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Featuring Hidden Heroes, Mystery History, Mythbusting, High Tech and Groundbreaking Discoveries, Futurists, Emerging Technology, and Usable Life-hacks!


    Ep. 59: Supreme Court: Presidential Crime OK

    Ep. 59: Supreme Court: Presidential Crime OK

    From Los Angeles, Rethinking Heroes with Cary Harrison presents an eye-opening discussion on the recent Supreme Court ruling that grants unprecedented powers of immunity to the sitting President of the United States. This episode dives deep into the implications of the court’s decision, featuring viewpoints from experts in the field, including Professor Francis Boyle, a renowned International Law professor at the University of Illinois and widely published author and globally-recognized legal scholar.
    Exploring the Boundaries of Presidential Power
    The show opens with an introduction by Cary Harrison, setting the stage for a robust exploration of what this ruling means for America, unearthing uncomfortable truths and challenges listener/viewers to grapple with the consequences of such judicial decisions.
    Harrison, recognized for his investigative prowess in journalism, does not shy away from contentious issues. His monologue effectively underscores the gravity of the Supreme Court’s decision. The central question of whether the President of the United States is truly above the law is examined in detail, with historical context and present-day implications considered.
    Supreme Court’s Decision in Trump vs. United States
    Cary Harrison critiques the Supreme Court's decision, describing it as a move that essentially lifts the President to a king-like status. This sentiment is best captured in his recount of Justice Kavanaugh’s arguments during the case. Particularly striking is Kavanaugh's hypothetical scenario where a President orchestrating a coup d'etat might be considered engaging in an "official act" and thus be safeguarded from prosecution.
    Professor Francis Boyle joins the discussion to provide expert analysis. He echoes Harrison’s concerns and draws chilling parallels to historical events. Boyle equates the January 6th attacks to Hitler’s Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, suggesting a frightening trajectory for American democracy. The conversation with Boyle reveals a deep-seated fear among legal experts—that this decision could effectively insulate the President from any form of criminal liability, undermining the rule of law.
    The Realities and Consequences of the Ruling
    Harrison dives deeper, illustrating the absurdity of what could transpire under this new judicial protection. He paints a vivid picture: a President could theoretically commit heinous acts under the guise of performing "official duties" and consequently be immune from prosecution. The discussion extends to cover various legal and political ramifications, including the controversial ‘Project 2025’ which aims at dismantling significant aspects of government and public welfare.
    Professor Boyle offers solutions, such as counterpacking the Supreme Court to balance the ideological scales skewed by years of strategic judicial appointments by Republican Presidents. This approach, he argues, is a necessary countermeasure to restore equilibrium and prevent the further degradation of constitutional governance.
    The Role of Civil Resistance
    Reflecting on historical and contemporary advocacy, Boyle stresses the importance of civil resistance. He advocates for peaceful, non-violent protest, invoking the spirit of previous movements that have shaped American policy and public opinion. His insights suggest a way for citizens to take action despite institutional failings.
    Precedents in International Law and Current Affairs
    The conversation broadens to international implications, including the U.S.'s continuing arms support to Israel amid allegations of violations of several U.S. laws. Boyle’s legal expertise underscores the gravity of the situation, criticizing actions that might be rendered untouchable by the recent Supreme Court decision.
    Then, ‘Open-Phones’ Callers from various backgrounds share their thoughts, urging action and expressing deep-seated fears about the future of American democracy under such legal precedents. The dialogue undersco

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    Ep. 57: Unlocking Your Brain Potential with Dr. Patrick Porter:

    Ep. 57: Unlocking Your Brain Potential with Dr. Patrick Porter:

