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Playing Through Space Gaming's Past, Present and Future

Space Game Junkie Podcast Brian Rubin and Jim Hunt

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Playing Through Space Gaming's Past, Present and Future

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4.3 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Zoso1701 ,

I used to be a Space Game Junkie...

...then I discovered WoW. Then, I found Steam but also had kids. SGJ has reintroduced me to Space games and reminded me of my fondness for them. Veloxxi is quick with recommendations if you ask. The hosts have a deep knowledge of the genre, consistently get interesting guests who have created lots of classic (and current) titles.

As I can't rate a 3.5, I'm going with rounding up. - The podcast gets an A for content, but a D for audio quality. I'm not sure I haven't heard an episode that isn't plagued with tech difficulties. Discord drop-outs have resulted in gaps of silence and confusion when speaking to guests. Some speakers are too quiet, others too loud, some just sound like they're talking through a rotary telephone.

That said, the unique guests and Space Game expertise allow this podcast to fill a space that none others do as well as SGJ!

DeLargest ,

Clown show

This podcast has it all:

- Regular technical difficulties like it is 2004. These guys have been doing this for years and still seemingly every other episode is plagued with repeated drop outs, missing audio, bad Skype connections, etc.

- Podcast hosts who don’t only not know how to competently podcast, but have little knowledge of the subject and make routine errors of fact.

- Hosts who regularly play games or look stuff up while recording the feed. Hey, it’s just talking. Why don’t you guys go all out and make dinner or something else really distracting while on air too?

- Cringe. It’s always fun and not at all awkward to listen to these bozos apologize to their industry guest for the sixth time because of technical difficulties or their mistakes and misstatements.

Nearly unlistenable, even when they’re talking about one of my favorite genres or interviewing fascinating devs.

Captain Koloth ,

Needs a LOT of work

I wish I could give this a higher rating. I really do. But the hosts:
1) are not knowledgeable and constantly make the same major factual errors over and over
2) think they are the most hilarious people in the universe (a failing common to most mediocre podcasts)
3) usually record the podcast while playing a video game simultaneously, both rendering the discussion itself distracted and less interesting, and also somewhat unintelligible if you're not watching the simulcast video.

No one else out there really covers this genre in this much depth and it pains me to give such a low rating, but it's simply not worth listening to in its present state.

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