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We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.

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We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.

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3.7 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Bakari C ,

Good show

First off, not sure what show the first reviewer is referring to. I co-host the show, along with another man, not a woman. I would love to co-host with a woman. The reviewer must be talking about another show.

As for those who are downloading or streaming Socialist Visions, we really appreciate it, because we simply want to help bring a broader discussion of what modern socialism could be mean for improving the world. We don’t have all the answers, but we do think people need to study and debate the politics and economics of capitalism and socialism and decide for themselves. That’s part of why we do the show.

Also we apologize for the not the best sound quality of the show, due to the technical limitations of BlogTalk. But until we have the time to do an independent studio setup, we’re sort of stuck with BlogTalk for now.

We welcome your feedback.

socialism doesnt work ,

A proud capitalist, not a racist.

This podcast is the most uneducated, filthy display of two greedy men discussing how to bring down the economic success of our nation. Their predictions on our current president proved to be COMPLETELY incorrect. They said jobs wouldn’t come back to our country because of our racist president. How do you explain the lowest black unemployment EVER and the lowest number of people (including blacks) on food stamps in DECADES? I listened only to further understand the ways socialists believe their policies could work, and left the experience completely infuriated and in disbelief by the lies I heard and the immoral propositions by the radical left.

Philosoraptor1 ,

Please Listen

If you're willing to remain in this Socialist mindset and not have any understanding of how economics works, than continue to listen to this podcast. But if you want to hear the true purpose and result of Socialism, than read on...

The great irony of this podcast and it's listeners is that the only reason they can claim to be "Socialist" is because they have the freedom of a Capitalist society to do so. There's no penalty. Because they live here in the US. Think about that for a second. If you really lived in a Socialist country you'd be miserable.

The core of Socialism is debt. "Debt to society " as they call it. The plan of Socialism it to crowd out Private debt and replace it with Government debt. The only way to issue Government debt is that they have to spend more money than the Government takes in. Once they issue the Government debt they want to use it to enact programs to give people things they could ordinarily buy themselves. They want Government programs for cellphones, cars, socks, clothes, computers, food anything that could be privatized. That way they can control the people by giving them the money to buy stuff. The only way they can do that is by issuing volumes and volumes of Government debt (money they don't have) that way they can crowd out Private debt. In other words Private companies that in order to grow their business they issue bonds and stocks to investors through free and fair trade. "Capitalism" as its called. "Socialism" hates that freedom and they want to crowd it out. They want the only debt issuance to be Government debt and the excess of Government debt and prolonged Government debt. That is the "Socialist" plan.

But how can the Government sustain itself under all that debt if they keep subsidizing everything?

They enact price controls to keep companies under their thumb by ordering them to sell products at a certain price in the name of "fairness and equality". It's happening now under Obamacare. Overtime it ultimately doesn't matter because price controls never work. They lead to a decreased supply of the product because in order to make the revenue to keep producing the product and keep workers paid (who the Socialists claim to be fighting for) companies stop supplying it to prevent losing money. There's no incentive to keep making the product. You also see increased demand because people who couldn't buy the product can now do so but at the cost of the company and workers who have to feed their families. So there's now more people laying claim to the product and less of the product being made because people lose money. Now you see black markets because companies can make the revenue they need by selling the product on the side. Finally, you see quality problems because as long as the companies are forced to sell the product at less value than it is they're going to cut corners because, again, there's no incentive anymore.

I bring this up in reference to the "Socialist" plan. Because once the Government takes over a market, issues debt, and enacts price control they have complete control of the people and products in that market and force the companies out of business. That's what's happening to Obamacare because companies are pulling out and leaving entire states! Think about how many people lose their health insurance because the companies can't make anymore money. The reason why "Socialists" love Government debt so much is because they want to enact the use of force to force health insurance companies, computer companies, sock companies to keep giving people their product at a loss.

That's crazy, Governments don't do that! They've never forced people to do this!?

And yes, your right. Because in the Soviet Union and Communist China they just killed you! They just killed them. It was the choice of the companies to either destroy themselves by giving away their product at a loss or be arrested, rounded up, and shot! Other penalties that "Socialist" Governments enact to force companies to give away their products at a loss is jail time. In Venezuela the Government is now forcing bakeries to make bread. So you force bakeries to make bread at a loss, confiscate their assets, but when (surprisingly) the bakeries flip you the middle finger and say "We're not dong this we can't make any money we're going to lose on this" What do you do? You force them to produce the product. They've taken over the bakeries forcing them to give away the product, dictating their hours, wages, and amount of bread they must make. We have a word for being forced to work against your will without compensation or worse, losing money because of it so you basically pay to work on another person's terms:


Socialism makes slaves out of the very people it claims to defend. By confiscating the entire economic system Socialism makes slaves out of its citizens. The rampant poverty in any socialist society is caused by the very Government that claims to fight it.

If you want the truth about Government, Socialism, Economics, and other issues I highly recommend the Ben Shapiro Show Podcast and the Louder With Crowder Podcast. Break free from the lies being told on this podcast.

But don't worry, I'm just lying to you. Conservatives are just lying to you, the BBC is just lying to you Governments aren't dong this all around the world because it's all just one big conspiracy theory, right?

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