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Welcome to the Rodsquad Women’s Fitness RODCAST with Rod Cortizo, who’s been helping women transform their health and figure for over 20 years. Here, you’ll learn easy-to-implement, realistic and sustainable changes you can make to improve your health and fitness and make it permanent! This is for women who want to be their best... their fittest, strongest, and leanest at any age. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Rodsquad Women’s Fitness RODCAST with Rod Cortizo, who’s been helping women transform their health and figure for over 20 years. Here, you’ll learn easy-to-implement, realistic and sustainable changes you can make to improve your health and fitness and make it permanent! This is for women who want to be their best... their fittest, strongest, and leanest at any age. Enjoy!

    The Lies We Tell Ourselves

    The Lies We Tell Ourselves

    In this episode, Rod and Kate Cortizo talk about the lies we tell ourselves in the form of excuses as to why we can't accomplish whatever we want in life.
    In this episode we covered some of the most common excuses we hear, why they are not correct and how to overcome them. 
    “I don’t eat enough.” “I don’t have enough time.” “My metabolism is damaged or slow.”“I have bad genetics.” “My hormones are too messed up/ crazy.” Rod detailed a few easy changes you could make to lose weight without noticing in the next year.
    As a reminder, you have choices. Contrary to what you might tell yourself or what society may lead you to believe (the victim mentality is all too prevalent), YOU are in control of the results you get, regardless of the challenges that truly arise. 

    Rod used the example of eating 2 apples vs 1 tablespoon of oil. Regardless of the type of oil, they’re all the same in calories. Which one will make you more full and therefore end up consuming less calories?

    The higher the volume the fewer the calories vs the higher the calories the lower volume.. Rod explained this concept which is the premise behind his nutrition methodology.

    Don't cheat on yourself! We explained why cheat days don’t work.

    And finally, a brief reminder about the importance of advocating for your own health. Never leave it up to your doctor or any "professional" to figure out.

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    Easy Tips to Get You Healthy and Fit This Fall

    Easy Tips to Get You Healthy and Fit This Fall

    How to reset if you've fallen off the wagon this summer... It's easy to get off track when the kids are out of school, there's lots of travel, etc.

    What is Rod's #1 nutrition tip? Eat more lean protein, fruits and vegetables.
    This one tip - increasing your protein intake - can be the catalyst to help you lose countless pounds, improve appetite control and increase lean muscle tone.

    Don't try to cut things out of your diet! Instead, ADD more nutrition. Eat more natural foods - lean protein, fruits and vegetables. You will easily become more full, satisfied and in control.

    Just because you're thin, doesn't mean you're healthy. Lack of muscle is the biggest indicator of aging. Muscle is also the biggest indicator of longevity (or lack thereof). Muscle loss is one of the biggest indicators of all cause mortality. Muscle loss also leads to sarcopenia, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

    Building muscle is the best way to defy gravity! The answer to everything health related is muscle. Muscle is the organ of youth. By the age of 80, you will have lost 50% of your muscle mass to aging.

    Consistency trumps intensity. Look for gradual results and enjoy the process.

    If you think about it, the same things that will give you ideal body composition are the same things that will give you better health.

    Eat more fruits and vegetables and lean protein so you can eat less of the garbage. Lifting is good for your bones, hormones, blood sugar, brain, confidence.

    "Beware of the woman who keeps making progress on the back squat. She's gonna take over the world." -Rod Cortizo, owner/ founder of Rodsquad Women's Fitness

    Everything you do to improve your body composition will also improve your health.

    Sleep is important because when you workout, you create the healthy damage to the muscle cells but when you're sleeping, that's when the cells rebuild and the muscle actually grows.

    Lifting weight is the key to bone mass.

    The media and social media attempts to confuse us because then we're easy prey.

    You have to be your own doctor/ your own health advocate. We all have to be very proactive about your own health! You cannot blindly trust your healthcare providers. The doctors are so focused on treating symptoms, not causes. You need to adapt a healthy lifestyle as preventative medicine.

    To summarize, here's the formula to get healthy and fit this fall:
    1. Eat more lean protein, fruits and vegetables.
    2. Build muscle.
    3. Be your own health advocate.
    4. Adopt a long term mindset.

    You cannot lose more than 1% of your body fat per week. You can lose a lot more weight, but then you're losing water and muscle.

    Muscle is the organ of youth!

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    This is How Misinformation Spreads Like Wildfire

    This is How Misinformation Spreads Like Wildfire

    As a follow up to episode 60, where we discussed the truth about erythritol, which is contrary to popular media headlines, we wanted to explain exactly how misinformation spreads like wildfire across the internet.

