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Adventures in Art, Music and Technology. A Frankensound podcast presented by Roly Skender. Quantum Rabbit tells true stories, diving deep into creative ideas and the people behind them.

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Adventures in Art, Music and Technology. A Frankensound podcast presented by Roly Skender. Quantum Rabbit tells true stories, diving deep into creative ideas and the people behind them.

    Art of AI and Machine

    Art of AI and Machine

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, painting robots and self-driving cars. Where is it all heading? and will the artist survive? A discussion with the makers of the documentary film, Machine with director Justin Krook, co-writer/producer Luke Mazzaferro, automated driving specialist Miklos Kiss and artist Pindar Van Arman.

    Written, spoken and produced by Roly Skender.

    Info on the film from the website - www.machine.movie

    MACHINE is a film about Artificial Intelligence – the most radical new technology of our time. What is AI, how is it created and what will it mean for the way we work, play, live and learn? What will happen when we’re no longer the smartest ones on the planet? And who, if anyone, is controlling the rise of this new technology?

    MACHINE talks to world-renowned experts, the people who are creating, researching and controlling this new technology. Story chapters address many of the key issues at stake – AI companions, the dilemma of driverless cars, autonomous warfare, using AI to create human super-intelligence and the very real possibility of a Robot Apocalypse. At times optimistic, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring, MACHINE looks not only at the practical applications of AI, but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments.

    MACHINE is directed by Justin Krook and produced by the team behind Chef’s Table.

    • 25 min


    There’s at least three different types of ideas that I could imagine making next for this podcast.

    On one side, there’s the perfect one. It would probably be a 2-4 hour multi-part series. A dreamy exploration into a previously unknown space. It’s kind of dark, but in a comfortable way, with some serious emotional punch, most likely at the end.

    On the other side is the second type of idea I might consider making. It’s a bit more old-school. Bright, lively 20-30 minute conversations. It would feature open-ended interviews with interesting people, sharing of knowledge… but I’m not so sure that’s where I want to go right now.

    The third type of podcast I might make, is the one that takes you on a very short journey to somewhere unknown. It may be as simple as going up a staircase. It’s a 5-10 minute experience that provides a different perspective on the world, before returning back to where it started.

    Today’s episode is one of these third type of ideas. It’s a story called Gatekeepers. I hope you enjoy it.

    • 9 min
    Livecast Love Letter

    Livecast Love Letter

    A hot bath leads to a podcast adventure like no other. Livecast is a live audio streaming platform released by Castbox in April 2019. This episode explores some of the surprising characters, interactions and relationships formed since its inception. Could live audio chatting be the throwback future of social media?

    Special Thanks - JoshuaH, MichaelS, BbKaye, Ashton and the Livecast Community, plus Gene Woo and the Castbox team.

    Written, spoken and produced by Roly Skender.
    Music by Roly Skender except 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' cover by BbKaye.

    Castbox/Livecast - www.castbox.fm
    BbKaye on Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCy-ER5qrVIXKf09okgzAYTQ
    The Livecast (Something Like a Song) Workshop - www.castbox.fm/vb/178175658

    • 31 min
    Modded Art with Alan Butler

    Modded Art with Alan Butler

    Irish, Dublin based artist Alan Butler likes to break things and make things, including a shot-for-shot recreation of Godfrey Reggio's 1983 visual masterpiece, Koyaanisqatsi, which features a haunting soundtrack by Philip Glass. Meanwhile, in the same visual universe, Detective Chang makes a complicated arrest.

    Special thanks to Alan Butler - http://www.alanbutler.info
    Check out Mr Chang at Twitch.tv/Lord_Kebun

    • 18 min
    The Corrick Collection and The Man that Walked Backwards

    The Corrick Collection and The Man that Walked Backwards

    A step backwards with a family of travelling performers who left a moving legacy for the appreciation of all over 100 years later. Special thanks to Sally Jackson, The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Mr Shade and the Marvellous Corricks.

    The Corrick's on the NFSA Website

    Highlights from the Corrick Collection

    Street Scenes of Perth (1907) - featuring the man walking backwards.

    • 16 min
    Fringe World... It's Complicated

    Fringe World... It's Complicated

    This episode takes a candid look at the Perth Fringe World Festival through the eyes of Artists and audiences. The event grew exponentially in a relatively short space of time, from a pilot program in 2011 of 23 events. By 2018 it had become the third biggest Fringe Festival in the world. A range of interviews and discussions explore how the Festival benefits audiences and the arts community, and in the case of a venue hub called Noodle Palace, how it also has the potential to go terribly wrong. As you’ll see... It’s complicated.

    Thanks to the voices of Magnus Danger Magnus, Clara Cupcakes, Logy (Logy on Fire), Georgia Deguara (Yuck Circus), Ralph McCubbin Howell & Hannah Smith (Troll), Tomás Ford, plus audience folks - Simon and Selena, Travis and James.

    Special thanks to Alisa Voss (vocals) and Izaac Masters (piano) on 'Ave Maria'.

    Sound design by Frankensound.
    Written, spoken and produced by Roly Skender.

    • 44 min

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