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A weekly podcast featuring the top three stories from Regnum Christi

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A weekly podcast featuring the top three stories from Regnum Christi

    Episode One Hundred One

    Episode One Hundred One

    A Boat Priest: How Escape and Survival Led to the Priesthood

    "Why did God spare my life and not the lives of others?” “What does he want from me?" These are the questions that Father Chan Dinh, LC, asked himself as a young child living in a Thai refugee camp, and they are the same questions that lead him to giving his life to the priesthood.

    6:29 Advent—A New Season

    Another Advent is upon us! Ever darker grow the winter days (at least up here in the northern hemisphere), but new light is coming as the Church launches out on a new adventure—a new liturgical year.

    9:05 Regnum Christi Federation Announces Kerrie Rivard as New Director of Marketing and Communications

    Gail Gore and Kerrie Rivard have worked closely together to build a team that has established many new tools to help Regnum Christi to flourish and share the mission across the territory, including the Regnum Christi Daily Meditations newsletters and podcasts, which reach an audience of over 100,000 people every month; the new RC English App; the RC This Week, Special Announcements, and EQUIP newsletters; a growing digital and social media presence on multiple platforms; new print materials for sharing the RC identity and mission with the Church at large; and tools like a Marketing & Communications mentoring program and video tutorials to help localities and members communicate the mission more effectively.

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    Episode One Hundred!

    Episode One Hundred!

    The Gift of a Gratitude Adjustment

    Gratitude lets us experience our daily reality in a different way. We see more deeply into our lives, into the world around us, and into the hearts of other people, getting past the superficial and circumstantial, discovering hidden treasures. Kerrie Rivard offers five of them.

    5:12 A Seeming Contradiction

    Nicole Buchholz says there is nothing as hard as getting bad news close to the holidays. Yesterday in the United States we celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving. The daily readings, however, are all about the end times, yet the psalm is joyful and invites us to joy and thanksgiving. It seems to be a contradiction.

    9:02 An Attitude of Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is just behind us (in the United States), and this year it coincided with the last liturgical week in Ordinary Time. It was a perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the Lord’s blessings over the liturgical year in order to help us either fortify or regain an attitude of gratitude and get ready to start Advent.

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    Episode Ninety-Nine

    Episode Ninety-Nine

    Plenary Indulgence for RC Members on Christ the King

    The Holy Father has granted the entire Regnum Christi family, in its various vocations, a plenary indulgence on the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe. Find out more about it here.

    2:51 Patron Saints for Parents

    There are many saints and holy people that Holly Gustafson has met and learned from over years of seeking saintly advice while doing the hard work of accompanying five children into early adulthood. If you’re also finding yourself in the midst of the messiness or parenthood, here are some saints who might help.

    8:11 A Triduum of Forgiveness

    At a recent Evening for Married Couples, Fr Daniel Ray, LC, shared principles for forgiving as a process which does not depend on the other party asking for forgiveness, but instead simply requires us to stand next to Jesus with our arms outstretched.

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    Episode Ninety-Eight

    Episode Ninety-Eight

    Letter from the General Directive College

    In preparation for the Feast of Christ the King, the General Directive College of Regnum Christi has written a letter to all Regnum Christi members.

    4:10 Global Novena to Christ the King

    Join over 20,000 Regnum Christi members world wide in this novena in preparation for the feast of Christ the King!

    7:46 Time, Space and Silence to Encounter Christ on the Shores of Galilee

    Three years ago, when Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, Kathleen Nichols, began her six-year assignment in Magdala – the hometown of Mary Magdalene on the shores of Galilee – she had no idea of the immense challenges and changes that she was about to encounter. But it's no wonder, since Magdala itself is a place founded on God’s mysterious and surprising generosity.

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    Episode Ninety-Seven

    Episode Ninety-Seven

    An All-Ears Synod

    Listening is no small thing—just try not listening to a loved one and see what happens.  So, if the synodal process helps people realize that their voices are heard, that’s promising.

    2:23 Regnum Christi Spotlight Featuring Jill Caridi

    When asked about how being in Regnum Christi has impacted her life, Jill shared that she and her husband went from raising their family in a very secular way to fully embracing the Catholic faith, attending mass every Sunday, and praying the Rosary most evenings.

    7:33 For National Vocations Week: A Message from Fr Dain Scherber, LC

    I consider myself the happiest man alive as a beloved of the Lord and pray that I may be a holy, humble priest who listens and loves.

    • 9 min
    Episode Ninety-Six

    Episode Ninety-Six

    A Place Just for You and Him

    On October 25, 1529, St. Thomas More was appointed Lord Chancellor of England. He resigned less than three years later and was executed for treason in 1535 under the same monarch, King Henry VIII, who had appointed him chancellor after admiring him for twelve years. Thomas’ crime? Disagreeing with the king’s insistence on certain things he knew were not the Catholic faith.

    4:33 To Know God Is to Know Peace

    Carving out time to reflect and pray is an ongoing challenge. Managing the legitimate demands of work, school, and family takes effort while resisting distractions requires discipline and self-control. But how can one do it all? To address these common human challenges, Regnum Christi NY Tri-State is offering separate opportunities for men and women to schedule some “quality time” with God.

    8:04 Solemnity of All Saints

    Uncle Eddy gives us a crash course in the origins of All Saints' Day in the hopes that it helps his niece, Pam, keep being a strong Christian on a campus that is so pagan.

    • 12 min

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