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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

    Sacred geometry and smoke and mirrored imagery

    Sacred geometry and smoke and mirrored imagery

    America has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other when it comes to what is revered. I was born into a country that, while it was already very messed up, still placed a high value on Christian principles. But now there’s sacred places, sacred idols, and sacred geometry. But no respect for THE sacred God.

    Uh-oh. Them there’s fightin’ words. How dare I emphasize THE and use the word, God, with a capital G?! Because everyone should know, by now, that “your God” is no better than someone else’s.

    Hmm, I wonder if we can use sacred geometry to test that?

    Here’s a quote from something I read on a “new age” website: “Sacred geometry is made of different symbols considered to be the basis of all matter in the Universe across various religions and cultures.”

    Notice how Universe has a capital U? Sure, that’s OK. Because it seems to include all there is. So no one needs to feel left out. And while I don’t want anyone to be “left out,” I also don’t want to deny anyone the freedom to BE left out if it’s what they prefer. Yeah, even exclusion should be included.

    Sounds weird, right?

    But what’s actually weird is to believe sacred geometry is sacred. Or that symbols and numbers can somehow hold power.

    I’m sure you know I’m not making this up.

    Here’s another clip from that same article I read that talks about the power in the triangle:

    “The first shape that can be formed from more than one line, the triangle is a representation of 3, the number of sacred creation. And in ancient Nordic cultures and countless across the world the number three is said to hold powerful mystical properties, symbolizing harmony and balance. They can represent the mother, father, and child; mind, body, and spirit. And pointing upwards is indicative of rising consciousness (a downward pointing triangle relates to the Divine Feminine). The pyramids are famous physical 3D examples of this structure, composed of four triangles and a square base, a tetrahedron.”

    Basically all such nonsense is based on anything and everything to contradict the God of the Bible. Notice how the triangle pointing up is focused on your consciousness. And the “downward pointing triangle relates to the Divine Feminine.” One is you-focused. The other is opposite of the masculine God.

    I also read this about sacred geometry and its forms: “These are the only five regular polyhedra, that is, the only five solids made from the same equilateral, equiangular polygons. To the Greeks, these solids symbolized fire, earth, air, spirit (or ether) and water, respectively.”

    FYI: ether and spirit are not synonymous.

    I’m sure they’re not talking about the ether where sodium is dissolved in ethereal solutions of aromatic ketones. But even their ethereal intentions can’t equate ether to spirit. Because spirit extends to us from THE Spirit. THE source of Life. The one who spoke the universe into existence. God, with a capital G. And without Him there wouldn’t be sacred geometry, ecclesiastical trigonometry, or mystical ‘Rithmetic.

    Here’s the thing.

    Placing the word, sacred, in front of something doesn’t make it sacred. In fact, it almost always leans the opposite direction. And it always takes the focus away from what and who IS sacred.

    But I’m sure that’s the intention. Whether “new age” people would ever admit that or not.

    And here’s one of the multitude of things I love about THE God of creation.

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    The Earth remains and the fool complains

    The Earth remains and the fool complains

    Fires burn down beautiful places. Volcanoes erupt and destroy communities. Hurricanes blast entire cities. Tornadoes uproot even the heartiest of trees. Mudslides annihilate peaceful homes that were minding their own business. And through it all the Earth remains.

    Yeah, the Earth remains through this blistering hot summer.

    And it’ll remain through this coming cold winter.

    So, you can fear what might happen, if you wanna. But I’m just not gonna join you in that whole fear thing. For one, it’s totally counter-productive. And, oh yeah, God says “fear not.” And “worry not.”

    A few years ago I shared this about that:

    Fact is…when you believe and trust in God, He gives you a spirit of power. And love. And a sound mind. That’s a mind based on reason, sense, or judgment. Full of competence and security. When you feel the opposite of that description, you’ve moved away from, or you’ve forgotten what God says about you.

    But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. If it did, you and I and everybody else would be doomed. Don’t throw your hands up in despair or frustration. Instead, turn around and ask God for more wisdom. He loves to give it to those who love Him.

    And remember His promise about this planet we call home. “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.” Only the fool complains about it.

    Get Wise

    Don’t drink the wine of violence

    Or eat the bread of hate.

    You might just get away with it.

    Can you afford to wait?

    Don’t push and shove the simple.

    Seek knowledge just like gold.

    And in so doing you’ll lay up

    Your treasures manifold.

    A word to the confounded”

    Pour light into your eyes.

