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We talk about what is happening in the world of crops, soils, and whatever else Oklahoma producers should be thinking about when it comes to getting the most out of their land.

Red Dirt Agronomy Podcast Brian Arnall Ph.D., Dave Deken, Jason Warren Ph.D., Josh Lofton Ph.D.

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We talk about what is happening in the world of crops, soils, and whatever else Oklahoma producers should be thinking about when it comes to getting the most out of their land.

    Bridging the Gap Between Dietitians & Farmers - RDA 304

    Bridging the Gap Between Dietitians & Farmers - RDA 304

    Exploring the Intersection of Agriculture and Nutrition with Sherry Glazier, the Dirt Road Dietitian
    Sherry Glazier, known affectionately as the Dirt Road Dietitian, brings a unique perspective to the table, combining her deep roots in rural Oklahoma agriculture with her professional expertise in dietetics.

    With years of experience working in hospitals and collaborating with the beef council, Sherry has dedicated herself to bridging the gap between the agricultural world and the field of nutrition.
    Her mission is to educate consumers and future dietitians about where their food comes from and debunk common misconceptions surrounding agriculture and dietary practices.
    In our conversation, we uncover the critical role of agriculture in ensuring a nutritious and sustainable food supply.
    Specifically, we discuss:
    - The importance of connecting dietetic professionals and consumers with the agricultural origins of their food
    - Sherry's efforts in organizing farm tours for dietitians and dietetic interns to foster a deeper understanding of food production
    - Challenges and misconceptions surrounding agricultural practices and their impact on nutrition
    - Strategies for making healthier food choices accessible and convenient, even in rural settings
    - The evolving science of nutrition and the need for a foundational understanding of nutritional knowledge
    - Addressing the public's concerns about food safety and security in the United States compared to other countries
    - The role of social media in spreading awareness and educating the public about agriculture and nutrition

    Join us as we traverse the dirt roads of Oklahoma with Sherry Glazier, gaining invaluable insights into the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and nutrition and learning how we can make informed choices about the food we eat and how it's produced.

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    Oklahoma's Weather & Water Future - RDA 303

    Oklahoma's Weather & Water Future - RDA 303

    We talked with Wes Lee about the Oklahoma Mesonet and what it has meant to the citizens of Oklahoma, ag producers, and scientists for the past 30 years, and also why it is respected by so many across the United States.

    Can you imagine an Oklahoma where you can know how much water is available BOTH above and below the ground? Dr. Paul Weckler tells us what the Hydronet will mean to Oklahoma's water future.

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    The Legalities of Land: A Guide to Ag Leasing - RDA Episode 302

    The Legalities of Land: A Guide to Ag Leasing - RDA Episode 302

    Crop Update and Agricultural Insights

    The discussion provided an update on wheat crops, noting that due to recent moisture, there has been some of the best statewide fall grazing in years. The grain-only wheat got in timely with good stands, but late zone wheat is still small. There was advice given on nitrogen application timing for different types of wheat crops, emphasizing waiting until after cold weather passes before applying enriched strips or top dressing.

    There was also mention of potential damage to canola due to unusually warm weather followed by freeze flashes. Concerns were raised about larger canola plants being more susceptible to damage. However, no concerns were expressed regarding wheat as it had hardened off sufficiently.

    Input Costs and Weather Impact

    The conversation touched upon input costs not being as steep as in the past and how recent rainfall could make this year advantageous for investing in inputs. However, concerns were raised about pond levels and subsoil moisture not fully rebuilding everywhere despite timely rains.

    Nutrient Mobilization and Soil Management

    Discussion around nutrient mobilization included how fall-applied nitrogen would have converted to nitrate before October due to soil temperatures. The importance of understanding how nutrients move through soil profiles and affect crop coloration was highlighted.

    Agricultural Economics and Leasing Agreements

    Dr. Shannon Ferrell from Oklahoma State University joined the conversation to discuss agricultural economics, particularly focusing on leasing agreements. He emphasized the importance of written leases over oral agreements dating back decades.

    Leases should be clear about parties involved, property description, occupancy terms, rent details, production systems used, responsibilities for inputs and conservation practices.

    Trends towards longer-term leases were noted along with shifts towards cash rent over traditional methods due to landowners' preference for predictable income streams.

    The concept of hybrid lease forms that capture variability in yield or commodity prices was introduced.

    Farm transition planning was discussed as a critical aspect of multigenerational farm operations where clear communication between generations is key for successful land management.

    In conclusion, Dr. Ferrell stressed the value of having detailed written agreements for agricultural leases and encouraged recording these leases in county land records for public notice purposes. He also recommended mediation over litigation for resolving disputes due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to control outcomes through negotiation rather than court decisions.

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    Wheat, Not Weeds. Weed Sciences & Oklahoma - RDA Episode 301

    Wheat, Not Weeds. Weed Sciences & Oklahoma - RDA Episode 301

    We talk with one of Oklahoma State University's new weed scientists, Dr. Liberty Galvin about her approach to building a weed management program for Oklahoma crops.
    We also have information on where to join us for two opportunities to join us for episode recordings in the next week.

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    The Science Behind Leading Plants & Soils RDA Episode 211

    The Science Behind Leading Plants & Soils RDA Episode 211

    We talk with Oklahoma State University's Plant and Soil Sciences Department head, Dr. Wade Thomason about the his work in Virginia and why he moved back to Cowboy country.
    He explains why the PaSS team is one of the best in the business and tells us about an exciting announcement for his department.

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    2024 Oklahoma Wheat - RDA Episode 210

    2024 Oklahoma Wheat - RDA Episode 210

    Oklahoma State University Extension Small Grains Specialist Dr. Amanda Silva has an update on the Oklahoma wheat crop and discusses some of her research into helping future wheat crops thrive across the Southern Great Plains.

    We want to thank our sponsors of this episode; The Oklahoma Wheat Commission & The Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association.

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