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A Podcast about creating Flavor. We explore flavor and show you the technique and history to go with the recipe. Show notes and links to recipes and technique videos can be found here: https://sharingtheflavor.com

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A Podcast about creating Flavor. We explore flavor and show you the technique and history to go with the recipe. Show notes and links to recipes and technique videos can be found here: https://sharingtheflavor.com

    Roasting coffee with Cutbow Coffee

    Roasting coffee with Cutbow Coffee

    Roasting Coffee with Cutbow CoffeeIn this episode we interview Paul Gallegos of Cutbow Coffee in Alburquerqe New Mexico. 
    Paul was trained in roasting at Peet's coffee and has been roasting coffee for 30 years. 
    Paul shares with us the history of Peet's coffee and their early relationship with Starbucks. He talks about the specialty coffee movement started by Alfred Peet. He mentions how, at the same time in the 60's, the Berkley California scene also started the Farm to Table movement, with Alice Water's Chez Panisse. 
    Paul educates us on coffee varieties and cultivation and the bean belt of countries across the world that produce coffee. He discusses about the care needed in selecting coffee and how it is similar to wine making.
    Giovanni and Paul discuss Italian coffee roasters such as Illy and Sant'Eustachio. They also discuss the region of Trieste, which is the most known region of Italy for coffee production
    We also delve into the roasting process and how this imparts flavor into the coffee before the coffee drink is made. 
    A show cannot be complete without a food reference and Paul mentions a recipe for short ribs with coffee.

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    All Souls Day Celebrations

    All Souls Day Celebrations

    In this episode we discuss the celebrations surrounding All Saints Day(November 1rst) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). From Mexico's Dia de Los Muertos to Italy's regional celebrations we disuss the traditions and food associated with these days of remembrance.
    Vanessa guides us through the celebrations in areas like Atlixco where altars are decorated and celebrations include Pane de Muerto.
    Gio discusses traditions in north and south Italy and some of the regional foods. Gio also mentions that Abruzzo has celebrations that include Jack O'Lanterns.
    We discuss Italian food from Minestra di Ceci Soup and Pan dei Morti in the north to the wonderful sweets of Naples and Sicily like Ossa dei Morti and Rame di Napoli. In Marche there is a biscuit recipe for Fave dei Morti.
    Vanessa features at the end a great chocolate cookie recipe from Naples called Biscotti Toto.
    The MenuPan de Muerto. Minestra di CeciFave dei MortiBiscotti Totò

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    Road Trip - Abruzzo

    Road Trip - Abruzzo

    Italy Roadtrip - AbruzzoIn this episode we continue our trip to the north and visiting the eastern central region of Abruzzo. Abruzzo is situated due east of Rome and stretches from the Apennine mountains (including Gran Sasso) to the Adriatic Sea. This give Abruzzo the benefit of mountains as well as seafood along it's coast.
    Abruzzo contains mountain ski resorts like Campo Imperatore as well as towns such as l'Aquila that date back to Middle Ages and Renaissance. Along the Adriatic you will find the coastal port city of Pescara.
    While not a widely know region for culinary items, Abruzzo has made its contributions to cuisine of Italy.
    Abruzzo is considered a southern region of Italy, even though it is central. Abruzzo is known for it's high quality Saffron of l'Aquila, Colline Termane Olive Oil, Liquorice of Atri, and Honey. They are also know for Truffles, Lamb and Rosemary. 
    Check out this video on the honey of Abruzzo.
    Abruzzo is also known for their Salumi, like Mortadella di Campotosto, Spaghetti alla Chitarra and Torrone. To make Spaghetti alla Chitarra you use a Pasta Chitarra (Guitar).
    The MenuPallotte Cacio e Uova. Fregnacce AbruzzesiScripelle MbusseSpaghetti alla ChitarraCiabottoArrosticiniFerratelle and Coperchiole Abruzzesi con Miele e Nocia href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montepulciano_d%27Abruzzo" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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    Cucina Povera with Giulia Scarpaleggia