    If you expect more than neglect,

    Get wisdom; yeah get wise.

    Get wise to the deceiver.

    Don’t harken to his lies.

    Keep commanding understanding.

    Get wisdom; yeah get wise.

    Don’t walk, you, with the wicked.

    Beware the scornful tongue.

    Let never part your loving heart

    And live forever young.

    © 1995

    God’s promises are better than gold and rubies. Grab ’em while you can.

    Stay tuned,

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    Just because I can. That’s why I do, man.

    Just because I can. That’s why I do, man.

    Do you have siblings? If so, did you ever get into arguments with them when you were kids? No, who does that, right? Seriously, if you have a brother or sister (or a bunch of them like Elgielene does), you most likely had at least a disagreement or three. And you might remember answering the “why” question with the most profound reply of all. Just because, that’s why.

    Am I right?

    Especially if you were the older sibling. After all, everyone knows the younger siblings are always the most annoying. With their why questions. And their why not questions. And there constant breathing in and out. You older or oldest siblings know what I’m talking about.

    “Just because” worked most of the time.

    At least until those pesky varmints gained a little more vocabulary. Ah, the good ol’ days.

    But I didn’t bring up the just because stuff to wax sentimental about bygone days of youth. I’ve got something else on my mind right now. Love.

    Now, before you so-called manly men mutter something ridiculous under your breath, this ain’t about the gushy, mushy love stuff. In fact, I’m not even gonna bring up the opposite sex, except to tell you I’m not gonna bring ’em up.


    It’s more important than that. And it’s the only reason you and I have even a remote ability or opportunity to get or give love. And no matter how manly or aloof you think you are, you need that intangible, most profound emotion of them all. At least if you wanna have a life with depth and meaning.

    Of course, I’m talking about how and why love even exists in this messed up world. Ironically, atheists and evolutionists would say it’s “just because.” Or some form of that, since they believe we’re all here by chance. By millions of years worth of random mutations, that began in a chaotic explosion. And that eventually led to all the complex design you can clearly see all around you.


    We’re all here because of God’s love. And because He gave us the ability to love (or hate) with our own free will. That’s why I wrote a song to acknowledge why I would express love to the unseen God of creation. I’ve shared it, and the lyrics before. But in this time of such a hate-filled world, I’m sharing it again.

    Because I CAN Love

    What made You think

    That I was worth the risk You took?

    What made You take the time

    To write Your Holy Book?

    I don’t believe I’d give myself a second look,

    But You did because You love.

    You made a world

    That was as perfect as could be,

    But then I broke it

    When You gave it all to me…

    By going through the gate You made to set me free.

    This You did because You love…me.

    Because You love me so…in spite of all You know…

    Because You did the most that You could ever do…

    Because I clearly see…evidence of You in me…

    Because I can love…I do love…You!

    You put a life

    And a will inside my soul.

    You knew true love

    Would be to give me full control.

    But knowing You is all that ever makes me whole.

    I trust You because You love…me.

    I can live because You live!

    I can love because You love!

    © 2010

    Be sure to get your copy of Because I CAN Love AND a dozen more songs in a single download.

    Stay tuned,

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    Abortion ban is certainly NOT in the can

    Abortion ban is certainly NOT in the can

    I wonder how many teenagers realize they’re walking, ticking timebombs. Have they seen the headline, “An Abortion Ban Made Them Teen Parents.” And do they know they could save themselves just by moving to another state? Because, for now, they might be safe in about 41 states.

    But who knows when an abortion ban might transform those states, too?

    Yeah, it could be just a matter of time before killing babies will be against the law in every state. And think of the dehumanizing and forced effect that’s gonna have on countless teens. Imagine how many of them will be made into “teen parents” against their own wills.

    And there’s the rub. You and I can only imagine.

    Because even those so-called abortion bans in the 9 (or so) states don’t actually ban abortions.

    Uh-huh. That wasn’t a typo. None of those 9 states ban abortions. NONE.

    And if you’re about to take issue with me, be sure you read your state’s so-called abortion ban “law.” You WILL find words like after, except, exception, until, health of the mother, life of the mother, risk, and without consent. Those are wiggle room words.

    In Missouri, their governor tweeted on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) that their state was the first in the nation to “effectively end abortions.” But when you look at the fine print in the legislation he signed, you find an interesting phrase:

    “NOW, THEREFORE, I, MICHAEL L. PARSON, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Missouri, specifically Section 188.017, RSMo, do hereby notify the Revisor of Statutes that it is reasonably probable that Section 188.017, RSMo will be upheld by the courts as constitutional. Further, in accordance with Dobbs, Section 188.017, RSMo is hereby effective as of the date of this order.”

