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A temple space dedicated to those activating their light body technology.

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A temple space dedicated to those activating their light body technology.

    Sirian Portal

    Sirian Portal

    Sirius is a powerful energy. Harness it.The 07/07 Sirian Portal in this video. Learn about the energy shift and spiritual growth associated with this cosmic event.
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    • 6 min
    Lunar Cycle July 5 - August 3: Aligning with Nature's Rhythms

    Lunar Cycle July 5 - August 3: Aligning with Nature's Rhythms

    In this episode, we explore the upcoming lunar cycle from July 5th to August 3rd. We'll discuss how following nature's cycles can lead to a more harmonious and balanced life, instead of adhering to the artificial Gregorian calendar. Discover how the moon influences our emotions and behaviors, and learn about the benefits of aligning your personal energy patterns with the synodic calendar. We'll also look into the significance of the expansive moon and how to leverage this cycle for personal growth and well-being.
    00:00 Introduction to the Moon Cycle
    01:09 Understanding the Synodic Calendar
    02:07 Personal Energy Patterns and the Moon
    04:09 Creating a Moon-Based Calendar
    05:57 Tracking Your Energy with the Synodic Calendar
    09:04 The Expansive Moon and Celestial Events
    16:41 Honoring Natural Cycles and Personal Wisdom

    • 23 min
    New Moon in Cancer: Honoring Our Emotions and Nurturing Ourselves

    New Moon in Cancer: Honoring Our Emotions and Nurturing Ourselves

    Join Casey Christine in this heartfelt exploration of the new moon in Cancer, a time to delve deep within and connect with our emotional intelligence. In this session, we embrace the nurturing energy of Cancer and honor our divine feminine aspects.
    Key Points Covered:
    - Introduction: The significance of the new moon in Cancer and its nurturing energy.
    - Honoring Emotions and Shadow Aspects: Understanding and embracing our emotions, especially those we often suppress or deny.
    - Sirian Stargate and Dog Energy: The mystical connection with the Syrian Stargate portal and the symbolism of loyalty and companionship represented by dogs.
    - Self-Loyalty and Emotional Intelligence: Encouraging self-loyalty and treating our bodies with the same care and love that we give to our pets.
    - Deep Breathing and Prayer: Guided breathing exercises and invoking the divine feminine and masculine energies for grace and balance.
    - Invoking the Higher Self: Connecting with our higher selves for spiritual guidance and emotional healing.
    - Reflection and Next Steps: Embracing the natural cycles of light and dark, and celebrating the events of this moon cycle, including the Lion's Gate portal, full moon in Capricorn, and the Mayan new year.
    ✨ Special Note: If you hear background sounds like breathing or pitter-pattering, it's my beloved dog who is always by my side. Let these sounds bring you comfort and remind you of the loyalty and companionship that dogs represent.
    🌟 Additional Reflections:
    - Consider the blessings of water in your life. How can you use water as a conductor of grace and intention?
    - Reflect on the idea that bliss is any feeling fully felt. What messages are your emotions trying to convey to you?
    🌕 Upcoming Events:
    - July 22: Sun shifts into Leo, bringing courage and action.
    - Full Moon in Capricorn: Reflect on grounding and stability.
    - Lion's Gate Portal: Harnessing powerful energies for transformation.
    🙏 Thank You: For being part of this spiritual journey. Let’s embrace the new moon's transformative energy and allow it to guide us towards our greatest light.

    • 23 min
    Sirian Stargate Portal Opening - Meditation

    Sirian Stargate Portal Opening - Meditation

    Join us on a cosmic journey to explore the opening of the Sirian Stargate on July 4th. Dive deep into an inner communion of higher consciousness and freedom, guided by ascended masters Hathor, Isis, and Green Tara. This meditation focuses on grounding, connecting with your inner sun, and embracing sovereignty.
    00:00 Introduction
    01:07 Preparation for Meditation
    02:42 Spiritual Umbilical Cord and Grounding
    04:40 Focused Energy in the Solar Plexus and Beyond
    05:03 Heart and Higher Consciousness Exploration
    05:31 Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Activation
    07:09 Invocation of Ascended Masters
    12:37 Exploration of the Sirian Stargate
    14:09 Embodiment of Sovereign Beliefs
    19:56 Conclusion and Integration

    • 21 min
    Fear Versus Love

    Fear Versus Love

    In this episode, we explore the powerful dynamics between fear and love, and how these core emotions drive our actions and decisions. Delve into recognizing fear-based programs in your life and learn ways to invite your higher self to transform these into programs of love, trust, and authenticity. It's an invitation to introspection, expanding your conscious awareness to live a more fulfilling and expansive life.

    • 25 min
    Light Body Empowerment

    Light Body Empowerment

    In this episode, "Light Body Empowerment," we explore the transformative power of intentional breathing and how it helps us reconnect with our inner source of strength. We'll discuss the influence of external connections on our consciousness, the importance of trusting in the divine plan, and the path to becoming a beacon of light in a chaotic world. Join us as we rediscover the power of our breath and the significance of focusing on our higher selves. This episode is designed to guide you back to your core of light and love, even amidst life's turmoil.

    • 24 min

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Ccb2126 ,


If you gift yourself time to do these, you truly go to a temple space that yields a peace beyond my human understanding. I am witnessing miracles unfold and I know this is why! I do not know how you are creating this quantum space, but I LOVE feeling the current of divinity you call in. MASTER CEREMONIALIST ! THANK YOU!

carneslbc ,

Spiritual connection

While listening to Sovereign temples podcasts I am filled with a powerful sense of Knowing that I am aligned with all the powers that I have been blessed with. I have more JOY, more HOPE and more LOVE to share with others. I am able to SEE accomplishments ,within ,that i have never imagined. Very grateful for Casey🙏💞

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