    The Significance of Neuroplasticity
    Neuroplasticity is the brain's remarkable capacity to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. As Dr. Patrick Porter explains, “If you have neuroplasticity, you can make decisions, sleep better, and transform your cognitive abilities.” This ability of the brain to adapt and reshape is fundamental to improving mental health and reducing conditions such as anxiety and stress.
    The Science Behind Brain Fitness
    Throughout the conversation, Dr. Porter delves deep into the scientific principles underlying BrainTap. By balancing the brain's energy through light and sound frequencies, BrainTap helps synchronize the brain hemispheres, overcoming issues such as ADD and ADHD. The device activates different regions of the brain through specific frequencies, making it accessible even to those with hearing impairments.
    Real-World Applications and Success Stories
    One of the compelling aspects of BrainTap is its evidence-based success. Dr. Porter shares numerous anecdotes and research findings, including studies where BrainTap helped people off the dementia scale within six weeks. Such results underscore the powerful impact of brainwave entrainment in boosting cognitive function and overall brain health.
    The Future of Brain Fitness: Education and Beyond
    BrainTap is pioneering new frontiers, including applications in education. Schools utilizing BrainTap for "brain prep" have reported significant improvements in students' performance and engagement. Dr. Porter’s collaboration with educational institutions like Seminole College highlights the potential of BrainTap to enhance learning outcomes.
    Stress Reduction and Mental Well-Being
    Addressing stress is a critical component of BrainTap's functionality. Dr. Porter explains that stress is more fattening than chocolate, as it triggers physiological responses that store fat. BrainTap helps mitigate stress, thus contributing to weight management and overall well-being. It encourages users to view life as a challenge rather than a threat, significantly enhancing mental resilience.
    Optimizing Sleep for Cognitive Health
    Adequate sleep is indispensable for cognitive health. Dr. Porter emphasizes the importance of deep sleep for brain detoxification and memory consolidation. BrainTap supports users in achieving optimal sleep patterns, ensuring they receive the restorative benefits necessary for peak brain performance.
    A Lifesaving Tool for Veterans and PTSD Sufferers
    Dr. Porter discusses the critical role BrainTap can play in supporting veterans suffering from PTSD. By integrating BrainTap with psychedelic treatments, there is a promising pathway to help veterans and others dealing with severe stress and trauma. The device aids in regulating emotional states and breaking negative behavioral patterns.
    About Rethinking Heroes
    Rethinking Heroes, hosted by Cary Harrison, is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions and providing knowledge that empowers individuals. Stay connected with us for more enlightening conversations and transformative ideas.
    00:00 Introduction to Mental Health and Brain Fitness
    00:32 Meet Dr. Patrick Porter and BrainTap
    01:21 Understanding Neuroplasticity and Brain Energy
    02:20 BrainTap's Impact on Cognitive Function
    03:20 The Science Behind BrainTap and Memory
    05:26 The Role of Light, Sound, and Vibration in Brain Health
    06:09 BrainTap's Application in Meditation and Stress Reduction
    10:05 Brain Fitness and Daily Stress Management
    25:26 The Importance of Sleep for Brain Health
    28:45 BrainTap's Potential in Education and Learning
    30:11 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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    Ep. : 'First Contact' with Laura Eisenhower, Preventing Vet Suicides, Project Bluebook son, Paul Hynek

    Ep. : 'First Contact' with Laura Eisenhower, Preventing Vet Suicides, Project Bluebook son, Paul Hynek

