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SEDScast is a student-run podcast about space! We talk with industry professionals about a variety of space topics. The podcast is produced by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).


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SEDScast is a student-run podcast about space! We talk with industry professionals about a variety of space topics. The podcast is produced by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).

    #41 Mike Kincaid

    #41 Mike Kincaid

    Mike Kincaid is the Associate Administrator for STEM Engagement at NASA. He has served NASA for more than 30 years, having started as an intern at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in 1987. In his current role, Mike oversees strategic direction and leadership for the Office of STEM Engagement, which involves America’s students, educators, and institutions in NASA’s unique missions, contributing to mission success, as well as the nation’s overall STEM education ecosystem. In addition, Mike is NASA’s representative on the International Space Education Board (ISEB). You can check out NASA’s STEM Engagement opportunities at https://www.nasa.gov/stem.

    Hosted by Chad Cerutti and Riley Schnee.


    00:00 - Introductions
    00:48 - Guest background
    02:41 - Getting interested in space
    04:33 - Starting at NASA
    05:37 - Day-to-day role
    08:09 - Handling the different target audiences for STEM@NASA
    16:42 - Effect of Artemis and commercial spaceflight on public interest in space
    21:35 - Working with international partners
    23:58 - Advice
    29:38 - Engagement for Crew-2 mission
    31:35 - Involving non-STEM majors in space

    • 34 min
    #40 Anja Blaj

    #40 Anja Blaj

    Anja Blaj is the CSO of Future Law Institute and the President of Blockchian Think Tank Slovenia. Anja works in areas of law that are rapidly advancing, such as space and blockchain applications. In this episode we discuss the current state and future challenges associated with space law and laws of other planetary bodies. We also walk through how legal precedent is established in emerging areas such as blockchain and commercial space operations. You can find Anja on LinkedIn or on Twitter @anjablaj. 

    Hosted by Owen Marr and Badhon Tithi. 


    00:00 - Introductions 
    01:23 - Guest background 
    04:45 - Getting interested in space 
    06:52 - State of space law 
    10:13 - Current work and interests 
    11:27 - Mining laws 
    13:51 - Moving towards unity 
    16:43 - Educating the public 
    20:34 - Blockchain and non nation-states 
    26:11 - Making changes to blockchain 
    33:06 - Advice 
    36:27 - Social media

    • 37 min
    #39 Shaun D’Mello

    #39 Shaun D’Mello

    Shaun D’Mello is the VP of Launch for Rocket Lab. In this episode, we asked Shaun all about Rocket Lab’s new projects: building a new medium-launch vehicle called Neutron and becoming a publicly traded company. We also talked about Rocket Lab’s rich history of success in the space industry, and how they’ve managed to succeed when so many others have failed.

    Hosted by Owen Marr and Chad Cerutti.


    00:00 - Introductions
    01:04 - Guest background
    03:21 - Joining Rocket Lab
    06:14 - Reusable vehicles
    10:26 - Rocket Lab expansion
    13:18 - Other companies coming to New Zealand
    14:48 - Contributors of success for Rocket Lab
    17:10 - Future missions
    19:03 - Neutron overview
    25:06 - Competing in the small launch industry
    28:04 - Company going public
    30:57 - Launch naming
    32:29 - Future work
    33:58 - Advice
    40:05 - Social media

    • 41 min
    #38 Daniel Faber

    #38 Daniel Faber

    Daniel Faber is the CEO of Orbit Fab, Inc. Orbit Fab is developing propellant infrastructure for satellites in Earth orbit. (Think gas stations in space!) Daniel has held several previous roles in the space industry, including CEO of Deep Space Industries from 2012 to 2017. In this episode, Daniel discusses his vision for the future of space and the role Orbit Fab will play in this growing ecosystem.

    Hosted by Owen Marr and Rupal Nigam.


    00:00 - Introductions
    01:26 - Guest background
    05:14 - Experiences at Deep Space Industries
    08:05 - How to accomplish goals
    09:48 - Details and logistics on OrbitFab
    15:38 - Targeted satellites
    17:04 - Standardization of parts
    21:58 - Compatibility with existing satellites
    23:31 - Current progress
    25:28 - Minimum Viable Product specifications
    26:07 - Future timeline
    32:26 - Advice

    • 37 min
    #37 Joe Barnard

    #37 Joe Barnard

    Joe Barnard is the owner of BPS.space, a model rocketry component business that attempts to replicate recent innovations in the space industry at the model scale. Joe runs the BPS.space YouTube channel, where he undertakes challenges, such as VTVL (Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing), orbital-class model rockets, and custom build launch setups. His goal is to give the next generation of scientists and engineers hands-on experience with advanced rocketry components and show that anyone with ambition can get into model rocketry.

    Hosted by Chad Cerutti and Michael Messere.


    00:00 - Introductions
    02:16 - Guest Background
    06:35 - Starting BPS
    09:57 - Challenges in landing rockets
    12:14 - Current projects
    19:00 - Dealing with imposter syndrome
    22:14 - Future milestones
    26:18 - Launch day prep
    31:20 - Scariest moments
    33:20 - Launch locations
    35:40 - Future careers
    37:30 - Advice

    • 41 min
    #36 Moriba Jah

    #36 Moriba Jah

    Moriba Jah is an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin, where he is the holder of the Mrs. Pearlie Dashiell Henderson Centennial Fellowship in Engineering. In this role, Moriba focuses on space traffic and the dangers associated with in-space collisions. He is also a TED fellow and a public advocate of space debris awareness. Learn more about Moriba and his work at flow.page/moriba.

    Hosted by Owen Marr and Riley Schnee.


    00:00 - Intro and Guest background
    05:20 - PhD and Early career
    10:55 - AstriaGraph
    15:55 - Space debris accumulation
    20:25 - Cleaning space debris
    25:25 - Debris mitigation
    29:30 - Accountability
    33:45 - Public engagement
    40:30 - Advice

    • 45 min

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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

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