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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

    Not alone with a phone or heart of stone

    Not alone with a phone or heart of stone

    Elgielene is visiting her sister this week. Because they’re gonna celebrate their birthdays (which are 2 days apart) together, along with a niece who’s birthday is the same as Elgielene’s. Normally, I wouldn’t bring it up. But yesterday two items popped up on my devices that made it seem like maybe I’m not alone.

    So, I quickly checked all the dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms. Then, I checked the kitchen. Even behind the fridge. And, yes, I opened the doors to the laundry closet. Plus, while I was there, I poked my head out to check the garage. Nothing and no one in any of those rooms, or any other rooms or closets.

    “Surely I’m not alone,” I thought to myself.

    But my self just laughed and said, “Of course, you’re not alone. I’m right here!”

    “Shut up,” I replied.

    And self started to say something smart aleck. But I held up my hand and gave “the look.” Because, it was starting to get weird. I’m sure you know what I mean.


    Technology can certainly give you that feeling that you’re never truly all alone. Because, as you might have noticed, you can talk about something and then see an ad for that sort of thing on your phone. It’s weird. But it’s the kind of world we inhabit now.

    So, what were the two things that popped up on my devices? I’m glad you asked. They were ironically opposite things about loneliness.

    The first was a video ad, on YouTube, about some amazing qualities of people who enjoy a lot of alone time. Remember, this is during a time when I’m alone. The second thing was a link to an article about “10 Things To Do When You Feel Alone.”

    I found the video interesting, although not new.

    But the article was filled with psychological trivialities.

    For example, it recommended that you acknowledge your sense of loneliness.

    And it said, “Don’t waste your energy fighting your feelings or trying to suppress your emotions. Everyone feels lonely sometimes. And feeling alone doesn’t mean you’re a loser and it doesn’t mean you’re weak. It just means you’re human. Studies have found that labeling your feelings can reduce the intensity of them So simply putting a name to loneliness might help your brain make sense of how you’re feeling and instantly help you feel a little less lonely.”

    So, you take the time to label your feelings, and the best you get is to “feel a little less lonely.” Does that sound like a solution to you? It doesn’t to me.

    It’s funny (odd, not ha-ha) that 99.99% of the so-called “solutions” for loneliness never mention establishing or re-establishing a connection with your Creator. And that’s where Christianity is far superior to all other ways and means of conquering loneliness. Because it helps you to understand that you’re…

    Alone Not Alone

    We are alone in the universe.

    But we’re never all alone,

    Unless we choose to reject design

    Like we got here on our own.

    We have a great place, this planet Earth.

    And it stands out here in space.

    It’s the world where the Creator was

    Sacrificed to give us Grace.

    Millionaires and even billionaires

    Spend their money just to prove

    Maybe brilliant, advanced aliens

    Paused here when they made a move.

    Sure, it sounds silly, but it’s just sad

    But the truth will take this tone.

    And if you trust aliens, not God,

    Get used to it, you’re alone.

    © 2020

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    Your safe place keeps the same pace

    Your safe place keeps the same pace

    Your safe place isn’t.

    Because there’s no safe place on Earth. Sure, there ARE places that, on a certain level, are safer than others. That’s just when it comes to the most violent and in-your-face crimes.

    But there’s nowhere on this planet that isn’t wicked. You can’t get away from it even in the small towns. And that’s where you used to be able to leave your house and car doors unlocked at night. Ancient history now.

    No doubt. It’s bad. Even in (maybe especially in) the country that was once the last place you’d expect to be this bad. Fact is, there was only one time in history our little blue planet was worse. And that’s when it got so bad God was sorry He even made human beings. So, He broke the planet and killed all but 8 people.

    And that was really for the sake of only ONE of those people.

    And that was because God has a “big picture” perspective for His creation.

    Since He has that kind of perspective, it’s mighty important to have a better understanding of that big picture. Here’s how it goes. You WILL exist forever somewhere. You can live in the fullness of life with your Creator in paradise. Or you can exist totally separate from Him, forever.

    So, if you’re looking for your safe place, you have two options.

    Option 1: God’s Kingdom. The only safe place.