    Hidden UFO Histories with Laura Eisenhower (Great Granddaughter President Eisenhower)
    In this segment, Cary Harrison explores the history and legacy of Project Bluebook, the United States Air Force's study of UFOs, established in 1952 and terminated in 1970. We are joined by Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who shares her unique insights into the military-industrial complex, exopolitics, and secret treaties involving extraterrestrial races. Laura, a researcher, author, and astrologer, will discuss her great-grandfather's hidden agendas and the significance of the 13th gate activation at Ayers Rock/Uluru in Australia. She will also touch on the challenges of revealing classified information and the implications of a Mars Colony on Earth's transformation.
    00:00 Unveiling Project Bluebook: The Quest for UFO Understanding 00:25 A New Era of UFO Disclosure and Insights 00:54 Exclusive Interview: Insights from Laura Eisenhower 01:30 Exploring Exopolitics and Eisenhower's Legacy 02:32 The Mysteries of Ayers Rock and Beyond 03:00 Facing the Unknown: Disclosure and Personal Mission 03:19 Astrology vs. Astronomy: Understanding the Cosmic Influence
    Honoring Veterans and Preventing Suicide: A Conversation with Michael Carmichael
    In this segment, Cary Harrison discuss the importance of honoring fallen soldiers and supporting veterans with Michael Carmichael, CEO & President of Check A Vet. This 501(c)(3) organization focuses on preventing veteran suicide by utilizing community-based, peer-to-peer support groups and educating civilians. Michael shares his personal experiences and insights on the shortcomings of current programs, stressing the need for community involvement in suicide prevention. Learn more about Check A Vet's initiatives and their call for political support to hold the VA accountable and transparent. Michael's dedication to this cause is rooted in his 22-year career in the U.S. Army Special Forces, with multiple combat deployments. Tune in to understand how you can contribute to this crucial mission.
    00:00 Honoring Veterans and Addressing Veteran Suicide 00:26 The Epidemic of Veteran Suicide and the Need for Community Support 01:27 Introducing Team Room: A New Approach to Veteran Support 02:36 The Importance of Data and Political Support in Fighting Veteran Suicide 03:16 About Check A Vet: Mission and Messages 03:48 Meet Michael Carmichael: The Force Behind Check A Vet.
    Project Bluebook Opened, Unveiling UAPs: Insights from Paul Hynek
    In this segment, Cary Harrison delves into the findings on UFOs, now referred to as UAPs, from the 1950s to the 1970s. Featuring Paul Hynek, son of the renowned American astronomer and Project Blue Book investigator J. Allen Hynek. Paul Hynek, an accomplished finance professor at Pepperdine University and a consultant on HISTORY’s Project Blue Book series, shares his unique perspective on his father’s work with UFOs, his own extensive accomplishments in the film and gaming industries, and life extension research. 00:00 Unveiling the Mysteries of UFOs: Insights from Project Blue Book 00:20 Meet Paul Hynek: A Legacy in UFO Research and Beyond 01:09 Exploring the Origins and Insights on UFOs with Paul Hynek
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    #RethinkingHeroes, #TrueCrime #MilitaryHeroes #Justice 🎙️🔍#Veterans, #LegalBattlees #WrongfulArrests ✊🎖️

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    Ep. 53: True Crime - FL Sheriffs Wrongly Arrest Top Secret Clearance Vet.

    Ep. 53: True Crime - FL Sheriffs Wrongly Arrest Top Secret Clearance Vet.

