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Welcome to Spa Business Mastery, a podcast that teaches team and solo spa owners how to scale their business growth and impact by implementing thriving systems and strong leadership.

My name is Kirsten Foss, and over the past 25 years I've been an esthetician, spa owners, and business-and-marketing strategist. Join me today to start cultivating a bountiful spa business.


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Welcome to Spa Business Mastery, a podcast that teaches team and solo spa owners how to scale their business growth and impact by implementing thriving systems and strong leadership.

My name is Kirsten Foss, and over the past 25 years I've been an esthetician, spa owners, and business-and-marketing strategist. Join me today to start cultivating a bountiful spa business.


    6 Tik Tok Tips for Spa Owners to Dominate on Social Media

    6 Tik Tok Tips for Spa Owners to Dominate on Social Media

    So, picture this: you're sitting there, scratching your head, wondering how to make your spa's TikTok content pop. You've tried everything, from random videos to crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. But let's face it, it feels like you're shouting into the void, right? Well, buckle up, because Cassie's about to drop some knowledge bombs that'll turn that frustration into pure excitement.

    In this episode, we're diving deep into:

    The secret sauce of TikTok marketing to skyrocket your spa's social media game.

    Riding the TikTok trends wave to keep your audience hooked and coming back for more.

    Crafting content that not only looks amazing but also speaks directly to your audience's soul.

    Letting your audience take the reins with user-generated content strategies that'll have them feeling like VIPs.

    Playing around with different video lengths to find that sweet spot that keeps your audience glued to the screen.

    Getting cozy with analytics to understand exactly what makes your audience tick and how to give them more of what they love.

    But here's the real kicker, folks – it's not just about churning out content and hoping for the best. Nope, Cassie's got some ninja-level tricks up her sleeve to show you how to use TikTok as a secret weapon for SEO and building a real, authentic community around your spa.

    Timestamped summary of this episode:

    00:00:00 - Introduction to TikTok for Spa Businesses

    00:03:20 - Leveraging TikTok Trends

    00:05:51 - Creating Eye-Catching Visuals 00:07:30 - User-Generated Content Strategies

    00:12:30 - Testing Different Video Lengths

    00:14:36 - Understanding Your Audience Preferences

    00:15:18 - Authentic and Genuine Content Creation

    00:17:28 - Maximizing Engagement and Community Building

    00:18:03 - Utilizing Analytics and Metrics

    I'm telling you, this episode is like a masterclass in spa social media domination. So, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and let's dive into the world of TikTok tips that'll transform your spa's social media game from meh to marvelous! Trust me, you won't want to miss this one.

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Email Delia at delia@virtualspabusinessmarketing.com for social media management packages and support in creating engaging TikTok content for your spa business.

    Tune into the next episode of the Spa Business Mastery podcast for more tips and insights on leveraging your marketing for your spa business.

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    The #1 KPI To Monitor During Spa Growth Planning

    The #1 KPI To Monitor During Spa Growth Planning

    It's an exciting time when you're ready to expand, but are you truly prepared for the financial side of things? Let's explore the crucial spa business metric you need to keep an eye on before taking the leap.

    It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of growth plans, but have you checked your financial reports to see if your business can handle the upcoming costs and expenses? Sometimes, our optimism can cloud our judgment. And the usual Profit/Loss statement from your bookkeeper or the sales from your Point of Sale are not enough to make a wise decision that’s based on calculated risk. 

    Numbers Are Navigators…Again!

    But fear not, there's a key number hiding in your booking system that can give you a clear view of your financial readiness. Running a spa business on a budget requires mindfulness. Jumping into growth initiatives based solely on perception can lead to some sticky situations. Just think about it:

    Hiring before you're truly busy enough can strain your finances.

    Introducing new products without enough sales can hurt your cash flow.

    Expanding your space too soon adds extra expenses without boosting revenue.

    Let's talk about the big KPI that sits at the critical point of growth decisions: Productivity and it’s your compass during spa growth planning. In this episode, you’ll learn:

    What Productivity tracks in your business.

    The green light Productivity number for growth.

    Where to find this metric in your spa software.

    How often to check your Productivity metric.

    What you should be looking for while you’re tracking this KPI.

    I'm very much about tapping into your intuition, trusting your intuition in your business, letting that guide you hundred percent. But we also need to pair that with the data, the actual numbers. - Kirsten Foss

    What’s Your Productivity KPI At, Dear Spa Owner? 

    Discovering what Productivity means & how it affects your spa business and team growth outcomes is a huge eye-opener. When I first learned all of this information, you would have seen my mouth hang open in disbelief! “OH!! That’s why I’m so cash strapped. I didn’t know what to look for BEFORE I dropped thousands of dollars on that new hire that I didn’t end up staying because it wasn’t busy enough.” and “OH!! Now I see where the opportunity gaps are with my sales!!”

    Now the question is “How do I increase Productivity”

    I would love to answer that for you! It’s a big topic and I’ll make that for another podcast. 