    Cucina Povera with Giulia Scarpaleggia

    Cucina Povera with Giulia ScarpaleggiaIn this episode we are in Tuscany and talking with author and food blogger Giulia Scarpaleggia. Giulia has a new book available called Cucina Povera.
    We discuss her blog Juls' Kitchen as well as her studio and cooking classes.
    We discuss Tuscan cooking and importance of bread making and use of stale bread in Tuscan cuisine. Along with bread we discuss cured meats and the great Salume of Tuscany. We discuss the unique Chestnut flour and pasta and desserts made from this flour. Lastly we discuss the Tuscan diet and the importance of beans in Tuscany.
    About GiuliaJuls' KitchenCooking with an Italian Accent PodcastCucina PoveraLetters from Tuscany Newletter
    The MenuPappa al PomodoroLasagne bastarde di castagne con sugo di nociCastagnaccio, a Tuscan chestnut cakeTuscan fagioli all’uccellettoRibolitta

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    Road Trip - Liguria - Italian Riviera

    Road Trip - Liguria - Italian Riviera

    Italy Roadtrip - Liguria/Italian RivieraIn this episode we continue our trip to the north and visiting the coastal region of Liguria. Liguria is home to the city of Genoa as well as the Italian Riviera, which is famous and includes the Cinque Terre (five lands), Portofino as well as other coast cities. Check out this Eva Celine Youtube on the area.
    Liguria Cuisine is famous for Focaccia, Pesto and Seafood.
    We talk about how to make Focaccia at home and also commented on professional chefs making it from famous bakeries like Marinetta and Michelin star restaurant The Cook. Check out this video on Focaccia Genovese from Marinetta. Here is a video on how to make Focaccia di Recco.
    We highlight a dish made by Vanessa called Polpettone di fagiolini e patate from the website memoriediangelina.com. This is a fabulous "loaf" of potatoes, green beans and cheese.
    For Seafood we discuss Ciuppin (seafood soup) as well as Muscoli Ripieni (stuffed mussels). This recipe for mussels is from Grazia Andreotti of the restaurant Da Aristide.
    For dessert we discuss Sciacchetra wine and Canestrelli cookies.
    Lastly Vanessa introduces us to a hilarious book, A Certain Hunger for which she did a recent blog post. Be sure to check it out!
    I'm a Pixar fan and here is a story behind the movie Luca, which is based in Cinque Terre.


    The MenuFocaccia. I used this youtube from Preppy KitchenPasta alla...

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    Road Trip - Valle d'Aosta

    Road Trip - Valle d'Aosta

    Italy Roadtrip - Valle d'AostaPlease support Emilia-RomagnaThe region of Emilia-Romagna was devastated by the worst flooding in 100 years. Emilia-Romagna is one of the most important agricultural regions in Italy, and this disaster had a huge effect on the economy as well as the health and safety of the people of that region. For more information on the floods, you can read this article from The Guardian as well as one about the current clean up efforts and EU efforts to help. The Local has a list of ways to give to help this area.
    Thank you, now on to the episode...
    In this episode we continue our trip to the north and visit the smallest region of Italy, Valle d'Aosta, which borders Switzerland and France's Mont Blanc. The area is incredibly picturesque and has a single city, Aosta. The area is known for the castles and forts that are in the valley hillsides. Fort Bard is an example and was discussed in the show. It is also known as a destination for skiiing. Check out this video of the area.
    Valle d'Aosta features Alpine and French influenced food. Polenta, Beef, Cheese and Salumi and Chestnuts are widely used in the area for food. The area is known for the amazing milk produced and this is a big part of cheese production.
    We highlight Fontina cheese which is the most important cheese from the area and is used in many dishes. From Fonduta to Polenta, Risotto and cheese boards it is a great and versatile cheese.
    We also discuss a dish called Carbonade which is commonly served with Polenta.
    For dessert we discuss Mont Blanc
    For our episode Vanessa made Risotto Alla Valdostana using Fontine cheese and I made Risotto al Salto.
    The MenuCheese Board with Fontina, Toma, Lardo and BresaolaFonduta alla ValdostanaCarbonade...

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1 Rating

Foodieprincess0312 ,

Very entertaining and educational

This is a great food podcast. All three of the hosts seem to have a very good grasp of cooking techniques, and the wittiness between them is often very funny. The recipes that they share sound very mouthwatering and I particularly like the science and the technique described. The episode on tiramisu was very funny. Give this one a listen if you want to learn more about general cooking techniques and Italian food.

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