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Talks with people living and working along the Mother Road

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Talks with people living and working along the Mother Road

    55. Barbed Wire Museum, McLean, TX

    55. Barbed Wire Museum, McLean, TX

    The Devil's Rope (Barbed Wire) Museum along Route 66 in Mclean, TX, is probably one of the most unusual museums along The Mother Road.
    Join host Anthony Arno, as he talks with 90 year old curator Delbert Trew all about his museum and collection of over 800 different types of barbed wire.  Cited as one of the most important inventions during the Industrial Revolution, the museum features anything and everything related to barbed wire, including art, tools, medicines, books, and use during warfare.
    There are many interesting museums along Route 66, but perhaps one of the most interesting is the Devil’s Rope Museum with its collection of over 800 examples of barbed wire. 

    Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with Delbert Trew, the 90 year old curator of the Devil’s Rope Museum in McLean, TX. Highlights from the show include: 

    Why visit a barbed wire museum? 
    McClean’s “other” fame to claim- Alfred Rowe 
    McClean’s Mayor Passenger # XXX on the Titanic 
    McLain’s once popular Brassiere Factory 
    History of the American cowboy 
    What problem does barbed wire solve? 
    Origin of Devil’s Rope name for barbed wire 
    Barbed Wire- Rancher or Farmer’s best friend? 
    The most popular wire all visitors must see! 
    Barbed Wire: Tools, Medicine, Books, Art, Poetry, Wartime 
    Barbed Wire in song
    Modern versions of Barbed Wire 
    Delbert’s initial interest in Barbed Wire 
    Books published by Delbert on Ranching, Barbed Wire, and other interests  
    Devil’s Rope Museum featuring Route 66 memorabilia 
    Visiting Devil’s Rope Museum 
    Other Route 66 attractions in McLean, TX 

    • 1 hr 4 min
    54. Remembering Ramona Lehman - The Munger Moss Motel (Encore)

    54. Remembering Ramona Lehman - The Munger Moss Motel (Encore)

    The Route 66 Podcast pays a special tribute to Ramona Lehman, who passed away on August 2, 2023, at the age of 85 years old.
    This episode was originally released in 2021 as Ramona celebrated her 50th year operating the Munger Moss Motel. 

    Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with Ramona about
    How does an Iowa farm girl wind up on Route 66? Honeymooning along Route 66 Early history of The Munger Moss Motel Origin of the Munger Moss Name Remembering her late husband, Bob Lehman Helping businesses along Route 66 get established The early days when Ramona arrived at The Munger Moss Discovering garages that were once part of the motel Ramona’s room recommendation at The Munger Moss Long term residents at The Munger Moss The Munger Moss: To sell or not to sell? Will the children carry on the Munger Moss tradition? The world famous Munger Moss Neon sign Celebrating 50 years at The Munger Moss Most memorable guests to walk through the door Meeting the original owner many years later – Emmitt Moss Maintaining the Munger Moss sign Constant flow of picture takers along Route 66 Most popular Munger Moss items for sale in the lobby Bob Lehman’s prized toy collection The biggest challenge in 50 years at The Munger Moss The very first in-ground pool in Lebanon, Missouri arrives at The Munger Moss Ramona’s last vacation Preserving Route 66 for future generations Is Ramona as famous locally as she is with Route 66 travelers? Ramona’s Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren visiting at The Munger Moss Sales pitch for The Munger Moss 2021 Next item on Ramona’s Bucket list A Ramona Lehman Revelation: Where hasn’t she been along Route 66?  (The answer WILL surprise you!) Long Live Route 66  

    • 41 min
    53. Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Service Station

    53. Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Service Station

    The Rancho Cucamonga Service Station in California opened for business in 1915, eleven years before the birth of Route 66.  The station itself was established prior to the westward migration of travelers and automobiles, but did play an important role in supporting the citrus growers in the region with much needed fuel to support heaters throughout the orchids.
    Join Route 66 Podcast host Anthony Arno, as he talks with Anthony Gonzales, President of the Inland Empire California (IECA) and how the local community worked together to restore the only period service station along Route 66 in California.
    Highlights from. the show include:
    Origin of Rancho Cucamonga name
    Early history of Service Station before Route 66 and automobiles
    Architect John Klusman and other popular buildings in the area
    Building design
    The popularity of Ridgefield Oil Company to later become part of ARCO
    Origin of Ridgefield sign atop of service station
    From peak years to eventual demise
    How a billboard company (Lamar Advertising) agrees to support a Route 66 interest with just one condition
    IECA established to preserve the station
    How Anthony Gonzales became interested
    Unexpected surprises upon turning the key to an abandoned gas station
    Service station artifacts and future plans
    Impressive awards as a result of the restoration progress
    Annual Car Show
    Other area attractions along Route 66

