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Welcome to Shaping Freedom where we teach you how to create the change you want so you are empowered to author a life story you love to read. I am your host, Lisane Basquiat. Each week I'll speak with inspirational leaders and we'll explore and share practical ways to create extraordinary life experiences!

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Welcome to Shaping Freedom where we teach you how to create the change you want so you are empowered to author a life story you love to read. I am your host, Lisane Basquiat. Each week I'll speak with inspirational leaders and we'll explore and share practical ways to create extraordinary life experiences!

    Sustainable Communal Living with Keith Mitchell

    Sustainable Communal Living with Keith Mitchell

    This week I’m joined by Keith Mitchell, a former professional football player in the NFL and now a meditation, yoga, and mindfulness teacher focused on sustainable living practices and whole body health.
    After a spinal injury forced him to retire from his professional sports career, Keith was forced to reimagine his life. Since then, he has spent the last 20 years exploring the mind-body connection and bringing the tools of self-realization to people around him.
    Today we’ll talk about the importance of sustainable and communal living practices in healing the body and the mind, the value of self observation and avoiding the victim state, and what strategies we can use to create the change we want to see in our lives. With the help of Keith Mitchell, we’ll discuss the healing power of being present, and what it means in our day to day lives.

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    41: Anti-hustle w/ Jadah Sellner

    41: Anti-hustle w/ Jadah Sellner

    This week I’m joined by Jadah Sellner, host of the Lead with Love® podcast, best-selling author, business coach, TEDx speaker, poet and entrepreneur. With her anti-hustle philosophy, Jadah helps people avoid burnout while building businesses that can flourish and focus on the humans behind the business.On today’s episode we are diving into hustle culture, why it persists and how we can do things differently. We talk about her new book, She Builds, and her tips on how to nourish ourselves while building a life of our dreams. Jadah guides us through how to listen inward and how to block out the things that don’t feel right to us. Plus, how she found a creative process that worked for her and how you can find that too.If you’ve been questioning if you need to go-go-go all the time, this conversation is for you. You’ll learn how to navigate the seasons of life, who to have on your support squad, and most importantly, how you can enjoy the process.
    Get a copy of Jadah's book #SheBuilds now:https://jadahsellner.com/she-builds-book/

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    40: A Pathway to Forgiveness w/ Dr. Robert Enright

    40: A Pathway to Forgiveness w/ Dr. Robert Enright

    This week I’m joined by Dr. Robert Enright, a pioneering force in the scientific study of forgiveness and a professor in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
    Over the last nearly 40 years, he and his colleagues have developed a pathway to forgiveness that has helped people who have endured severe personal and societal trauma. His recent work has been focused on bringing forgiveness programs to children so that they can apply these principles more easily as adults.
    Today we’ll talk about what exactly forgiveness is and what it is not, how we go about forgiving even the most severe injustices, and what happens to us in our bodies and in our minds when we do. With Dr. Enright’s help, we’ll bring the healing power of forgiveness to the front of the conversation, where it needs to be.

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    39: Your Life Wellness Legacy w/ Aaron Robinson

    39: Your Life Wellness Legacy w/ Aaron Robinson

    In an episode that plays like an open letter between a Mother and Son, this heartfelt conversation between host Lisane Basquiat and guest Aaron Robinson speaks to the journey of creating and defining your life wellness legacy. Join Lisane and Aaron as they discuss the life-changing power of meditation, self-discovery, and sharing your gifts with the world.
    Aaron Robinson is a meditation coach and the host of Opening Presence - a podcast created to aid those on the path of self-realization. Over the last 4 years, he has dedicated himself to creating spaces for healing, personal growth, and accountability through mindfulness workshops and public talks for corporations, non-profits, schools, and communities. Realizing that most people struggle with consistency in their meditation practice, Aaron has created a modern framework for beginners to apply whenever they fall out of their routine. Through collective experiences we see that showing up isn’t just half of the battle, it’s the whole damn thing.

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    38: Defining Your Legacy with Brandy Knight

    38: Defining Your Legacy with Brandy Knight

    Brandy Knight, the Esoteric Exorcist is the CEO of her healing arts company, Inner Caulling LLC. She is a dedicated mother, Accountability Coach, Emotional Release Specialist, Kundalini Yogic Alchemist and an international best selling author with her contributions to Legacy Speaks. Her no b******t approach attracts those who are ready to walk through the shadow and shift things for themselves in big ways. The driving force fueling Brandy’s work is to provide the guidance people might need in order to remember why they chose this life so they may fulfill their mission and transcend.

    In this conversation, Brandy and Lisane discuss walking a path of self expression, the importance of emotional release and some practices for it, as well as the benefits of addressing things in the moment. Paramount to self expression is the time we take daily to tune in and listen to ourselves, to quiet down enough to be able to learn who we truly are. When we walk the planet taking in only external stimuli and reacting to what people are doing and saying and the circumstances that befall us, we can literally carve ourselves out of the equation. The practice of sitting down a couple of times a day, getting quiet, and connecting are ways to help us to witness who we really are, and how we're really behaving on this planet so that we can course correct where we need to or bring out of us the things that we really want to bring out.

    Connect with Brandy at https://innercaulling.com/ or on Instagram @innercaulling 

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    37: Choosing to Grow with Yvonne Michelle Toney

    37: Choosing to Grow with Yvonne Michelle Toney

    The intention of the Shaping Freedom podcast is to share the stories of everyday people who are doing extraordinary things. Those extraordinary things are sometimes not about the huge accomplishments that people make. It's more about how people are BEING in the midst of some of the challenges that we encounter in life, even while doing all of the beautiful, extraordinary things that human beings have the capacity and ability to do. Yvonne Michelle Toney is just one of those women. She finds ways to show up powerfully, authentically, and with the generosity of spirit to share her triumphs while navigating this journey of life that we're all on.

    Yvonne Michelle was born in the Ancon Canal Zone in Panama City to an Army Service Member and Panamanian mother. She was raised in the city of Chicago, where she went to school and resided on the North Side. Yvonne Michelle also spent a huge part of her childhood with her grandmother, Annie Mae, on the Side Side of Chicago. She currently resides in Aurora IL.

    Yvonne Michelle enlisted in the United States Navy at age 19 and served in Operation Enduring Freedom where she obtained the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. She then obtained a degree in business and worked various jobs including jobs in corporate America. She opened her own store, Cotton Seed Creative Exchange, in September of 2019 and 5 months later COVID hit. Needless to say, the last couple of years have been a struggle, but Yvonne Michelle perseveres. In the future, she plans on working with other creatives in the arts, organizing creative events, starting her own coffee line, and continuing to create one-of-a-kind things, events, and atmospheres.

    Connect with Yvonne Michelle at https://www.thecottonseedex.com/ or on Instagram @yvonnemichelle and @thecottonseedcreativeexchange.

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12 Ratings

Tytyyyyytyy22335 ,


All of the stories of entrepreneurship has left me inspired to succeed. Thank you for this show!

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Yes please

I love hearing the highs and lows of business entrepreneurs and ventures! More more more more MORE!

Tammy Ann ,

Spot on life advice for those wanting to think on the next level!

I am seriously enjoying Lisane’s podcast! She and her guests have said so much to inspire serious though and mental breakthroughs for things I have been wondering to myself for quite some time! I look forward to each new episode and hope for many many more!

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