Valutus, the answer is no—in fact, the converse is true. In his new book, The Value of Values, Daniel shows that making ethical choices can actually increase a company's profits and competitive advantage, often without much extra cost or risk.
    Using research and real-world examples, Daniel explains that the true business value of ethical actions—like taking strong steps to fight climate change, supporting job seekers, or creating an inclusive workplace—is higher than most people think. He finds that these actions can bring returns four to ten times greater than expected. 
    Daniel joins host Carol Cone to talk about The Value of Values and how the book can help business leaders improve profits, gain customers, and advance their careers by making ethical choices. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to lead with integrity in today’s business world. 
    Listen for insights on:
    Three primary perceived obstacles to investing in valuesQuantifying values-driven investments for customers, operations, risk reduction, and employeesSteps to take as a sustainability employee to bring concrete and relevant data to the CFO Resources + Links:
    Daniel Aronson’s LinkedInThe Value of ValuesCurated Valuation Resources for Purpose 360 Listeners OnlyValutus
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:13) - Value of Values Book with Daniel Aronson
    (01:43) - Daniel and Valutus
    (03:35) - Why Write It?
    (06:20) - Eureka Moment
    (07:39) - Showing There Was Value
    (09:25) - Submerged Value
    (11:19) - List of Submerged Values
    (13:37) - Proving the Submerged Value
    (14:36) - Financial Outcomes
    (17:01) - The Values Are Left Off Spreadsheets
    (19:07) - Why Quantify Values
    (20:36) - Daniel’s Favorite Case
    (23:56) - Response
    (24:43) - Making the Case for Values
    (27:17) - Optimism / Pessimism
    (29:08) - Last Thoughts
    (30:21) - Purpose and AI

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    “The Profiteers” with Christopher Marquis

    “The Profiteers” with Christopher Marquis

    We are facing a tragedy of the commons — and have been for a while. At worst, businesses are taking advantage of the planet and society and aren’t holding themselves fully responsible for the damage they are doing. When companies release excessive carbon into the air or keep wages low, the resulting environmental damage and societal burdens are paid for by the average citizen and the taxpayer. 
    Christopher Marquis explores this reality in his new book, The Profiteers. He explains the systemic issues underlying today's most pressing global challenges, from climate change to inequality, shedding light on the ways in which businesses privatize gains while socializing costs. But at the heart of Marquis's work lies a call to action for leaders across sectors to embrace a new vision of business. The Profiteers serves not only as a wake-up call to the inherent flaws of our current system but provides a roadmap for a more sustainable and equitable future. 
    We invited Christopher Marquis, Cambridge University professor and author of other books (including Mao and Markets: The Communist Roots of Chinese Enterprise and Better Business: How the B Corp Movement Is Remaking Capitalism), to discuss how The Profiteers exposes the hidden toll of environmental damage, low wages, and systemic discrimination, calling for a paradigm shift in business practices. 
    Listen for insights on:
    The exploitation of the “the commons” by businessesHow governance alignment can help corporate sustainability efforts succeedExamples of creative thinking that led to social and environmental innovation Resources + Links:
    Christopher Marquis’ LinkedInThe ProfiteersPurpose 360: Igniting the B Corp Movement with Chris MarquisPurpose 360: Open Hiring for Wide Open Dreams with Greyston
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:11) - The Profiteers Book
    (02:16) - Chris’ Background
    (05:16) - Book’s Genesis
    (08:34) - The Problem
    (13:35) - Public Commons – Who Pays the Costs?
    (15:27) - Regulation
    (16:48) - Danone
    (19:15) - Employees as Lever
    (20:30) - Other Stand Outs
    (27:27) - The Playbook to Recreate Our Economic System
    (30:53) - Purpose and AI
    (32:08) - Why Buy This Book?
    (33:12) - Last Thoughts
    (33:29) - Wrap Up

    • 35 min
    You Need Gen Z at the Table with Ziad Ahmed

    You Need Gen Z at the Table with Ziad Ahmed

    Gen Z is an important stakeholder for companies: they're powerful consumers, passionate activists, and many are already part of the workforce. But when it comes to engaging Gen Z, older generations are the ones studying them—and deciding what will work best. 
    This felt counterproductive to 16-year-old Ziad Ahmed, who questioned why decisions about his generation were being made without them. And so Ziad founded JUV Consulting in 2016—when he and his co-founders were still teenagers—to help companies make decisions and create campaigns with diverse Gen Zers at the table. 
    We invited Ziad to speak about how, eight years later, JUV Consulting has created purpose-driven and inclusive campaigns for top companies, driven by the belief that the future revolves around co-creation, community, and challenging conventions. 
    Since this conversation was recorded, JUV Consulting was acquired by United Talent Agency. 
    Listen for insights on:
    The fundamental topics and methods to engage Gen ZFinding common ground across generationsInvesting in and engaging Gen Z influencers Resources + Links:
    Ziad Ahmed’s LinkedInUTA Acquires JUV ConsultingZiad Ahmed on EarnedCoachtopiaJUV Consulting’s Pro-Living Campaign
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:13) - JUV Consulting's Ziad Ahmed
    (02:48) - Who is Ziad?
    (04:21) - Getting Gen Z in the Room
    (06:46) - JUV Consulting
    (08:45) - Their Purpose
    (10:18) - Key Issues
    (12:17) - Impact
    (14:06) - Convincing Their Teams
    (15:23) - Coachtopia
    (18:30) - Developing Strong Relationships
    (19:02) - Z Confrontation
    (19:45) - Another Example
    (20:32) - Influencers
    (23:52) - Saying ‘No’
    (24:01) - Pro-Living
    (27:17) - Messaging in a Political Year
    (28:43) - Last Word
    (30:14) - Wrap Up

