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Songwriter and guitar coach Mike Meiers discusses the ins and outs of the songwriting process with a variety of experienced musical guests.

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Songwriting For Guitar Podcast Mike Meiers

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Songwriter and guitar coach Mike Meiers discusses the ins and outs of the songwriting process with a variety of experienced musical guests.

Coaching application form: https://forms.gle/eYUze9L1brnFrqFw5

    Ep. 62: Playlists Are A Songwriter's Best Friend

    Ep. 62: Playlists Are A Songwriter's Best Friend

    Playlist challenge! I challenge you to build better habits around listening to new music. Consistently listening to new and current music in your genre will do more for your music than you know! 

    As a songwriter, producer, and composer, making and refreshing playlists are a base-line task I do. And, it’s one of the first things I instruct anyone else to do when looking to improve – especially if they want to get into sync licensing.  

    In this episode I go over some of the top questions you can ask yourself to get the MOST out of your listening time.

    To do this challenge, and to do it consistently, my best tip would be to keep an open mind! Simply put: people who have an open mind–– grow. When you grow you can’t help but implement what you’ve learned. Get listening!

    • 7 min
    Ep. 61: Seth Mosley

    Ep. 61: Seth Mosley

    You’ve set out to become one thing in music, but it’s transforming into something different. Sound familiar? Seth Mosley knows all about that being a Grammy-Winning Producer, Songwriter, Podcast Host, Publisher and Educator at Full Circle Music Academy... And he has some thoughts on how to get the most out of that transformation.

    What's it take to become a songwriter? How many van breakdowns does it take? How many songs do you have to write to become a better songwriter?  Coming from similar mindsets and roles as producers and songwriters, Mike and Seth sit down for a friendly conversation packed with tips to navigate the industry, songwriting ethos, and insights into making the most out of a co-writing session.

    • 43 min
    Episode 60: 5 Day Bootcamp (LIVE)

    Episode 60: 5 Day Bootcamp (LIVE)

    This is your personal invitation as a podcast listener to the much anticipated 5 Day Songwriting for Guitar Bootcamp!

    I’m showing up every single day for five days to share my secrets as an Emmy winning songwriter and seasoned guitar coach so YOU can make moves with your music career. Whether you need to break old patterns and stop using the same old cowboy chords, unlock better songs, gain more confidence and clarity, or even start on your transition to get from hobbyist to pro, this bootcamp is the PERFECT first step.

    Listen to this week's episode to get your personal invitation and to hear what a past bootcamper has to say about the lasting effects of their experience

    Go ahead and enlist in basic training for a full HOUR of training or join me at my mini-mastermind all week for the interactive VIP experience. Get the training thousands of other songwriters and guitarists have used to unlock their next great songs. It all starts May 19th.

    Here is the link to sign up: https://www.songwritingforguitar.com/offers/iFxFLSwL/checkout

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    Ep. 59: Song Critiques with Josh Seawell

    Ep. 59: Song Critiques with Josh Seawell

    Have you ever wanted a song critique, but weren’t sure how to go about it? Or maybe you’ve asked for a critique, but you never heard back. It's common even to be intimidated by the idea of sharing your songs with professionals, but that all has the potential to change.

    Today I'm sharing an insider's perspective on song critiques through my conversation with Josh Seawell from Seawell Studios. Listen until the end to hear the four things you should consider before reaching out for a critique.

    Josh Seawell is coming from 20 years of professional mixing and mastering experiences with a portfolio ranging from the Winter Olympics to the Voice, to Apple and ESPN. Find him at http://www.seawellstudios.com/

    To sign up for Songwriting For Guitar Bootcamp, head to http://www.songwritingforguitar.com

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    Ep. 58: A Student Success Story feat. Dan Walker

    Ep. 58: A Student Success Story feat. Dan Walker

    It was 2020, and Dan Walker suddenly found a lot of time on his hands. He started using that time to hone his skills. He started practicing by recording himself through his computer which turned into a curiosity about different guitar tones and slowly turned into production and recording from home. He then tripped into our Songwriting for Guitar Bootcamp and his journey in songwriting took off. Now Dan and I are working together in a one-on-one coaching  experience and Dan is making big moves. He’s building up his teaching business, he’s songwriting, co-writing, and feeling confident in his production skills.  He’s on the road to making a full time living in music.

    Before, Dan was fearful about sharing his music. Now he shares his music and finds people enjoy what he writes.
    Before, Dan worried how he was going to "make it happen". Now he's making it happen and having fun with it.

    Listen to his episode to hear how one student has transformed his entire outlook and future in music. “Don’t let fear hold you back” says Dan.

    Coaching application form: https://forms.gle/eYUze9L1brnFrqFw5

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    Ep. 57: Megan Barker

    Ep. 57: Megan Barker

    What does the work ethic of an up and coming country artist and songwriter look like? Megan Barker is the person to tell you. From Nashville to Las Vegas and back to Nashville for years on end, the grind is no stranger to Megan. And neither is the music industry. Her parents were both musicians and her Dad was a songwriter for legends like Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrell, Hank Williams Jr. and more. She shares insights that span generations. 

    Want to hear more from Megan? Catch her on Jammin’ in Jammies! A podcast where hit songwriters get together and share valuable insights into the music industry.

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4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Marsupial Music ,

Love Mike’s podcast!

Mike truly has the heart of a teacher!

Every episode drops big breadcrumbs of music wisdom, whether it’s concerning technique, mindset or business savvy. Always worth listening to, and learning from!

PhDRock42 ,

Listen and Learn

Always look forward to the discussions and interesting stories that Mike and his guests relate. Great disucssion of collaboration over competition in Ep 54: there's room for everyone. Very inspiring!

Athenah H. ,

Songwriting for guitar simplifies everything

I always learn a little more when I listen to Mike’s process in music creation. His personality is perfect for the challenge of helping the clueless and anyone just wanting to up their skills in songwriting. Mike is so funny…lol

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