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Honest takes! Deep dives! A geek podcast hosted by @RoGazga @Jedi4Liberty @Chantal729 Proud member of @Red5Network! #WeAreRed5 #Red5Family

Scarif Scuttlebutt Podcast Scarif Scuttlebutt Podcast

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Honest takes! Deep dives! A geek podcast hosted by @RoGazga @Jedi4Liberty @Chantal729 Proud member of @Red5Network! #WeAreRed5 #Red5Family

    EP115 Andor Week 1

    EP115 Andor Week 1

    Straight from ScarifLive on YouTube, we're dropping our review and discussion audio from this past weekend covering the first three episodes of Andor! We had such an amazing group in the chat and we're looking forward to continuing the discussion Saturdays on YouTube.

    Chanty, Ro and Brad really give this series a fair shake so far and it seems that Andor is a hit for us here on the show. Andor is setting up to be a serious more grounded series that we feel fits fairly well into the Star Wars universe. Not everyone feels the same. Check out the show here and join us on ScarifLive Saturdays, ONLY on the Red5Network.

    • 1 hr 31 min
    EP114 Latino Slant

    EP114 Latino Slant

    We're dropping a special episode on a special day with some great discussion with our pal Paulie from the Latino Slant Channel on YouTube. Ro and Paulie talk about Hispanic Heritage month and all the cool stuff we're excited to experience like Andor on Disney Plus.

    But that's not all. Our discussion takes us on a journey of sight and mind through the peaks and valleys of Latino talent. Break open a bottle of Mezcal and let's hear about Paulie's discussion with actor Paul Calderon, non traditional casting, the power house actors and talents of Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Diego Luna as we all wait for the three episode premiere of Andor.

    We also touch on what's taking so long to get the next installment of Alita off the ground plus the exciting new project backed by Edward James Olmos on the inspiration for Zorro and Batman, the Story of Joaquin Murrieta. Don't miss this exciting special discussion.

    Listen to Paulie's chat with actor Paul Calderon in the link below:

    Proud founding member of the Red5Network! #ThatsTheScuttlebutt

    • 53 min
    EP113 Big Screen Talk

    EP113 Big Screen Talk

    With the re-release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the big screen in late August, we noticed a few other favorite movies were being released on the big screen. We wanted to talk to our friend Nick, another big screen fan and see what that's all about.

    We've always advocated for movies on the big screen and classic films are back. Did you catch ET, Wrath of Khan or Jaws back in theaters recently? Let's dive in and see why we love our movies in a darkened theater.

    PLUS, Chanty, Ro and Josh have interviews from fans right after the Rogue One screening. Let's listen in and see what they thought of the new footage.

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    • 49 min
    EP112 Serials

    EP112 Serials

    What a great discussion with our friend Melanie from Twitter. Her knowledge of old Hollywood made this episode golden as we discussed the old serials of yesteryear. There have been a lot of our movie franchise favorites that have been inspired by those old serials. Let's talk about why they were so cool, from a gone by era.

    We start out by discussing some old favorite radio dramas and talk about the theater of the mind and zip on over to the likes of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and more. Thanks for listening to this one. We had a blast and we hope you do too!

    As always, we are a proud founding member of the Red5Network!

    • 1 hr 4 min
    EP111 Ten Things We Hate About Star Wars

    EP111 Ten Things We Hate About Star Wars

    Ro and Brad are getting saucy on this one. The laser eye'd baby in the thumbnail says it all. We sit down and make a list about the things we don't like about Star Wars and this list is a doozy. From fan interaction to gas mileage and even wanting more Star Trek in our Star Wars? We'll let Ro explain that one.

    Make sure you chime in, we're bound to say some stuff you may not agree with, but oh well. Let us know what that is.

    So much hate, so much scuttlebutt, but a lot more fun than a funny looking YouTuber. Check it out!

    Proud founding member of the Red5Network!

    • 1 hr 6 min
    She - Hulk Review And Discussion

    She - Hulk Review And Discussion

    Straight from ScarifLIVE on YouTube, if you missed our LIVE discussion and review on the first episode of She-Hulk, we'll put it in your ears. Guest Andrew from the @Sci_Fictionary on Twitter and another one of our Red5Network shows, discuss and break down the first episode.

    We had a good time in the chat, but if you couldn't make it and are interested in hearing what we thought, check it out, it's here!

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Mogulmike2015 ,

Great convo!

What a joy - Latino Slant is a great channel - you’re a great podcast host! Just found your podcast & looking forward to getting caught up on other shows you’ve done!

Ab2793 ,

Get ready to nerd out!

This show is so much fun! I find myself talking with the hosts sometimes and also laughing out loud ALOT! The best thing I think about this show is that even if your not a super nerd like I am you can still enjoy, laugh and have a great time with this show! I love the hosting and the topics are spot on as well as the takes on the topics. I would definitely recommend this show!

MattVader74 ,

Amazing Podcast for ALL Star Wars fans.

One of the best Star Wars / Nerd Pods out there. Passionate and knowledgeable hosts who just want to spread some love and bring the fandom together. United in our love of all things Nerd. Thanks for doing your thing guys.

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