    I found more wiggle room words.

    Maybe I’m just the annoying kind of “words mean things” guy. But I see a section there where it says it’s “reasonably probable” that Section 188.017 RSMo will “be upheld by the courts as constitutional.”

    I didn’t say it must be held up. Or will be held up. It said it’s reasonably probable.

    But what if members of the legal community aren’t feeling reasonable?

    Oh well, at least it made a good sound bite and headline to say the state has an abortion ban.

    And I understand you’d rather I’d shut up about it. This topic isn’t nearly as fun and interesting as music history. Or the healing power of music. Or tales of imagination written into colorful poetry. Yeah, compared to those subjects, abortion is the Stephen King novel of topics.

    But here’s the thing.

    As I take the time to share anything and everything else I share, tiny and defenseless human beings are torn to pieces. With the consent of their very own parents. And most people on the planet couldn’t care less. Because since they can’t see the dastardly deeds, maybe none of it’s really happening.

    Trouble is, it’s really happening. And the only thing that can stop the vast majority of it (because nobody can stop it all) is an abortion ban with NO exceptions.

    Just like the end of slavery required the abolition of it, so will the end of abortion.

    They didn’t make exceptions to slavery, thanks to abolitionists.

    And that’s how it will have to be with abortion. Regardless of how many “feminists” scream out that it’s “my body, my choice.” Because it’s not their bodies being torn to bits and discarded into trash bins or sold for parts to the highest bidders.

    So, the messy truth needs to be told. And an abortion ban will greatly reduce that mess.

    And not everybody wants to lose friends and followers an...

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    Not alone with a phone or heart of stone

    Not alone with a phone or heart of stone

    Elgielene is visiting her sister this week. Because they’re gonna celebrate their birthdays (which are 2 days apart) together, along with a niece who’s birthday is the same as Elgielene’s. Normally, I wouldn’t bring it up. But yesterday two items popped up on my devices that made it seem like maybe I’m not alone.

    So, I quickly checked all the dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms. Then, I checked the kitchen. Even behind the fridge. And, yes, I opened the doors to the laundry closet. Plus, while I was there, I poked my head out to check the garage. Nothing and no one in any of those rooms, or any other rooms or closets.

    “Surely I’m not alone,” I thought to myself.

    But my self just laughed and said, “Of course, you’re not alone. I’m right here!”

    “Shut up,” I replied.

    And self started to say something smart aleck. But I held up my hand and gave “the look.” Because, it was starting to get weird. I’m sure you know what I mean.


    Technology can certainly give you that feeling that you’re never truly all alone. Because, as you might have noticed, you can talk about something and then see an ad for that sort of thing on your phone. It’s weird. But it’s the kind of world we inhabit now.

    So, what were the two things that popped up on my devices? I’m glad you asked. They were ironically opposite things about loneliness.

    The first was a video ad, on YouTube, about some amazing qualities of people who enjoy a lot of alone time. Remember, this is during a time when I’m alone. The second thing was a link to an article about “10 Things To Do When You Feel Alone.”

    I found the video interesting, although not new.

    But the article was filled with psychological trivialities.

    For example, it recommended that you acknowledge your sense of loneliness.

    And it said, “Don’t waste your energy fighting your feelings or trying to suppress your emotions. Everyone feels lonely sometimes. And feeling alone doesn’t mean you’re a loser and it doesn’t mean you’re weak. It just means you’re human. Studies have found that labeling your feelings can reduce the intensity of them So simply putting a name to loneliness might help your brain make sense of how you’re feeling and instantly help you feel a little less lonely.”

    So, you take the time to label your feelings, and the best you get is to “feel a little less lonely.” Does that sound like a solution to you? It doesn’t to me.

    It’s funny (odd, not ha-ha) that 99.99% of the so-called “solutions” for loneliness never mention establishing or re-establishing a connection with your Creator. And that’s where Christianity is far superior to all other ways and means of conquering loneliness. Because it helps you to understand that you’re…

    Alone Not Alone

    We are alone in the universe.

    But we’re never all alone,

    Unless we choose to reject design

    Like we got here on our own.

    We have a great place, this planet Earth.

    And it stands out here in space.