    Option 2: your “kingdom.” Not safe. And, in fact, your desire for safety will never end there.

    But you get to choose. Because God loves you so much He won’t even force you into paradise if you don’t wanna go there. I hope you consider Option 2.

    Some acquaintances of mine, who understood where true safety can be found, chose a song for their wedding that reflected that. The song talks about a couple who go through life as one. And they understand that life is filled with challenges and obstacles. But the key is to keep smiling and keep looking up. Because where God dwells is the only place you’ll be…

    Safe And Sound

    Down on our luck but not out of the game,

    We both go the distance and cover some ground,

    And still our love is safe and sound.

    We learned to be part of each other’s dreams.

    Some time was lost but look what we found,

    Knowing our love is safe and sound.

    We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

    We’re touched by the hand of God.

    So what if there’s no new sunrise.

    So what if the world won’t spin around.

    We’re safe and sound.

    Miles have gone by; we dared to go see

    The wide open space and seldom we frowned.

    Look how our love is safe and sound.

    Deep in our hearts and inside our minds

    We capture the words and they keep us bound,

    Saying our love is safe and sound.

    We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

    We’re touched by the hand of God.

    So what if there’s no new sunrise.

    So what if the world won’t spin around.

    We’re safe and sound.

    So many give up when one knee is down.

    But we’re down on both and now we’re safe and sound.

    © 1993

    This song and a dozen more are in the classic Do Right collection.

    Get your downloadable version and enjoy the music just minutes from now: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZX3MBTG37Q9WA  If the link doesn’t automatically work for you, copy and paste it into your browser.

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    Most important things still tug at certain strings

    Most important things still tug at certain strings

    I certainly appreciate the most important things in life. I’m sure you can relate. Great computer, phone, and tablet. Several devices to watch videos and stream content. Internet access to a world so vast I’ll never see or hear it all.

    As a pre-teen and teenager, my family called me “technical Tony.” They didn’t always mean it as a term of endearment. But let’s not go there right now. The point is, I enjoy technology. Seeing how the latest, greatest mobile device or laptop works enthralls and intrigues me. I think it’s all so incredibly cool.

    Ah yes. The most important things.

    (cue the record scratch sound effect) Wait a second! The coffee must not have kicked in yet. Did I just say the most important things in life are devices and digital content?!

    Incredible! And you didn’t even try to stop me. Thanks a lot!

    Actually, if you’ve followed any of my Rhyme and Reason shenanigans here on the website or on my podcast, you already know that was a tongue-in-cheek lead-in. And you already know that I know what’s most important in this life. Relationships.

    Because they’re the only “thing” you can take with you through eternity. But, sadly, even most relationships won’t make that journey.

    And that’s why I don’t place the value of my digital devices even close to the value of my relationships. And here on Earth neither one of them last all that long.

    For example, my Dad.

    For most of his working life he was a hard-working milkman. And that was back in the days when a milkman would deliver dairy products door-to-door.

    I remember going to work with him on a LOT of Saturdays. So, when I say he worked hard, I know what I’m talking about from personal experience. Out of bed around 3 a.m. to be at the dairy plant in time to load the milk truck before dawn. And I can still “smell” and “feel” the cold chill of the milk truck’s storage area. Stacked with cases of gallons, half gallons, and quarts of milk. And juice, butter, bread, ice cream, and more.

    Dad worked two routes each week. One was his Monday, Wednesday, Friday route. The other was Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. He delivered milk in some neighborhoods in Texas near NASA. In fact (as a side note) several of his customers were some of the first “right stuff” astronauts.

    Another side note (and true story) Dad surprised me, on one of those Saturdays I was with him. He arranged for me to personally hand deliver a half gallon of ice cream to Neil Armstrong. For those of you born in this century, Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. And Technical Tony handed him a container of Dutch chocolate rocky road ice cream! (at least I believe that was the flavor)

    OK, back to the story. And why I’m sharing it.

    Even on those long Saturdays, when I helped Dad deliver milk, he spent lots of time with me. Not just telling me what to do. No, we’d also have conversations about the most important things in life. He was interested to know what I’d learned in math, science, and language classes. And we’d talk about other things, like family, and where I’d go when I die. Yeah, even that.