    In the latest episode of "Rethinking Heroes with Cary Harrison," we feature critical discussions on the consequences of wrongful arrests, highlighting the case of Ian Murray, a U.S. military veteran who fought to clear his name against wrongful charges by the ambitious Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Then, Open Phones and an actual AI-created video sample of Donald Trump defending his "toadstool-like penis”, as witnessed by Stormy Daniels under oath.
    This epsisode with Mr. Murray and more broadly through later phone calls, elaborates on the importance of self-advocacy, the role of peaceful protests, and parallels with historical movements. The episode also addresses challenges to free speech and activism, exploring perspectives on the Kent State massacre, legal restrictions on climate change discourse in Florida, and arrest tactics against activists like Jill Stein. It further examines the militarization of police, the US and Germany's role in the Gaza conflict, and controversial legislation against criticizing Israel. Emphasizing the significance of nonviolent resistance, the episode underscores the need for maintaining free speech and critical thinking in the face of power misuse and misinformation.
    **The Struggle for Truth**
    Ian's story begins upon his return from deployment, where he was unjustly swept into the nightmare of wrongful arrests, a plight that unfortunately isn't rare in our society today. Unpacking the layers of Ian's experiences, Cary navigates through the complex interaction between military service, public perception, and the often misunderstood realities of legal battles against unfounded charges.
    **A Veteran's Fight Against False Accusations**
    Ian Murray stood firm against the waves of misconception and defamation that followed a baseless accusation of misusing military leave—a charge that seemed as ludicrous as it was groundless. His odyssey wasn't just a personal battle; it was a stark illumination of how swiftly and severely the machinery of misunderstanding and prejudice can operate against veterans and citizens alike.
    **The Legal Labyrinth and Public Perception**
    Ian's narrative is a sobering reminder of the scars left by wrongful arrests, scars that persist even after legal victories. These battles are not solely fought in courtrooms but in the court of public opinion, where the shadows of misjudgment can linger far longer than any legal proceeding. The episode delves into the complexities of restoring one's reputation in the digital age—a task as daunting as any legal fight.
    **The Role of Critical Media**
    "Rethinking Heroes" also brings into focus the vital role of media in shaping narratives around public figures and controversial issues. In an era where misinformation can spread like wildfire, Cary Harrison's nuanced exploration of Ian's journey shines as a beacon of responsible journalism, providing a platform for truth and fostering a more informed public discourse.
    **Conclusion: The Continuous Fight for Justice**
    As "Rethinking Heroes" concludes, listeners are left with a sense of gravity regarding the challenges that lie in the quest for justice, but also with a feeling of inspiration from the courage displayed by individuals like Ian Murray. It's a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle many face in seeking to clear their names and reclaim their lives amidst unfounded accusations and societal misconceptions.
    In every episode, "Rethinking Heroes" not only tells a story but also poses a challenge to its listeners—to engage, think critically, and advocate for a just and informed society. Ian Murray's perseverance and the scrutiny of his and others' stories through this platform encourage a deeper understanding of the nuanced truths that shape our perceptions of heroism, justice, and redemption in the contemporary world.
    00:00 Introduction to Rethinking Heroes with Keri Harrison
    00:40 The Evolution of Call-ins and Live Streaming
    01:54 Unveiling the True Crime Story of a Wronged V

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    Ep. 53: True Crime Pt. 2 - False Sexting w/ Minor Lands L.A. in $40M Suit

    Ep. 53: True Crime Pt. 2 - False Sexting w/ Minor Lands L.A. in $40M Suit

    Rebuilding Reputations: A Hollywood Actor’s Legal Battle for Justice
    You’ll remember a few months ago we broke the story about now-dismissed sexting charges from the LA DA’s office. In what reads like a screenplay full of twists and turns, Hollywood actor Joseph Gatt, renowned for his roles in 'Game of Thrones,' 'Thor,' and 'True Detective,' found himself at the heart of a legal whirlwind after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Now, he has initiated a $40M lawsuit against Los Angeles County, DA George Gascón, among others, claiming his career was unjustly sabotaged by baseless allegations of communicating inappropriately with a minor - which was later dismissed. Gatt contends that sloppy investigative work led to a premature announcement of felony charges, which were later disproved by forensic analysis showing the evidence had been tampered with. The fallout from these accusations has had a catastrophic effect on his life, both professionally and personally, with Joseph Gatt estimating a loss of $40 million in potential earnings.
    Joseph Gatt's fight to clear his name and rebuild his Hollywood career is a stark reminder of the complex interplay between law, media, and the people caught in their crosshairs – including his partner, Mercy Malick, and attorney, Dean Pamphilis. We share insights into the flaws in the criminal justice system, highlighting the importance of accountability and the need for systemic change to protect individuals from similar injustices.
    00:00 Explosive Follow-Up: LA Actor's Legal Battle Against False Accusations
    00:24 Special Home Buying Hotline: Turning Problems into Cash
    01:26 Inside the Story: Joseph Gatt's Fight for Justice and Reputation
    04:52 Legal Insights: The Battle for Accountability and Change
    10:00 Rebuilding from the Ruins: Strategies for Public Figures Facing False Accusations
    28:04 Riverside Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment
    29:38 Closing Thoughts: Appreciation and Future Engagements

