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Welcome to Solution Nation Podcast! 

The ONLY global podcast that brings together public and private companies, venture capitalists, and lawyers to build a bigger and better nation while changing the world.

Here at Solution Nation, we talk about investment and negotiation styles and techniques, due diligence performed, and how to structure investments.

How much and in which industries to invest.

This all comes down to company targets and their business plan for achieving their goals.

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Welcome to Solution Nation Podcast! 

The ONLY global podcast that brings together public and private companies, venture capitalists, and lawyers to build a bigger and better nation while changing the world.

Here at Solution Nation, we talk about investment and negotiation styles and techniques, due diligence performed, and how to structure investments.

How much and in which industries to invest.

This all comes down to company targets and their business plan for achieving their goals.

    Investing in Israeli IIoT Companies

    Investing in Israeli IIoT Companies

    Tal Paperin delivered an excellent primer on Israeli Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

    He explained how IIoT interfaces with supply chain management software and artificial intelligence. He discussed factories procuring IIoT pre-installed on machinery versus retrofitting older equipment. 

    If you don’t know the answers to the following questions, you really should listen to this podcast.

    How important is 5G to IIoT? 

    To what extent are employees and unions opposed to IIoT deployments? 

    Can IIoT legitimately be called a ‘green technology? 

    How are IIoT sensors powered? What kinds of communications protocols enable IIoT communications? To what extent are IIoT systems and sensors interoperable? 

    How important is cybersecurity to ensuring the smooth running of IIoT? How rapid are IIoT sales cycles?

    One of the fascinating Israeli companies that Tal introduced us to is Augury. 

    Tal Paperin is the Vice President of Global Sales for Bacsoft, an Israeli IIoT Company, backed by Sun Corp. from Japan. During his career, Tal has managed all aspects of International Sales, Strategic Business Development, and Global Expansion. 

    He has opened new markets, trained sales teams, secured distributors, managed budgets and pipelines, and negotiated with venture capitalists. He speaks English, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese.

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    Insights into Patent Valuation

    Insights into Patent Valuation

    Why should patent-rich companies value their patents? Because, in many cases, the majority of a company’s value lies in its intellectual property. If you can’t value your patents, you won’t get the values you deserve when negotiating capital raises, patent sales, and licensing agreements of the sales of companies.

    David Wanetick discusses how factors such as claims breadth, priority dates, ease of detecting infringement, overcoming invalidity attacks, prior art searches, forward citations, prosecution histories, litigation experience of the patent attorney, and examiners’ allowance rates impact patent value.

    This session addresses questions such as:

    How many valuation methods should be used when valuing patents? How can one make use of their varying conclusions? How can you value a provisional patent application? How can patents enable companies to prosper when they are subject to trade bans? Why might venture capitalists prohibit their portfolio companies from enforcing their patents against infringers? 

    Gain incredible insights into patent valuation from this podcast. 

    David Wanetick is the CEO of IncreMental Advantage and a Managing Director at JD Merit. David has valued thousands of patents. His clients include Fortune 50 companies, emerging growth companies, mid-sized companies, tech transfer offices, national laboratories, venture capital funds, and private equity funds. He runs the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst designation and is the author of seven books.

    Link for David Wanetick:  


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    Investing in Israeli Genomics Companies

    Investing in Israeli Genomics Companies

    Grove Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital firm with some $500 million under management. Grove Ventures also supports its portfolio companies with marketing, legal, accounting, and personnel resources. 

    Renana Ashkenazi introduces us to investing in genomics. As the cost, speed, and precision of genetic testing continue to improve, genomics is likely to become a more common treatment modality. Renana discusses how genetic sequencing, genetic mapping, and targeted testing can improve healthcare as well as some of the practical and moral concerns associated with genomics. 

    Renana introduces us to four fascinating portfolio companies—Navina, Nucleai, Protai, and Tingo. 

    Renana Ashkenazi is a General Partner at Grove Ventures. She brings almost a decade of product and managerial experience in the areas of technology, Global Innovation, and strategic marketing. Prior to joining Grove Ventures, Renana worked at Applied Materials and was an engineering research fellow at the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies at Northwestern University developing diagnostic devices for poorly resourced countries. 

