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Parenting is tough these days; it can feel even harder when you're doing it alone. That's why we're here - this is Shelf Help, where Montessori and parenting meet. Join Nicole Kavanaugh, Amy Dorsch, and friends to chat about Montessori, kids, mom life, and all the joy in between.

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Parenting is tough these days; it can feel even harder when you're doing it alone. That's why we're here - this is Shelf Help, where Montessori and parenting meet. Join Nicole Kavanaugh, Amy Dorsch, and friends to chat about Montessori, kids, mom life, and all the joy in between.

    Finding Center After a Break

    Finding Center After a Break

    The new year is here and for a lot of us that means a time of reset after a break from our regular routines. In this this week's episode, Nicole explores a couple of ways that she likes to reset her home and get back to Montessori roots following a time of disruption. 

    • 20 min
    Fighting the Urge to Say No

    Fighting the Urge to Say No

    Have you ever felt a gut urge to just say "no" to your child without really stopping to think about why? In this episode, Nicole and Amy explore those feelings, what they mean for us for adults, and how to balance that need for control with our child's need to explore. Why do our children need to explore? How can we make that exploration possible while still balancing our own needs? This podcast dives deeply into exploration, control, and our response as prepared adults. 

    • 44 min
    Parenting Neurodivergent Children

    Parenting Neurodivergent Children

    As parents to multiple neurodivergent children, Nicole and Morgan discuss how parenting with Montessori influences neurodivergent kids. We discuss a shift in our expectations toward our children, how we advocate for our children in schools, with therapists, or doctors. We finish by answering some listener questions about how we deal with specific situations.  
    Show Notes: https://www.thekavanaughreport.com/2023/10/NeurodivergenceandMontessoriPodcast.html 

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Using Montessori Materials at Home

    Using Montessori Materials at Home

    Montessori classrooms are filled with beautiful materials to engage children and spark learning opportunities. But, if your children are going to school, do you really need to own these materials at home? In this week's episode, Nicole and Amy discuss some of the reasons you might consider owning Montessori materials and which to bring home. We also explore some reasons you might skip these materials altogether. 

    Show Notes: https://www.thekavanaughreport.com/2023/10/UsingMaterialsAtHomeMontessori.html 

    • 57 min
    Sports in Our Montessori Homes

    Sports in Our Montessori Homes

    How do sports and Montessori mix? How to we reconcile the competitive nature of some children's sports with our desire to respect our children's developmental needs? How do we give our children new experiences and avoid over scheduling? In this much asked for episode, Nicole and Amy dive into their experiences with children's sports - the good and the bad. As Montessori parents, we share how we try to follow our children's interests but still provide balance and respect. 
    Show Notes here: https://www.thekavanaughreport.com/2023/10/Sports-and-Montessori.html 

    • 47 min
    Montessori Toddler Mornings

    Montessori Toddler Mornings

    Come along with us through our Montessori morning with our toddlers. Montessori morning routines look like activities, materials, outings, and the work of the adult all mixed together. This week Nicole and Amy focus on what it looks like in their Montessori homes to guide their toddlers. From school drop offs, to phone calls, and shelf work, get an in-depth look at how toddlers get their day started.
    Show Notes: https://www.thekavanaughreport.com/2023/09/Montessori-Toddler-Mornings-Podcast.html

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
205 Ratings

205 Ratings

Alexfigureskater ,

LOVE Nicole and Amy!

This is my favorite Montessori podcast! I love how they talk like we are on a phone call, tell us about what is going on in there lives the first 5-10 minutes and then talk about Montessori topics. It does not feel like a college lecture like some of the other podcasts… which make you want to fall asleep. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone ranging from Montessori newbie to Montessori-certified teacher and everything in between!

marieffffff ,

Too much fluff

While some of the info is useful there is a lot of fluff. If often takes 10 mins of chit chat before they get started on point. 1 hour episodes can easily be condensed. I recently listened to the Montessori Bedrooms Episode and all they did was talk about how their children sleep for the first half hour before they started talking about how a Montessori Bedroom should be set up, which was the only reason I tuned in in the first place. I value my time and listening to this podcast wastes too much of it.

Paige SK ,

Appreciation from working parent

Montessori resources often seem blind to families with both parents working full time outside of the home. While my home and routines surely don’t measure up to Amy and Nicole’s 😋 I certainly do not feel ostracized or guilted by their messaging. Thank you for providing insights and tips that are scalable, practical, and judgement free. (Episode of Montessori parenting sick kids was extremely validating 😭 thank you!)

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