    If you could use a seasoned Spa Business Strategist (that’s me!) to get eyes on your spa sales opportunities, book a Get-Acquainted call with me. I’ll show you how to analyze and use your reports to make strategic growth decisions that will bring your more client sales and financial freedom!

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    April 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

    April 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

    Happy April 1st! This ain't no joke - April's Business Numerology Forecast says it's time to step into this month's amplified CREATIVITY & COMMUNICATION because It's a 3 energy month y'all.

    But first, a quick reframe about what “being creative” means. We’re not referring to the paint & sew kind of creativity you think about when the word "creative" is mentioned. For you, dear Spa Owner, the 3 energy refers to the incessant flow of creative ideas & solutions you have for your clients and spa business type of creativity. Yes...you see it now, don’t you? Agreed! You ARE very creative!! 

    I’m diving into how the wonderful energy of April provides us all an opportunity to amp up our creativity, communication, and those heart-to-heart connections in life & spa business, which fuels growth and brings fresh innovations to their businesses. Consider this forecast as your trusty spring guide to make the most of these potentials! You’ll also want to watch out for the most common 3 energy traps - it's the other side of the massive creativity coin that can undo your entrepreneurial creativity if you're going in blind. 

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover how numerology can guide your business decisions and strategies for the month of April

    Uncover the secrets (not-so-secret when you can decode it!) of capturing April’s 3 energy to drive growth and success in the spa business.

    Learn why emotional intelligence will be especially needed this month to become a more effective and empathetic leader in your business.

    Make note of four specific dates in April that will act as portals to structure, creativity, letting go & balance.

    “In numerology, the biggest piece to remember is that we study the energetics of the numbers one to nine, and at any time, we get to choose whether we are expressing the high vibration or the low vibration.” Kirsten Foss

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Join the Soul of Spa Business Membership for a deep dive into blending practical spa business tactics with Numerology. This membership includes monthly business calls, meditations, Focus Worksheets, community & more for seasoned spa owners seeking growth beyond the grind. IfThe beta test starts on April 9, and joining during this phase secures founding members pricing and the opportunity to provide feedback for future improvements for our fall 2024 launch.

    Discover your Leadership Code! Download your free Leadership Code report and get valuable insights into how your Code influences your personal and business life.

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    Aligning Values with Business Practices: The Journey to Conscious Leadership with guest Ann Marie McKenzie

    Aligning Values with Business Practices: The Journey to Conscious Leadership with guest Ann Marie McKenzie

    Step into the world of Conscious Leadership with our special guest, Ann Marie McKenzie! Join us as we explore the magic of integrating spirituality and numerology into your entrepreneurial path. Once you know about this style of running your business (in fact, you may already be doing this but didn’t know the term!), our hope is that you’ll feel inspired to align your values with your practices and embrace conscious leadership like never before!

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover how Heart Conscious Leadership can transform your business approach and create a positive impact on your team and customers.

    Unlock the power of integrating Numerology into your business strategy to gain a deeper understanding of your business's purpose and direction.

    Develop your Emotional Intelligence to drive business success and improve your relationships with employees & clients.

    Explore how Conscious Business Leadership can help you create a lasting impact and make a difference in your industry and community.

    Enhancing Emotional Intelligence for Business

    During our chat with Ann Marie McKenzie, we delved deep into the significance of emotional intelligence in the world of entrepreneurship. We learned that emotional intelligence isn't just about understanding and managing our own feelings, but also about navigating the emotions of others, paving the way for more enriching and sustainable business relationships.

    “Everything is energy. And energetics matters because we are always emitting a vibration or a frequency. And that vibration or a frequency dictates what we attract into our world.” - Ann Marie McKenzie

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:

    Join the Conscious Business Collective: Connect with Ann Marie McKenzie and other like-minded entrepreneurs in the Conscious Business Collective.
    Explore Conscious Business Immersion: If you're looking for a more personalized experience, consider the Conscious Business Immersion program.
    Connect with Ann Marie: Visit Ann Marie McKenzie's website to explore her Numerology services, learn more about her approach to conscious business, and connect with her directly.
    Follow Ann Marie on Instagram and Facebook

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    3 Spa Manager Tools to Boost Your Leadership Confidence & Team Collaboration

    3 Spa Manager Tools to Boost Your Leadership Confidence & Team Collaboration

    This podcast is for my spa owners and managers! Ever felt like you're caught in a whirlwind of chaos when trying to build and lead a successful spa team? Putting out fires, re-explaining policy, feeling like you have to do everything yourself, getting annoyed…basically wondering how your team vision turned into team buren so quickly.

    You may have been advised that simply hiring a team would leverage your Solopreneur success, only you’ve ended up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and disconnected from the very people you’ve hired. 

    But here's the thing: building a thriving spa team requires more than just bringing people on board. It's about creating a strong connection and collaboration within your team - with support for you too.

    If you're tired of feeling like you're stuck in the middle of chaos, then it's time to discover the 3 spa manager tools that will transform your leadership, boost team confidence, and foster seamless collaboration. Get ready to build a team that works together towards your business goals, and say goodbye to the crazies for good!

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Boost team collaboration and morale with simple, effective strategies.