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    Legal Insights into Elon Musk’s Proposed Acquisition of Twitter

    Legal Insights into Elon Musk’s Proposed Acquisition of Twitter

    No transactions lawyer or dealmaker should miss this podcast..

    Professor Goshen’s articles on corporate law and securities regulation are frequently named among the Top Ten Best Articles of the year by Corporate Practice Commentator.

    As the Jerome L. Greene Professor of Transactional Law and Director of the Center for Israeli Legal Studies at Columbia Law School 

    The proposed and disputed Musk-Twitter transaction is perhaps the most eventful and contentious acquisition in modern times. 

    Fortunately, one of the brightest legal minds dissects the terms, twists and turns, and possible outcomes of this gripping saga. 

    Professor Goshen speaks about Twitter’s poison pill and fiduciary duties as well as the use of breakup fees, hell-or-high water provisions, performance clauses, waiving of financing contingencies and irreparable harm. 

    On this podcast we tackle contentious issues such as why Twitter might allow Mr. Musk to disparage Twitter on Twitter and what the consequences of such disparagement might be to Mr. Musk. We discuss whether the Musk team errored in waiving normal due diligence opportunities and in not hedging against the risk of Twitter’s shares falling precipitously. 

    Sparks really flew when we got to issues of Twitter’s reporting of the incidence of bots on its platform. How can bots be detected and counted? Are Twitter’s representations of the incidence of bots credible? If not, is the difference material? If the incidence of bots is much higher than Twitter reported, can such lapse trigger a material adverse event? Would that development extricate Mr. Musk from the deal? 

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    The Israeli-Czechia Innovation Ecosystem

    The Israeli-Czechia Innovation Ecosystem

    Linda Štucbartová is an Executive Board Member of the Czechia-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, responsible for Science, Research, and Innovation. 

    Linda was also nominated as Woman of the Year for bringing Empowerment Self Defense to Czechia. Through her company, Diversio, Linda mentored more than 1,000 leaders in developing innovation ecosystems.

    Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind podcast that focuses on the special relationship that Israel and Czechia enjoy. 

    These two nations helped each other win independence and embrace capitalism. 

    Support for Israel permeates the Czech political landscape and Czechia votes along with—or in support of Israel—99% of the time.

    Israeli technology is found in cars on Czech roads, on Czech farms, and in mobile apps.

    Some things you may not know are how Israeli fintech and cybersecurity companies tap Czech programmers. How the two nations host joint hackathons. How Czech and Israeli universities collaborate on foundational medical research. And how Israeli defense technologies are deployed in the Czech armed forces.

    The Israeli government has undertaken several initiatives to help Czechia foster its own innovation ecosystem while Czechia often serves as the springboard for Israeli companies to reach the broader European market.

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    Investing in Israeli Mobility Companies

    Investing in Israeli Mobility Companies

    With hundreds of successful and promising companies, Israel has become a world leader in mobility. Drivers of Israel’s ascendency in mobility include Israel’s extreme population density, road fatalities that exceed the number of fallen soldiers in all of Israel’s wars, a low auto purchasing rate and limited miles of highways.

    Omer Shachar opines on many segments of mobility including drones, vertical take-off and landing vehicles, autonomous vehicles, scooters, and robot delivery vehicles.

    He discusses the cost of equipping vehicles with autonomous capabilities, the relevance of smart cities, the role of insurance companies and supply chain issues.

    Omer introduces us to three fascinating emerging companies—Infinidome, No Traffic and Actasys. 

    Omer Shachar is the Founding Partner at Next Gear Ventures and Drive TLV. 

    Omer has over a decade of executive management experience in the financial and automotive industries as well as investments in early-stage startups. He was a partner of Myseedtech fund and worked in Mayer Investments. Prior to this, he was VP of the Vehicle Division for years in Kesher Rent a Car, Hertz licensee in Israel.

    • 42 min

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