    Kate gives a brief overview on how search engines like google work, where social influencers get their information and who is really writing the articles you're consuming and accepting as fact.

    Remember, YOU are responsible for your own health. YOU have to be your own advocate.

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    Bullsh*t Alert: Erythritol Sweetener Will NOT Cause Heart Attack or Stroke

    Bullsh*t Alert: Erythritol Sweetener Will NOT Cause Heart Attack or Stroke

    Countless recent headlines have said, "Zero Calorie Sweeteners Linked to Heart Attack and Stroke."

    We immediately called BULLSH*T and dug into the data. Unfortunately, this is another example of the media misleading our population. You have to do your own research. Your health is at stake!

    Here's what these articles failed to mention: 

    #1. The participants in the recent study from Nature Medicine which was cited in these articles ALL had pre-existing conditions! In the U.S. cohort alone, 75% had coronary heart disease, 70% had hypertension and the youngest participant was 55 years old.

    #2. The sweetener they're attacking is erythritol. It's a sugar alcohol, naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's produced during the act of digestion when you've eaten sugar. So OF COURSE, it's detected in the blood streams of people who've eaten sugar, and the SUGAR is more likely to blame for any adverse events.

    #3. Several studies have found very positive results from the consumption of erythritol in humans. It has been proven to improve endothelial function! In another study, diabetics were given 36 grams of erythritol/day and over the course of a month, their blood pressure went down, the aortic stiffness went down and the lining of arteries functioned better.

    We say - SHAME ON YOU to the social media influencers and media outlets who are promoting the spread of this misinformation without thoroughly researching and therefore, harming public health.

    We will continue using our favorite zero-calorie sweeteners which contain erythritol, and we will continue giving them to our children.

    This is because we understand that consuming regular sugar with its high calories, insulin spikes, GMOs, etc etc etc... poses a much higher risk than consuming erythritol.

    Always do your own research!
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    Lift Weights or Die

    Lift Weights or Die

    New study reveals that muscle loss is more dangerous than fat gain!

    According to the results of this study, loss of muscle tissue better predicts a cardiovascular event than does gain in fat mass over a 5 year period of time.
    The data shows that most people place too much focus on preventing fat gain, but really need to focus on the prevention of muscle loss.
    This study showed a greater risk with a 5 year loss of muscle when compared to the associated increased risk of having a heart attack/ cardio event with gain in fat mass. This means that preventing muscle loss is critical to your health and longevity!
    Compared w participants with stable fat mass percentage, those with fat gain had an increased risk of cardiovascular events.
    By contrast, people losing more than 8% of muscle tissue over a 5 year period were 300 times more likely to have a heart attack between ages 50-80!

    WHY? Because muscle supports the metabolic function of the heart.

    Facts to know: 
    Total muscle mass peaks at age 2410-20% is lost between age 24-50Additional 30% of muscle is lost from age 50-80How to gain and maintain muscle, and prevent muscle loss: 
    YOU MUST LIFT WEIGHTS! Consume adequate protein.Link to the study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36721154/

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    Don't Sabotage Your Own Success

    Don't Sabotage Your Own Success

    Our newest virtual program is open for registration - Get Fit with Rodsquad, The 8 Week VIP Experience.

    We're starting Monday, March 6, 2023. Registration is now open with early registration discounts available. Click here to learn more and sign up: https://www.rodsquad.com/getfit
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    Here's what we covered in this episode: 

    Your way of thinking is critically important for your success or lack thereof. You can totally sabotage yourself with the stories you tell yourself and the things you choose to believe. Your thoughts can make or break you! 

    Rod mentions the importance of who you spend the most time with and information you're taking in via social media, tv, coworkers, friends and family and how they shape your reality. 

    Don't fall into this trap! You must check yourself before you wreck yourself. Are you living way UNDER your full potential due to your lack mindset/ mentality? 

    Your thoughts lead to beliefs which lead to actions! 

    We debunked two myths: 
    Do men have an easier time losing weight?Can menopause really hold you back from getting in the best shape of your life?Also...
    What do hormones, age, gender and metabolism have to do with fitness progress? You are ultimately in charge of what you put in your mouth and how much you move. 
    Every time you diet, you kill your metabolism by losing muscle. When you gain the weight back, you don’t gain the muscle back. 
    When it comes down to body composition, you have 5 options: 
    Move moreEat less Both Accept and embrace fatnessPlay the blame game Take responsibility! There's 168 hours per week. If you sleep 8/day, you have about 115 left that you could be moving and acting like the person you want to become! And that’s going to shape you! Literally and figuratively.

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