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    SHORT 007: “Jon Absey”

    SHORT 007: “Jon Absey”

    Jon is best known for what he was not even known for. Absey was the Mascot "Jazz Bear" for nearly 25 years. Jon raised thousands anonymously for charities throughout the state as the Jazz Bear and spends the majority of his present time quietly helping those in need. I am honored to consider Jon as a friend and am so thrilled to have him as a guest on the "Short & Sweet Show."

    If you'd like to help Jon Absey with any of his causes please follow him at:





    • 11 min
    SHORT 006: “Tyson Haskins”

    SHORT 006: “Tyson Haskins”

    Meet Tyson Haskins!! This guy is incredible. We met Tyson when he was a teenager making and producing videos for fun. Tyson is a lyrical genius and has mad tv trivia skills.. Catch Tyson on his podcasts and shows at: https://linktr.ee/spitcoms and @tysonhaskins on social media.




    • 8 min
    SHORT 005: “Kris Lager”

    SHORT 005: “Kris Lager”

    Enjoy as we sit down with our friend Kris Lager. We are huge fans of Kris. I love his creed of playing "feel good" music. Listening to Kris will leave everyone with a smile. His songs and lyrics naturally mesh to make you feel that perhaps things will just work out.



    • 13 min
    SHORT 004: "Andy Frasco"

    SHORT 004: "Andy Frasco"

    Steve has been a huge fan of Andy Frasco and the UN for about 10 years now.

    In this interview, Steve sits down for an interview with Andy Frasco to discuss Andy's love of music and what inspires him.

    This interview does have adult language so please monitor any child watching this interview.

    We are working on trying to get Steve to stop dropping the F-Bomb. Someday we may succeed.



    • 13 min
    SHORT 003: “Employee Evaluation”

    SHORT 003: “Employee Evaluation”

    Steve Struggles to get a hold of Post Malone for interview...Decides to do an Employee Evaluation.

    Short & Sweet interview with Richard our Master Ice Cream developer. Steve is concerned because we always seem to be running out of his favorite Ice Cream flavor, "Cookies & Cream."

    Richard walks a delicate line of not blaming Steve for the shortage of his ice cream flavor. This interview is lighthearted and a great reflection of how the world is better with the wonderful creations of our ice cream master and all of our great treats.

    **Adult Language is used**

    We try to control Steve, but well it's like channeling the wonderful smells in our shop.

    This evaluation is exclusively for entertainment. We truly do have some of the best ice cream in the world.




    • 7 min
    SHORT 002: “Comedian Rodney Norman”

    SHORT 002: “Comedian Rodney Norman”

    Steve sits down with the amazing and talented comedian Rodney Norman.

    If you have been on social media you have seen his face. His videos have garnered millions of views worldwide and his style (or lack thereof) is catching on. Honest and unassuming, his humor will catch you off guard and leave you laughing days later. Rodney Norman is more than an entertainer, he is an experience.

    Winner of the Rhode Island Comedy Festival

    Featured in the Boston Comedy Festival

    **Adult Language Is Used**

    We try to control Steve, but well it's like channeling the wonderful smells in our shop.


    Rodney Norman

    Website | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube


    • 15 min

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