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Grab a pen, a piece of paper, or your notes app as we prepare and learn how to grow mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically; while doing so purposefully...together.

Sharpher Chelsea A

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Grab a pen, a piece of paper, or your notes app as we prepare and learn how to grow mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically; while doing so purposefully...together.

    EP 4: “I’m Saved! Now What?”

    EP 4: “I’m Saved! Now What?”

    Welcome back to the podcast! We are so excited and so blessed that you all have decided to tune in with us! The title of this episode is "I'm Saved! Now what?"

    They always encourage us to get saved and to give our lives to Christ, but what next? What happens after that? What do you do when temptations arise? How do you handle your friendships now that you are saved? How do you handle people telling you that you've changed? How do you not perform when it comes to your walk with God? How do you maintain that genuine faith?

    This episode goes over it all! While also providing our journey of how we became saved, what we have gone through, and what we do to overcome. This episode emphasizes the power of community, prayer, worship, and learning God for yourself.

    I am so excited to have you all here, this is my prayer for you: that you may come to know God, through personal experience. Lord, I thank you for the person's life who is reading this. You looked at the entire Earth and said: "Wait, (fill in your name) isn't here. I need this individual here to fulfill the purpose I have set out for them in the world. God looked at you and called you worthy, He needed you on this Earth! Lord, we thank you for choosing us. We glorify you and worship your Holy name. We ask that you forgive us for our sins...save as many souls possible, and we humble ourselves, we open our hearts so that you can use us to save souls as well. I pray that the person reading this hears and sees exactly what they need, Lord you know what we need before we even ask. Do what only you can do. Cause all things to work out together for our good, and let us to become who you've called us to be. Do not let us wait or waste another second to not be who you've called us to be. Lord, our life is in your hands, we trust you. Help us to not backslide, and for those who aren't saved, we accept you, Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We believe that you came down from Heaven to Earth, died on a cross, just for us...we repent, forgive us for our sins and wash us pure as white snow. Thank you for this day of salvation. We love you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen! Ft (IG):

    • 1 hr 14 min
    EP 5: Stay Connected to the Source

    EP 5: Stay Connected to the Source

    It is so important to stay connected to Jesus.

    • 14 min
    EP 3: For Me Not To Me

    EP 3: For Me Not To Me

    Things aren’t always happening to us, but for us. In this episode we use many scriptures to understand what God’s grace means and the importance of increasing our faith in God. We go through many troubling things here on Earth, but it’s only to grow our faith and help us become who God has called us to be. God is not trying to hurt us, and this episode explains that things aren’t always happening to us, but for us.

    • 24 min
    EP 2: LABELS

    EP 2: LABELS

    Whatever you label yourself, you respond to. We must be careful of labels and what we allow others to call us. This episode goes over the importance of believing who God says you are, because that’s the only word that truly matters. We must find our identity in Christ.

    • 12 min
    EP 1: OVERCOMING ____

    EP 1: OVERCOMING ____

    In life, there are trails and tribulations. Thanks be to God, we are able to overcome anything from the enemy! This episode goes over 6 steps to overcoming while including Bible verses for each point.

    • 21 min
    EP 18: New Year Same God

    EP 18: New Year Same God

    During this time of the year we all have goals and resolutions. It is important that we give those goals to God and make sure that they align with His plan/will for our life. God is constant, He doesn’t change. If we want to have a great and successful year, it’s important that we make God a priority. This episode goes step by step and provides tips on how to make God your #1 priority this year, why you should, and the impact God can have on your life and the lives of those around you this year.

    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

ReviewTomi ,

Encouragement 1000/10

Everything in the podcast is so encouraging! It feels like she’s talking to me or someone specifically, so it’s easy to listen to while doing something else or nothing at all. There’s a lot of gems in this that would definitely help an audience that’s still in school and it coming from someone who’s young herself just makes it all the more great to listen to. idk why you’re still reading this and not listening to it lol

xkkckdkckckx ,

Absolutely beautiful💗

This girl is an amazing human being, she is so beautiful inside and out. For someone as young as her, her mentality and heart is something different. With her inspiring and lifting words, it gives me the motivation and drive everyday. I love her so much!

jane oyekan ,

Love it

She’s very inspirational, I love hearing her point of views on the topics and hearing her journey.

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