    Those one-on-one times with my Dad were priceless. And I wouldn’t trade a second of them for all the cool technology in the world.

    But he died when he was only 51.

    Just so you know, life with Dad wasn’t always a Norman Rockwell painting. He was a strict disciplinarian. And when I failed to do the right (which, obviously was rare) sometimes there were serious consequences.

    But those memories never overshadow the learning and productive times with Dad. Like when he showed me how to use tools and work on lawnmowers, bicycles, and even my first car. Or the times he spent building (yes, building) go-karts for my brother and me to test drive around the block.

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    Rule number one? Well, it usually isn’t done.

    Rule number one? Well, it usually isn’t done.

    It makes me mad how some people feel a deep-down, dastardly need to rule over others. Yeah, for them, rule number one is “Do unto others before they can do unto you.”

    But that rule number one only lasts a little while.

    I know you realize we have a very short time here on planet earth. There’s a one-to-one ration of births to deaths. And nobody gets out of this life any other way.

    So, given that fact, don’t you think rule number one should still be “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you? I know it’s an old-fashioned idea, but it’s still the truth. And, as I’ve said before, we need the truth. And, of course I’m talking about THE Truth found in the person of Jesus.

    Yeah, I know that’s a hard pill to swallow for most people. But that doesn’t change the facts.

    Because, if there’s no absolute standard of truth, then there are about 7 billion standards. That’s called chaos and confusion. And God is not the author of confusion. His Truth is crystal clear and health to your bones and spirit. That’s why we need the Truth.

    How Long Till

    How long till we see the vengeance?

    How long till You make things right?

    Lord, how long till the trumpet blows

    And calls us into flight?

    How long till we see the Savior?

    How long till the end of night?

    How long till Your trumpet blows

    And takes us out of sight?

    We need the Truth! The world doesn’t care.

    They can’t see design; though it’s everywhere.

    No absolutes, and they’re absolutely sure.

    They worship time and bow down to chance.

    They give themselves up to circumstance.

    I have to say I don’t comprehend the allure.

     (repeat chorus)

    Our bodies ache; You can hear the groans.

    We twist Your words into sticks and stones

    And wield them around like giants in a trance.

    This posturing while the world looks on

    Just makes them ask where our minds have gone,

    And I don’t blame them; it’s such a silly dance.

    (repeat chorus…inst…repeat chorus to end)

    © Copyright Tony Funderburk 1999

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    All of God’s love is not kept above

    All of God’s love is not kept above

    I wrote a rhyme called Face to Face. And it talked about how glorious it’ll be when you see Jesus in person. It WILL be indescribably beautiful and wonderful. Believers will experience all of God’s love for eternity.

    I also wrote a song, as a tribute, to a young man who died of cancer a few years ago. The song is called “Jeremiah’s Prayer.” I took poetic license with a prayer Jeremiah shared on his social media accounts. And thousands of people enjoyed how the song showed his courage as he looked forward to meeting the Lord “face to face.”

    And it’s true. That face to face meeting is the “hope of glory” Paul wrote about. And Heaven will be where we’ll live, in God’s peace and promises, forever.

    But not all of God’s love is reserved for Heaven.

    And that’s not to say, as some mistakenly do, that Earth is part of Heaven. Sure, it was supposed to be that way. And it was that way. Until Adam and Eve opened the door to sin. Then, it “flooded” paradise and we’ve all been dealing with the consequences ever since.

    But that’s not to say this world isn’t abundantly filled with awesome beauty. Just get away from your devices and distractions and go outside. Take a look. And from the tops of the redwood trees to bottom of the ocean, God’s love can be seen in His creation.

    From the telescopic views of galaxies to the microscopic peeks into the human genome, God’s love and infinitely brilliant mind are clearly seen.

    And that’s only a part of why no one will have an excuse when they see Him face to face one day. And no doubt about it, that day is inevitable. So, that’s why I share something about the comforting hope I have, just about every day. Because I hope that hope flows into someone else who needs it.

    Now, if that’s you, and you just haven’t caught sight of your Creator yet, step outside and look at…

    All Of Creation

    All of creation points to the Savior.

    We are all here by design.

