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A podcast about web design and development.

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A podcast about web design and development.

    620: Cloudflare #HotDrama, Auth, and Prototyping Thoughts

    620: Cloudflare #HotDrama, Auth, and Prototyping Thoughts

    Show DescriptionWe dive a bit deeper into the Cloudflare drama of the past couple of weeks, Instagram ads vs Cara art, what to do about Auth in your app, pre-negging any sponsorships, prototyping and feedback on projects, and ideas for future topics.
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    Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h
    Connect, Protect and Build Everywhere | Cloudflare
    Deploy app servers close to your users · Fly
    A social app for creatives, Cara grew from 40k to 650k users in a week because artists are fed up with Meta’s AI policies
    Cara | Artist Social & Portfolio Platform
    Auth0: Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.
    WorkOS — Your app, Enterprise Ready.
    Theo - t3․gg
    How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything In Between
    The Homer | Simpsons Wiki | Fandom
    A Global Design System | Brad Frost

    • 1 hr 2 min
    619: Svencodes

    619: Svencodes

    Show DescriptionSven Neumann aka Sven Codes talks with us about SudokuPad, developing a cross-platform app, integrating new puzzles and features, the benefits of being easy to use, building a community, and monetizing an app while not upsetting your user base.
    Listen on Website →GuestsSven NeumannGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCreator of Sven's SudokuPad.
    Solving “The Miracle Sudoku”
    SudokuPad Web App - by SvenCodes.com and Cracking The Cryptic
    Cracking The Cryptic
    Sven Codes (@svencodes) / X
    Sven Codes
    Sven Codes | Creating Sudoku Tools | Patreon
    Buy Sven Neumann a Coffee
    Sven's SudokuPad on Steam
    Sven's SudokuPad on the App Store
    Sven's SudokuPad - Apps on Google Play

    • 1 hr 6 min
    618: Matt Visiwig on SVGBackgrounds

    618: Matt Visiwig on SVGBackgrounds

    Show DescriptionMatt Visiwig stops by to chat with us about his site, SVGBackgrounds.com, a membership site for copy-and-paste website graphics built around SVG. We talk about why he built the site, how he decided to monetize it, competing with AI garbage on the web, pricing membership options, and how he's running the site.
    Listen on Website →GuestsMatt VisiwigGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterSelf-employed web designer, building SVGBackgrounds.com.
    Customize and apply backgrounds fast | SVG Backgrounds
    Matt Visiwig
    Matt Visiwig (@MattVisiwig) / X
    Purchase the Perfect MemberPress Plan for Your Site Today | MemberPress
    chroma.js api docs!
    jscolor: JavaScript Color picker with Opacity (alpha channel)
    ACF | Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress
    Frontend Masters Boost – Helping Your Journey to Senior Developer

    • 1 hr
    617: Economic & AI Vibes with Jason Grigsby

    617: Economic & AI Vibes with Jason Grigsby

    Show DescriptionWe're chatting with Jason Grigsby about what a white-collar recession means, how the sources and methods of consuming news shape our perspectives, whether the current economic conditions represent a market correction and if a rebound is imminent. We explore the critical decision of whether to embrace AI advancements or risk being left behind. We also talk about AI-generated voices, large language models and ethics, and the impact of social media signals in an AI world.
    Listen on Website →GuestsJason GrigsbyGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCo-Founder of Cloud Four. Author of Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart.
    An Event Apart - Farewell
    Cloud Four – Responsive web design and development, progressive web apps
    Jason Grigsby – A resurrected blog on the Indie Web
    Jason Grigsby (@grigs) / X
    High-Salary Job Scarcity
    Code Tests
    AI Ethical Framework
    iPhone Personal Voice
    Progressive Web Apps

    • 59 min
    616: Strum Machine with Luke Abbott

    616: Strum Machine with Luke Abbott

    Show DescriptionLuke Abbott is the creator of Strum Machine, an app that simulates backing tracks by stitching together individual notes, chords, and strums recorded on guitar, standup bass, and mandolin. We talk about what Strum Machine does, why he decided to build it, how bringing on a professional designer helped, pricing thoughts, and the "fun" of building a version on iOS.
    Listen on Website →GuestsLuke AbbottGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterMusician and creator of Strum Machine.
    Strum Machine: customizable backing tracks made from real instruments
    Tater Joes Old-Time Musical Mercantile
    Chris Coyier on Strum Machine
    iReal Pro Practice
    PG Music
    SoundJS Library
    Latest Posts - Page 2
    Apache Cordova
    Extensive Song Catalog
    A Tale of Two Clocks

    • 1 hr 4 min
    615: Dave Goes Windows For Real

    615: Dave Goes Windows For Real

    Show DescriptionDave's got job news to share, as well as insight into the process of what applying for a job in tech is like in 2024. We also talk about styling, scoping, positioning, and floating UI.
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    Algorithms & Data Structures | Learn Algorithms with TypeScript for Interviews | Frontend Masters
    Information asymmetry
    Fluent 2 Design System
    Font Awesome
    Web Awesome
    Iconify — Search Icons
    Create Floating UI
    User App Tour

    • 1 hr 3 min

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4.9 out of 5
500 Ratings

500 Ratings

ASobering ,

Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠

This is one of the most insightful UX / web dev podcasts that I have ever come across! Dave

Josh humble ,

Among The Best

I always appreciate the helpful tips and news, insights on UX and front-end from Shoptalk!

@k_roll242 ,

More Karma!

These guys rock! If I could give karma in a review, I would!! I’m a full stack engineer and host a tech podcast, so trust me when I say, this podcast is plus karma worthy. Easy listen and fully relatable. 5 stars!!

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