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    Good for the Great Outdoors with Johnson Outdoors

    Good for the Great Outdoors with Johnson Outdoors

    "If a check would fix the problem, I would've written that check already," said Sam Johnson, founder of Johnson Outdoors. These words embody the company's ethos founded with a reverence for nature and a commitment to its preservation. Since its inception, Johnson Outdoors has steadfastly safeguarded the outdoors while nurturing consumers’ passion for outdoor adventure and enjoyment.
    At the heart of Johnson Outdoors' success lies an unwavering commitment to its founding principles. As a family company, its leadership understands and protects the company’s values and purpose. As an employer, the company hires individuals who share this deep-rooted respect for nature, helping foster a culture united in environmental stewardship and a love for spending time outdoors.
    We invited Connor Leipold, Johnson Outdoors Spokesman and SCUBAPRO Brand Manager, to share his insights. This initiative continues to inspire and empower outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, demonstrating our collective commitment to preserving the natural wonders that serve as our playground.
    Listen for insights on:
    How tapping into employee passions can inspire innovationSurpassing goals in the consumer and employee-driven Clean Earth ChallengeIdentifying like-minded partnerships and creating innovative preservation solutionsResources + Links:
    Connor Leipold’s LinkedInJohnson Outdoors’ 54-year historyClean Earth ChallengeCoral Reef Restoration with Mote
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:13) - Johnson Outdoors • Connor Leipold
    (02:43) - Meet Connor
    (04:24) - Brands and Divisions
    (05:43) - Innovation in Products and Programs
    (07:39) - Their Purpose
    (09:19) - Legacy and Environment
    (11:34) - Superior Design, Low Environmental Impact
    (13:05) - Clean Earth Challenge
    (16:40) - Success Stories
    (19:17) - Partnerships
    (21:33) - Lessons Learned
    (24:59) - Sustainability Pillars
    (26:29) - Relationship with Mote
    (29:40) - Advice for Listeners
    (31:09) - Last Word
    (32:46) - Wrap Up

    • 34 min
    Saving Lives Beyond Medicine with Eli Lilly

    Saving Lives Beyond Medicine with Eli Lilly

    At the heart of Eli Lilly's purpose lies a deep understanding: their insulin is more than just a product—it’s essential for peoples’ health and survival.
    This purpose, to unite caring with discovery to create medicines that make life better for people around the world, is embedded deeply within the organization. The company focuses on ensuring their medicines are inclusive to all patients by investing in clinical testing diversity and removing obstacles that might prevent patients from accessing their medicine—both at and beyond the pharmacy counter. And, to ensure patients have reliable access to life-saving medications for years to come, Eli Lilly has invested $100 million towards achieving climate goals by 2030. Through this commitment, Eli Lilly is not only safeguarding the planet but reaffirming the company’s dedication to the well-being of every individual who relies on their medicines.
    We invited Jim Greffet, Head of ESG Strategy at Eli Lilly, to explain how the company’s environmental and social commitments are grounded in purpose strategy, as well as how the company helps its employees lead purposeful careers.
    Listen for insights on:
    Purpose’s role in long-term strategyImproving health outcomes through philanthropic investmentsUnderstanding equity and inclusion at your company through the “employee journey”Inspiring employees to identify environmental solutions and investing in themResources + Links:
    Jim Greffet’s LinkedInESG at Eli LillyLilly 30x30
    (00:00) - Welcome to Purpose 360
    (00:13) - Eli Lilly
    (02:06) - Meet Jim Greffet
    (04:00) - A Day in the Life
    (06:53) - Purpose Statement
    (08:20) - Diabetes
    (09:04) - Living the Value of Accessibility
    (13:35) - Measuring and Scaling
    (14:22) - Local Investment
    (15:43) - DEI
    (17:31) - Level Up
    (20:34) - Societal Changes to DEI
    (21:58) - DEI and Supply Chain
    (23:00) - Environment
    (26:39) - Lightning Questions
    (28:46) - Last Words
    (29:55) - Wrap Up

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Longtime PR Professional ,

Treasure Trove of Examples of How Purpose is Driving Business

As a longtime PR professional working in corporate America, I wholeheartedly recommend the Purpose 360 podcast. The show’s set of insightful interviews brilliantly explore different examples of how purpose is igniting business and social impact. Each episode leaves me optimistic and full of ideas! This podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the dynamic interplay between business success and social responsibility.

Ferryla ,

Interesting, insightful - best podcast on business and purpose

As a practitioner for over 25 years this is my go-to podcast for the latest information and expertise on business and purpose. Carol interviews leading experts with both knowledge and real-world application of the foundational tenants of purpose and business. She has been a leading voice on this topic for decades and an advisor to corporate executives globally. I highly recommend making this a regular listen on your podcast schedule.

Sesalerno ,

Must listen for purpose and social impact biz

This is a must listen podcast for anyone in the social impact space and business leaders looking for guidance on infusing purpose into business strategy. Brava Carol and team!

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