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Large family homemaking and homeschooling encouragement and tips from a mom of 10!

Raising Arrows - Large Family Homeschool Life Amy Roberts

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Large family homemaking and homeschooling encouragement and tips from a mom of 10!

    Changing How We See Sundays

    Changing How We See Sundays

    Are your Sundays anything but restful?  Are you tired of trying to get Sundays "right?"  When you have a lot of kids, Sundays can be hard - getting everyone ready, keeping everyone calm during the service, and then they still expect to eat when you get home!  It's time we changed how we see Sundays and lean into Jesus as our Sabbath rest!
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    Celebrating the Church Year Online Guide
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    • 25 min
    Challenges of Homeschooling Multiple Ages

    Challenges of Homeschooling Multiple Ages

    Homeschooling a lot of different ages and stages presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges.  In today's podcast, we'll walk through several of these with real world solutions!
    Teach your kids to dig into Scripture with games, puzzles, and more in the brand new
    Bible Investigators: Creation! Need help creating a homeschool schedule you can stick to? Take my class!
    Creating a Homeschool Schedule You Love!  
    Resources mentioned:
    How to Add Another Child to Your Homeschool (post) Simple Morning Time (post0 Simple Morning Time (podcast #86) Morning Time with Multiple Ages (post) Independent Schoolwork (post) Teaching Textbooks Large Family Review (post) Secrets for Handling Attitudes in Girls (post) Girls and their Attitudes (podcast #56) How to Parent and Discipline Boys and Their Attitudes (post) Boys and their Attitudes (podcast #54) Homeschooling When Everyone Needs You (post)

    • 21 min
    Balancing Homeschooling and Homemaking

    Balancing Homeschooling and Homemaking

    How do you find time to clean the house while you homeschool? In this podcast, we'll talk about keeping up with the housework and schoolwork using simple routines and systems!
    Useful resources for managing your home and homeschool:
    Creating a Homeschool Schedule You Love (ecourse) Home Management for the Homeschool Mom (book) Other resources mentioned:
    How Many Hours Does It Take to Homeschool? (post or podcast #26) One Day House Cleaning (Home Blessing) - post Cleaning with Children Podcast Series: #46-49 Mega Laundry Post Morning Routine Table Chores Morning Time Teaching Your Kids to Work Independently 15 Minute Tidy Up Evening Routine

    • 17 min
    Living the Liturgical Year as a Protestant Family

    Living the Liturgical Year as a Protestant Family

    How to use the Christian Church Year to focus your heart and mind on Christ as year long!
    Get my Liturgical Calendar Guide for Protestant Families HERE!
    use code: LITRURGY10 for 10% off!
    FREE Liturgical Calendar Wheel - https://raisingarrows.net/liturgical-church-year-protestant-family/
    Resources mentioned:
    Celebrating the Biblical Feasts by Martha Zimmerman Celebrating the Christian Year by Martha Zimmerman Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp Living the Christian Year Devotional by Bobby Gross Podcast #28 - Having a REAL Sabbath Rest Emily's Story Christmas Homeschool Ideas Free Easter Devotionals for Children

    • 20 min
    Losing the Baby Weight

    Losing the Baby Weight

    My personal journey of losing and gaining and losing again throughout 20 years of multiple pregnancies.
    Resources mentioned:
    My Diastasis Recti Journey - Healing my Core Emily's Story

    • 31 min
    How to Adjust Homeschool Methods for a Large Family

    How to Adjust Homeschool Methods for a Large Family

    Your favorite homeschooling method may not fit your large family, but a few small adjustments can work wonders!  In this episode, Amy shares how to tweak 5 popular homeschooling methods to make them work for a large family.
    Get the ebooklet mentioned in this episode!
    How to Make Any Curriculum Work for Your Family
    Resources mentioned:
    Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in 18 Easy Step-by-Step Lessons (ebook) Notebooking for the Large Family (post) Tapestry of Grace (page on Raising Arrows) How to Have a Jubilee Homeschooling Year (post) Music In Our Homeschool (online learning platform) Morning Time with Multiple Ages (post) Karen Andreola's books Julia Rothman's "Anatomy" books Related Podcasts:
    Podcast #124 - Taking a Jubilee Homeschool Year Podcast #70 - How to Use Workbooks to Lighten Your Homeschool Load

    • 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
284 Ratings

284 Ratings

rabon92213 ,

Encouragement for every mom

Love this podcast - easy to listen too, but also super grounded in the word. Very relatable and encouraging at the same time. Seriously feels like sitting down with a cup of coffee and talking life, God, and parenting with a dear friend.

dixiedarlinks ,


I have been so blessed by this podcast, especially the episode about being a stress free homeschool mom. I can’t thank you enough.

erinalene ,

Bite-sized bits of wisdom!

I really enjoy this podcast. The episodes are simple, short, and super practical. But they are not shallow! Some great bite-sized bits of wisdom here. There is just the right amount of information for me to be able to digest it in a snippet of time while folding laundry or walking, and then actually apply it. Amy presents good and beautiful ideas but she is super relatable and not fussy.

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