    It’s the world where the Creator was

    Sacrificed to give us Grace.

    Millionaires and even billionaires

    Spend their money just to prove

    Maybe brilliant, advanced aliens

    Paused here when they made a move.

    Sure, it sounds silly, but it’s just sad

    But the truth will take this tone.

    And if you trust aliens, not God,

    Get used to it, you’re alone.

    © 2020

    Before you go, share this link with everybody you know. Tell ’em to jump on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon AND get some music and other fun stuff, for Fa-Ree.

    Stay tuned,

    a href="https://www.

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    Your safe place keeps the same pace

    Your safe place keeps the same pace

    Your safe place isn’t.

    Because there’s no safe place on Earth. Sure, there ARE places that, on a certain level, are safer than others. That’s just when it comes to the most violent and in-your-face crimes.

    But there’s nowhere on this planet that isn’t wicked. You can’t get away from it even in the small towns. And that’s where you used to be able to leave your house and car doors unlocked at night. Ancient history now.

    No doubt. It’s bad. Even in (maybe especially in) the country that was once the last place you’d expect to be this bad. Fact is, there was only one time in history our little blue planet was worse. And that’s when it got so bad God was sorry He even made human beings. So, He broke the planet and killed all but 8 people.

    And that was really for the sake of only ONE of those people.

    And that was because God has a “big picture” perspective for His creation.

    Since He has that kind of perspective, it’s mighty important to have a better understanding of that big picture. Here’s how it goes. You WILL exist forever somewhere. You can live in the fullness of life with your Creator in paradise. Or you can exist totally separate from Him, forever.

    So, if you’re looking for your safe place, you have two options.

    Option 1: God’s Kingdom. The only safe place.

    Option 2: your “kingdom.” Not safe. And, in fact, your desire for safety will never end there.

    But you get to choose. Because God loves you so much He won’t even force you into paradise if you don’t wanna go there. I hope you consider Option 2.

    Some acquaintances of mine, who understood where true safety can be found, chose a song for their wedding that reflected that. The song talks about a couple who go through life as one. And they understand that life is filled with challenges and obstacles. But the key is to keep smiling and keep looking up. Because where God dwells is the only place you’ll be…

    Safe And Sound

    Down on our luck but not out of the game,

    We both go the distance and cover some ground,

    And still our love is safe and sound.

    We learned to be part of each other’s dreams.

    Some time was lost but look what we found,

    Knowing our love is safe and sound.

    We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

    We’re touched by the hand of God.

    So what if there’s no new sunrise.

    So what if the world won’t spin around.

    We’re safe and sound.

    Miles have gone by; we dared to go see

    The wide open space and seldom we frowned.

    Look how our love is safe and sound.

    Deep in our hearts and inside our minds

    We capture the words and they keep us bound,

    Saying our love is safe and sound.

    We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

    We’re touched by the hand of God.

    So what if there’s no new sunrise.

    So what if the world won’t spin around.

    We’re safe and sound.

    So many give up when one knee is down.

    But we’re down on both and now we’re safe and sound.

    © 1993

    This song and a dozen more are in the classic Do Right collection.

    Get your downloadable version and enjoy the music just minutes from now: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZX3MBTG37Q9WA  If the link doesn’t automatically work for you, copy and paste it into your browser.

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5.0 out of 5
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5 Ratings

keithgreen ,

No Greater Love.....

I’m thankful for theses segments with Tony. I’ve been looking for a means to decompress. I can’t think of anything but listening to Rhythm and Reason to decompress. The combination of words and songs focusing on Godly wisdom are just what GOD has ordered! Thank you!

Elgielene ,

A Great Tool for the Entire Family

Tony takes information in the Bible and explains it using songs, poems, and easy-to-understand stories. His style is relaxed and friendly. You should listen to every episode and share the podcast with every family you know.

Dittos ,

I'm so GRATEFUL to have found Mister Tony!

I've been enjoying each and every episode. Once I heard a few, I went back to the very first episode and played them each through. That's like 100 episodes, so I'm serious when I say these are fantastic! One of the most varied podcasts I listen to, out of 18 or so I regularly subscribe to. Rarely can someone sing, read prose, AND teach God's truths! But Tony does a perfect balance. I'm sort of a hardcore, black-and-white guy when it comes to Scripture and Tony helps soften me around the edges where my witness needs it without sacrificing one bit of the Sword of the Lord's effectiveness. Thank you Mr. Funderburk, I look forward to the next 100!

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