    • 1 hr 17 min
    52. Gilligan's Route 66 Tours

    52. Gilligan's Route 66 Tours

    Join Route 66 Podcast host Anthony Arno as he talks with Sam Murray, the person behind Gilligan's Route 66 Tours.  Gilligan's specializes in providing international tourists a first-class 23 day experience along Route 66, including driving in convertible Ford Mustang's and stays at some of the most iconic Route 66 motels.
    Features include Sam Murray talking about
    Growing up in New Zealand and his earliest road trips First trip to the US as a youngster Buying an RV and touring Route 66 Origin of Gilligan name for tour company Life as a MX Rally Racer Gilligan's Route 66 Tours Overview Logistics of a typical tour  

    • 1 hr 22 min
    51. The Joliet Prison

    51. The Joliet Prison

    The Joliet Prison, in Joliet IL, is one of the oldest prisons in the United States that housed both criminals and enemies from the Civil War.  Popularized by the popular movie, The Blues Brothers, the Joliet Prison permanently closed in 2002 and began drawing national attention about the possibility of being operated as a tourist destination along Route 66.

    Join Route 66 Podcast host Anthony Arno as he talks with Greg Peerbolte, Chief Executive Officer of the Old Joliet Prison Historic Site.  Together, they talk about the entire 144 year operational history of the prison, including the on the following topics:
    Early history and construction during the Civil War William Boyington - noted Chicago architect Daily life at Joliet Prison Special holidays at Joliet Prison Joliet Prison as a manufacturing center  Popular wardens at Joliet Prison Did Chicken Joe Campbell really murder the warden's wife? Ida B. Wells, Civil Rights advocate and founder of the NAACP,  visits Joliet in support for Campbell's fair trial Notorious inmates at Joliet through the years 1 year sentence at Joliet for stealing the body of President Lincoln Prison tourism Attempted escapes at Joliet The most unusual inmate who tried to break into Joliet Turning the ruins of Joliet into art The Blues Brothers at Joliet Female inmates

    • 1 hr 18 min
    50. BOOK RELEASE: ABC, What Do You See? Rolling Along on Route 66

    50. BOOK RELEASE: ABC, What Do You See? Rolling Along on Route 66

    The latest episode features the release of the book, ABC, What Do You See?  Rolling Along Route 66 with author Annette Murray and illustrator Joyce Cole.  
    Don't mistake this book as a simple picture book for pre-schoolers!  ABC, What Do You See?  Rolling Along Route 66 is full of whimsical illustrations and lyrical language, having true appeal for both young and old fans of Route 66.  The book is educational, introducing readers to geography, art, architecture, weather, wildlife and many other wonders waiting to be discovered on the 2,448-mile highway.
    Highlights include:
    Earliest memory of Route 66 Joyce's role with the Route 66 Passport Annette's teaching career and early love of reading Origin of ABC, What Do You See? Rolling Along Route 66 and how the author and illustrator met Annette reads from her favorite page Joyce shares her favorite illustrations The planning phase during a worldwide pandemic Writing a Children's book versus and Adult book Writing Challenges in relating Route 66 in ABC order instead of traveling from Chicago to Santa Monica The challenging letters along Route 66: Q, X, and Z Are there any stops in the book that would be new for the typical Route 66 fan? Settling on a cover image for ABC Book Sequence of book drafts before being finalized for printing The book publishing process When Annette and Joyce met for the very first time Promotional game plan for ABC Book Book publishing challenges and rewards Annette's family connection to Tulsa Mayor Visiting Route 66 Visitors Museum & Gift Shop in Pontiac    
    Website: authorannettemurray.com

    • 1 hr 2 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

StaticJ ,

The magic of Route 66

Anthony Arno clearly sees that the magic of Route 66 comes from the people of Route 66 and their stories. As a Californian traveling the route I will never forget the down to earth openness of the people I met on my journey. It is the magic of the these encounters that will keep me returning to the mother road. Thank you Anthony.

NMjack ,


I’m a trucker of 37 years now and remember driving parts of the now old and decommissioned route. I’ve logged over 3 million miles and probably 1/2 of that or more was along Route 66. Love the retelling of its history. What I’d like to learn about is the story behind the Uranus chocolate shop in Missouri. It looks like a fun place but not truck friendly. It looks fun and has an rv park and so much more.

Brandlefly ,

Excellent For All

If you have any interest in Route 66, whether you are a newbie planning your first trip or an expert that already knows the names and places that are included herein, there is something here for you.

Listening to the Anthony Arno’s podcasts for the first time without knowing anything was unbelievably helpful in my trip planning. Listening to them a second time really solidified my knowledge of The Mother Road.

This is a “must listen” podcast.

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