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    #RethinkingHeroes, #JusticeForJosephGatt, #LegalJustice, #MediaAccountability, #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty, #ReputationBuilding, #HollywoodInjustice, #SocialMediaImpact, #CelebrityDefense, #EndLegalOverreach

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    Ep. 52: The Rise of Synthetic Relationships & AI; Project 2025's Plan For Authoritarianism

    Ep. 52: The Rise of Synthetic Relationships & AI; Project 2025's Plan For Authoritarianism

    The Future of AI in Social Networks & The Threats of Project 2025
    Cary Harrison takes you into the evolution of social networks led by Meta, formerly Facebook, towards the creation of synthetic social networks utilizing AI to generate chatbots mimicking celebrities and creators. He discusses the growing interest in AI interactions, the shift in the meaning of friendships due to social media, and how our interactions may become indistinguishable between humans and bots. Interviewed is Ed Watal, a tech expert who discusses the potential misuse of AI, including deepfakes and cyber threats, alongside his work on an Ethical AI Platform. Later, superhero Anne Nelson exposes 'Project 2025,' a secretive initiative aimed at dismantling government and civil liberties. (Anne Nelson, author of 'Shadow Network') highlights the project's dangers, including its impact on environmental policies and civil liberties, gays, guns, and all of Europe.
    Part 1.
    Navigating the Ethical Maze of AI in Social Media: The Rise of Synthetic Relationships**
    In the digital age, the intersection of technology, social media, and artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped our lives in unprecedented ways. As we delve into this complex web, the emergence of "synthetic relationships" fostered by AI, particularly through platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook), presents a paradigm shift in how we interact online.
    By introducing chatbots mimicking celebrities, Meta has laid the foundation for a future where digital personas and synthetic relationships flourish. The concept might sound bizarre, but it underscores a reality where the lines between genuine and artificial interactions blur.
    **The Illusion of Connection**
    Cary Harrison progresses by highlighting the illusion of connection that social media platforms have nurtured. With platforms enabling users to accumulate thousands of "friends," the essence of true friendship dilutes. This critique isn't about vilifying social media but rather spotlighting its potential misuse, drawing parallels with historical propaganda techniques.
    Facebook's pivot towards a creator-centric model, influenced by platforms like TikTok, further complicates this relationship. The discussion touches on the ethical ramifications of AI-generated content and its role in shaping the internet's future, emphasizing the need for a discerning approach to online interactions.
    **Guest Insights: Ed Watal**
    The conversation with Ed Watal, an expert in cybersecurity and founder of Intellibus, introduces a critical perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. Watal dives into the concept of "deepfakes" and their potential for fraudulent activities, stressing the need for vigilance and ethical frameworks in AI development. His insights into open-source vulnerabilities and the risk of manipulated information echo the urgency for ethical guidelines in the digital landscape.
    Watal's vision for an "ethical AI platform" proposes a model where the integrity of information, respect for copyright, and the protection of public domain are paramount. This approach not only safeguards against unethical data practices but also advocates for a future where AI serves humanity's best interests, without compromising ethical standards.
    **Embracing Ethical AI**
    The exploration into the realms of AI and social media through "Rethinking Heroes" not only sheds light on the current landscape but also poses significant questions about the future we are constructing. As we forge ahead, the emphasis on ethical AI and the preservation of authentic human connections will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping a digital environment grounded in integrity, accountability, and genuine engagement.
    Part 2.
    "Project 2025: Unveiling The Blueprint for America's Future"
    **Introduction to Project 2025**
    Cary speaks with Anne Nelson, a renowned author, international affairs expert, and journalism award winner. Nelson offers a critical examination of the ideological u

    • 53 min

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