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The QAA Membership Podcast series hosts discussions on some of the biggest issues facing higher education institutions. 

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The QAA Membership Podcast series hosts discussions on some of the biggest issues facing higher education institutions. 

    Competence-based education

    Competence-based education

    In this episode, Dr Kerr Castle introduces a discussion of how the core concepts of competence-based education compare with those of more traditional educational models and how the purposes of assessment might be reimagined through competence-based education. 
    He is joined by Mike Ewen, the Head of the Teaching Academy at the University of Hull, along with Dr Dom Henri, Senior Lecturer in Zoology, and Dr Andrew Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Education, both also at Hull. They are members of a team that has led a QAA-funded Collaborative Enhancement Project focused on Generating a competence-based education framework.

    The same team have now moved on to develop a new Collaborative Enhancement Project on A Competence-Based Assessment Framework.

    • 54 min
    Enhancing the impact of work-based learners on global issues

    Enhancing the impact of work-based learners on global issues

    In this latest episode we explore ways to enhance the impact of projects carried out by work-based learners – and specifically some of the challenges which part-time students face in combining their academic learning with creating impact from that learning outside of the classroom.  
    During the episode, our contributors introduce a new toolkit designed to equip educators with the knowledge and the confidence needed to embed impact in their curricula, developed through a QAA-funded Collaborative Enhancement Project run by colleagues based at universities in Liverpool, Oxford and Chester. 
    The project is informed by a commitment to sustainable development and to embedding a recognition of the importance of such global issues in the practices and impacts of work-based learning initiatives.

    Dr Kerr Castle leads a full and lively conversation with Professor Tony Wall, Dr Fiona Armstrong-Gibbs, Dr Geena Whiteman and their student Korben Dean-Young from Liverpool John Moores University's Business School, Dr Lisa Rowe from the University of Chester's Business School, and Dr Simon Smith from Oxford Brookes University's Business School.

    To find out more about the project and the launch of the Student Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur (SIE) Toolkit, visit the QAA website.

    • 36 min
    Embedding employability

    Embedding employability

    Our latest podcast explores the challenges we face in embedding employability in our curricula, and the kinds of strategies and support that can benefit both educators and their students. 
    To address these issues, we take a look at a new toolkit focusing on pedagogy, assessment and curriculum content, designed to help students gain the knowledge, skills and experience they need to transition into their lives and careers after HE.

    That toolkit was developed through a QAA-funded Collaborative Enhancement Project examining Inclusive Employability Development through the Curriculum – a project supported by our podcast's guest contributors, Aranee Manoharan, Senior Associate Director for Careers & Employability at King's College London, and Gemma Kenyon, Head of Careers at City, University of London. The podcast is chaired by QAA's Dr Kerr Castle.

    The project team will also be hosting an in-person launch event on 15 April. More information about this event will be added to the project webpage shortly.

    • 37 min
    The rewards of collaborative observation

    The rewards of collaborative observation

    In this latest episode, teaching staff and students from Loughborough University and Birmingham City University (BCU) come together to discuss the opportunities for enhancing the student learning experiences offered by a new collaborative observation project they’ve been engaged in.  
    The podcast is chaired by QAA's Dr Kerr Castle, who observes that this Collaborative Enhancement Project has been grounded in a sense of humanity and practicality which seems especially appealing in the current HE environment. 
    The project lead is Professor Matt O’Leary, Director of the Education Research Centre at BCU. Participants in the project – and in the podcast – also include Holly Pickford and Alistair Bardwell (lecturers in Health Sciences at BCU), Simran Gohil and Nikki Godridge (students in Health Sciences at BCU), and Dr Laura Jenkins and Dr Yanning Yang (university teachers in Psychology and Computer Science at Loughborough). 
    Professor O'Leary explains that "the essence of this project is that we have a collaboration between staff and students working as equals – as partners – through the vehicle of a cycle of collaborative observation."  
    The project has promoted opportunities for participants to reflect on their experiences of learning together and how these reflections have affected their overall understanding of their subject areas.

    You can find out more about this QAA-funded Collaborative Enhancement Project by visiting our website.

    • 36 min
    Exploring multimodality in higher education

    Exploring multimodality in higher education

    In this latest episode of the QAA Membership Podcast, Dr Kerr Castle (Quality Enhancement and Standards Specialist) explores multimodality in higher education with the team behind the QAA-funded Collaborative Enhancement Project, Harnessing Multimodality in Higher Education.
    The episode features Professor Sam Elkington (Professor of Learning and Teaching at Teesside University); Professor Andrew Middleton (Professor of Active Learning and Deputy Head of Anglia Learning & Teaching at Anglia Ruskin University); Maggie Gibson (Head of Learner Development at Birmingham City University); Jimmy Lo (University Learning Technologist at University of Greenwich). 
    The podcast discusses what multimodality is in the context of higher education and how best to harness it in teaching, learning and assessment to support the student experience and success. 

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    • 46 min
    Towards neuro-inclusivity

    Towards neuro-inclusivity

    In this instalment, Dr Kerr Castle (Quality Enhancement & Standards Specialist, QAA) sits down with Liss Chard-Hall (Specialist Study Skills Tutor) and Dr Graeme Pedlingham (Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor – Student Experience, University of Sussex) to chat about neuro-inclusivity. 
    Specifically, they chat about what the hidden curriculum can look like for neurotypical and neurodivergent students, the kinds of support available to neurodivergent students currently, and how artificial intelligence might be used to enhance learning journeys and bridge barriers.
    As mentioned in the episode, you might also like to explore our work around supporting successful student transitions, which offers positive approaches and practical solutions to help support transitions to and through higher education. 

    • 56 min

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