    Create a positive work environment that fosters teamwork and support.

    Enhance communication and connection amongst your spa team.

    Learn how to motivate and empower your staff for a more cohesive team.

    Implement proven techniques to build a successful and harmonious spa team.

    Cultivate a sense of belonging and unity within your spa staff.

    Discover the secrets to building a high-performing and cohesive spa team.

    Foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect within your spa team.

    Develop a strong and connected team that drives success in your spa business.

    Learn how to create a collaborative and inclusive culture within your spa team.

    “It's really exciting to think about working with other like-minded estheticians and service providers. If you've ever had that opportunity, it's wonderful and it is just so fulfilling on top of feeling fulfilled in the work that you do.” - Kirsten Foss

    Improving Spa Team Communication and Connection

    If that list above feels like an impossible wish list, it’s really not! This podcast underlines the need for clear communication and connection within the spa team. Utilizing tools like a staff handbook and operations manual to establish clear regulations and procedures helps in facilitating this.

    But it doesn’t end there. You must continue to seed collaboration with regular team meetings, allowing for open discussions and providing platforms for insightful feedback, fostering stronger bonds within the team.

    The Spa Management Resources Mentioned in this Episode Are:

    DIY + Tutorials

    Purchase the Spa Team Handbook Template & Walkthrough Tutorial ($444 USD) to create efficient policies and procedures for your spa team.

    Documents Only - No Tutorial

    Get the Operations Manual Template ($99 USD) to start organizing your spa's protocols for reception and spa treatments. Please note - this isn’t a finished manual, but a 57-page template and example of how to organize it clearly and efficiently for your team training. No more guessing how to best organize your procedures. This is a fully editable document Google Document for you to add your customized protocols. Email kirtsen@kirstenfoss.com for more info.

    Invest in the Spa Manager Manual ($499 USD), a unique 85-page resource developed by a spa management expert, to streamline your spa management system and support your leadership. Included are Spa Manager protocols for team (recruiting, hiring, training, coaching), clients, inventory, business and marketing as well as all relevant templates, scripts & worksheets to ensure efficient leadership. Email kirtsen@kirstenfoss.com for more info.

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    March 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

    March 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

    This year, March is a universal 2 energy month - meaning, the spirit of connection, collaboration, balance & intuition is potent for everyone. But it's not just about numbers and energy and feelings; it's about using a cooperative spirit and your intuition as a business strategy. Today I’m sharing the March Numerology Business Forecast on this episode of the Spa Business Mastery Podcast to help you prepare & take action on the upcoming opportunities & challenges for your leadership, client care, sales and team growth.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover the impact of March’s energetic code can have on your spa sales success and growth.

    Harness the high vibrations of the number 2 to pull in aligned partnerships (your Ideal Clients & dream team are your partners!)

    Recognize and address the low vibrations that might be sabotaging your spa business leadership & growth.

    Gain insight into the energy forecast for businesses and how it can influence your strategic decisions.

    Learn how to effectively leverage intuition in sales conversations for improved client relationships and business growth.

    “We can use our intuition to pick up on our clients' needs as well, without having to compromise our sales conversations and our sales opportunities.”

    Podcast Timestamps: 

    00:00:00 - Introduction to the March 2024 Forecast 

    00:02:10 - What a manifestation cycle and number amplification mean in business strategy

    00:04:42 - Recognizing the high vibration of the 2 energy and how it shows up in your life & spa business.

    00:09:48 - Recognizing the low vibration of the 2 energy and what it’s telling you. 

    00:17:18 - Why the highly collaborative energy of 2 requires aligned partnerships to anchor your business confidence.  

    00:19:25 - How collaborative energy works/doesn’t work with delegating vs. abdicating leadership responsibilities.

    00:23:11 - Mark your calendars for 3 sets of “Spa CEO Power Days”; amplified portals of connection & creativity for spa sales and marketing ideas. 

    00:31:56 - The March Energy Sales Tip 

    00:35:07 - Action steps with your clients and spa team to help them feel like aligned partners AND provide everyone the opportunity to build trust & abundance. 

    00:37:01 - Trusting Intuition to create comfortable spa sales conversations, whether they buy now or later.

    00:38:35 - How to tap into your spa business intuition for spa business strategy.  

    Download the March Business Energetic Guide to Boost Growth Strategies

    This month, I’ve created a 1-page guide to help you optimize the 2 energy for amplified client connections, team heart and personal fulfillment for being able to serve your community at your highest level.

    I invite you to use this resource as a tool for being intentional with your spa goals and taking action in a way that comes from your heart AND builds your financial growth.

    Email kirsten@kirstenfoss.com for a copy of the March Spa Business Energetic Guide.

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4.8 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Bona and Team Capsho ,

Great show!

Kirsten offers valuable insights into the spa industry, delivering a blend of practical tips and inspiring success stories. A well-articulated podcast, brimming with actionable strategies, makes it a worthwhile listen for anyone interested in mastering the business side of wellness and beauty services.

From Bona and Team Capsho :)

Some1 antique ,

Favorite spa marketing podcast

Love this

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