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“Retired Law enforcement officer Alpha Mike, and his roster of superhero co-host team up to share their amazing life experiences. The conventional and unconventional way. Join us every week to discuss the Police state in America. “

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“Retired Law enforcement officer Alpha Mike, and his roster of superhero co-host team up to share their amazing life experiences. The conventional and unconventional way. Join us every week to discuss the Police state in America. “

    Sandino #284

    Sandino #284

    Date: Jan 11, 2023
    Host Alpha Mike
    Episode #284
    Notes “Sandino”Topics:
    1. Republicans in Congress 2. Biden on secret documents 3. The whining conservative media  4. National Law Enforcement appreciation Day Jan 105. Covid 19 6. What is bad is good, and what is good is bad  7. “Sandino” Genovese Family Alessandro Pandolfo Naples 1892 advisor to Anthony Strollo aka tony bender 8. Tony Bender 9. John 5:29 10. Up next: Up next: #285 Jan 18 ‘The Media” , #286 Jan 25The Optic, & 287 I’m feeling good Feb 1, 2023.

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    Welcome 2023 #283

    Welcome 2023 #283

    Date: 01-05-23
    Host: Alpha Mike
    Episode# 283
    Subject: “Welcome to 2023
    Summary: #283 season 6 of Raider-Cop Podcast.  
    1. What’s up in 2023 season 6
    2. What in heaven’s name is happing in the swamp
    3. God Bless America 
    1.Hit or miss on the podcast, now what. 
    2.The line up (current events, law enforcement, mafia, guns, wellness & the Word all in each episode. 
    3.When: every week (mostly weds) 
    4.New Co-host, M&M 
    5.One website: RaiderCop.Com 
    6.Social Media: TruthSocial, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Parler, Gettr, 
    7.What’s Happening in the Swamp
    8.God Bless America
    9.Jeremiah 29:11 
    10.Up next: #284 Jan 11 “The Media” , #285  Jan 18 The Optic, & 286 I’m feeling good Jan 25. 
    Pistol Pete the Gunsmith, Kilo Sierra’s Firearms Training or Investigation: Sepulveda inc: Raider-Cop Podcast & Alpha Mike#JailsLASD #CACorrections #MDCR #NYPD #LAPD #LASD #MDPD #MPD #NYSP #NJSP #LVPD #Security #HCSO #PBSO #BSO #OCSO #PCSO #SFPD #DPD #HPD #SAPD #LCSO #FMPD #CCSO #NYC #NYCDOC #NJDOC #PPD #SLPD #CPD #TestEverything @RaiderCopNation #RaiderCopNation #TrainUp #o9TG #WiseGuySeries #TrainUpSeries #RollCallSeries #ThinkOuttaDaBox #SideBarSeries #TheWord #Buccaneer #RaiderCopPodcast #BeLikeJack #Corrections #RaiderCop #EmpanadaLadiesOfGeorgiaYoutube Free Music: Triumph by Yung Logos, Rodeo Show by The Green Orbs, Minor Blues for Booker E’s Jammy Jams, Happy Birthday Mambo, by E’s Jammy James. The Awakening Patrick jazz Space, The Current Blues, Blue Infusion, Front Porch Blues, Crazy Blues, Midnight Special, Super Blues, Bright Eyed Blues, Bleeker Street Blues, Olde Salooner Blues, Miles Beyond, D.J. Freedem, Causmic, Verified Picasso, Coyote Hearing, Diamond Ortiz, Nico Staf Brooklyn & The Bridge,PatrikiosMusic: I'm Back by Eye of the beholder.

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    Real Time Policing #282

    Real Time Policing #282

    Date: Nov 30, 2022
    Episode: #282
    Host: Alpha Mike 
    Subject: Law Enforcement Program 
    Word: Ephesians 6: 11-14 
    Summary: Real Time Policing: Mission is to provide a law enforcement agency with the ability to capitalize on a wide and expanding range of technologies for efficient and effective policing. With a quick response to crime with resources at the ready. Staff both sworn and civilian work the command center. Armed with information on high crime areas, such as maps, criminal data records, cameras, social media, tag readers and much more. Staff analysis is conducted while officers are responding to the crime within 3 to 5 mins. The RTCC may very depending on agency resources. All actions conducted by the Real Time Policing center is the start of the phenomenological role of the incident. 
    Up Next: Duty Weapon, Tactical, Sidearm #283

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    Fusion Center #281

    Fusion Center #281

    Date: Nov 23, 2022
    Episode: 281
    Host: Alpha Mike 
    Word: Ecclesiastes 4-1-3
    Subject: Fusion Center 
    Primary Purpose: To detect, prevent, and prepare for threats to the public, health and safety. 
    Summary: Created after the 9-11 terror attack on America. The Fusion center is  an effort to unify law enforcement agencies on intelligence information. Created with the, "Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act 2004"., each State shall have a single hub of information. Currently 79 Fusion Centers are established nationwide. Fusion Centers operate 24/7. All agencies assigned to the Fusion Center must enter in a memorandum of understanding MOU. Training requirements may be found under 28CFR Part 23 
    Up Next: Real Time Policing #282

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    Priority Response Team #280

    Priority Response Team #280

    Date: Nov 16, 2022
    Episode: 280
    Host: Alpha Mike 
    Word: Titus 2: 2-3
    Subject: Priority Response Team 
    Primary Purpose: To respond to an active shooter, terror threat, or critical situation. Simply, stopping the incident rapidly. 
    Summary: A critical incident response team. Was created after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Is an intermediary team to respond quickly. Fast response from actively on duty . The team is highly trained in tactics, firearms response. Members of the team study their assigned districts, such as schools, churches, malls, etc. They have a different operational objective than, SWAT, ESU, or SRT. The are part of the bigger Homeland Security concept, for those cases that cause terror. 
    Up Next: Nov 23, 2022 "Fusion Center #281

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    ”STOP” Street Terror Offender Program #279

    ”STOP” Street Terror Offender Program #279

    Date: Nov 9, 2022
    Episode: 279
    Host: Alpha Mike 
    Subject: Law Enforcement Program 
    Summary: "STOP" Street Terror Offender Program, a law enforcement program fighting crime with Federal laws and resources. This podcast with tell you what to look for in the law enforcement agency that serves you. 

    • 34 min

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4.2 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Almartinino ,

Raider-Cop Nation

Loving the new name and format

Man of Steel of Miami ,

Great show!

I have listened to a bunch of shows for LEO’s and none of them come close to what Alpha and Mike are bringing to the table. Very informative, motivating program. Well worth the listen.

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