    All the environment and complex behavior…

    The Glory of God makes it shine.

    All of creation holds information…

    Encoded within every cell,

    All of the best minds in each generation

    Won’t banish what Christians know well.



    All of creation is here by the Word of God.

    And all of creation mirrors His mind.

    All of creation is saved by the Love of God

    All of creation…Jesus defined.

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    A good heart is a poor place to start

    A good heart is a poor place to start

    Here’s a quote that was included in a meme I saw being shared on social media this week. It said, “Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed.”

    Seems like a “nice” Hallmark greeting card. But it falls flat.

    Because you don’t have a good heart.

    Now, don’t get your feelings hurt. Neither do I. And neither does anybody else. Even the people who think they do.

    The Designer of human beings says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” Yeah, that’s in the Bible. But, ouch! It doesn’t feel good to hear it. Right?

    But why would God say such a thing about us?

    Maybe (and I use that word loosely) it’s because He’s watched us for a few thousand years. And He’s seen what terrible ideas we come up with. And those ideas originate from the heart. Not the physical pump. But the very core of who we are. So, you can bet, that if God says we have a heart problem, we do.

    It was this kind of perspective that triggered the following from almost ten years ago.

    Imagine, for a minute, that there are 7 layers of the heart.

    The first layer is a deep, dark indigo where the heart is conceived. The second layer is a rich, regal purple where the heart is created. Then, the third layer is a magnetic, cobalt blue where the shape of the heart is formed. Next, the fourth layer is a fertile, emerald green where love can grow. After that, the fifth layer is a warm, glowing orange where emotions are kindled. The sixth layer is a lilting yellow where faith and hope mingle. And the seventh layer is a luscious, rose red where the embers of life never die out.

    Now, imagine all those layers of the heart are poured out quickly and form a beautiful work of art. And imagine everyone who walked by wanting to know who the artist was.

    “Oh my,” says one passer-by. “I’ve never seen such spectacular colors. It must’ve taken the artist years to create such a masterpiece.”

    But it just so happens, the artist is right behind the canvas in the next aisle. And he comes around to face the observer and says…

    “Not at all. I created this piece before lunch one day.”

    “Impossible,” replies the observer. “Because no one could create such a wonderful work of art in only a few hours.”

    “And yet, I tell you I did.” The artist begins to appear frustrated. “And if you won’t believe me in this small matter, what would you ever believe?”

    Here’s the deal…

    I wrote this story about a heart to describe our beautiful layered world. The artist is actually the Creator of the universe and all the matter in it. He did that in 6 days. And when, in His wise judgment, He flooded the world one time about 4,000 years ago, many beautiful layers of sediment were deposited in many places. It all happened in days…not millions of years. And now, 4,000 years later, we can still see those amazingly parallel strata in places like the Grand Canyon.

    It’s awesome to celebrate design in our world and universe.

    Because it helps you to avoid a lifetime of uncertainty found in random chance. When you know you’re created, it can light up all the layers of your heart.

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    Stay tuned,

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

keithgreen ,

No Greater Love.....

I’m thankful for theses segments with Tony. I’ve been looking for a means to decompress. I can’t think of anything but listening to Rhythm and Reason to decompress. The combination of words and songs focusing on Godly wisdom are just what GOD has ordered! Thank you!

Elgielene ,

A Great Tool for the Entire Family

Tony takes information in the Bible and explains it using songs, poems, and easy-to-understand stories. His style is relaxed and friendly. You should listen to every episode and share the podcast with every family you know.

Dittos ,

I'm so GRATEFUL to have found Mister Tony!

I've been enjoying each and every episode. Once I heard a few, I went back to the very first episode and played them each through. That's like 100 episodes, so I'm serious when I say these are fantastic! One of the most varied podcasts I listen to, out of 18 or so I regularly subscribe to. Rarely can someone sing, read prose, AND teach God's truths! But Tony does a perfect balance. I'm sort of a hardcore, black-and-white guy when it comes to Scripture and Tony helps soften me around the edges where my witness needs it without sacrificing one bit of the Sword of the Lord's effectiveness. Thank you Mr. Funderburk, I look forward to the next 100!

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