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Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.

The Game Design Round Table Dirk Knemeyer & David V. Heron

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Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.

    #304 Listener Questions November 2023

    #304 Listener Questions November 2023

    It’s time for another round of listener questions! In this episode, Dirk and David field questions from the community, discussing a variety of subjects. Topics include the validity and usefulness of player taxonomies, the pros and cons of game jams, and the considerations that go into creating an expansion for physical and digital products.

    • 58 min
    #303 Darkest Dungeon 2 with Chris Bourassa and Tyler Sigman

    #303 Darkest Dungeon 2 with Chris Bourassa and Tyler Sigman

    This week, David is joined by Chris Bourassa, creative director and cofounder of Red Hook Studios, as well as Tyler Sigman, designer and fellow co-founder. Together, they discuss Red Hook’s latest venture, Darkest Dungeon 2, the road trip sequel to Darkest Dungeon. Topics include the risks involved in making a sequel, the use and pitfalls of early access, the danger in releasing a roadmap, and where Red Hook is going from here.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    #302 Wildermyth with Nate Austin

    #302 Wildermyth with Nate Austin

    Dirk and David are joined by Nate Austin, co-creator of myth-making tactical RPG Wildermyth. In this entry in the series on worldbuilding, Nate describes the origins of Wildermyth, and how he and his partners grew the game into a true success. The trio also discuss how Wildermyth’s mechanics lead to a character focused over plot focused story, as well as how the game approach death and character progression. Other topics include using different styles of game writing, how systems change, and the perceived conflict between market appeal to story players and more complex mechanics.

    • 51 min
    #301 Design and Controls with Richard Lemarchand

    #301 Design and Controls with Richard Lemarchand

    Dirk is joined by returning guest host Soren Johnson in today's episode in the Design Talk series. Dirk and Soren speak with Richard Lemarchand, distinguished game designer and now-professor most well-known for his work on the Uncharted series. Richard details his journey through his game design career, and the skills and processes he learned along the way. Special consideration is given to control design, and the importance of them on game feel and playability.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    #300 Tricentennial Celebration

    #300 Tricentennial Celebration

    Welcome to episode 300 of The Game Design Round Table! Dirk and David take the opportunity to celebrate this momentous milestone. They reflect on the role the show has played in their lives, their own journeys as designers, and hear from friends new and old.  Thank you all for listening, whether this is your first episode or you’ve been listening from the beginning. 

    • 59 min
    #299 Worldbuilding with Ryan Laukat

    #299 Worldbuilding with Ryan Laukat

    Dirk is joined by Ryan Laukat, designer, illustrator, and co-founder of Red Raven Games, for the second installation in this series on worldbuilding. Ryan discusses his introduction and path into game design, the creation of Red Raven Games, and different methods that can be used to worldbuild. Topics include the importance of maps, how storybooks are utilized, the benefits and drawbacks of mixed medium board games, and branching narratives.

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
139 Ratings

139 Ratings

mvelasco07 ,

A must-listen!

I recently discovered Game Design Round Table and have been consistently impressed by the wealth of knowledge and insights share in each episode. No matter the topic - you’re guaranteed to learn something new every time you tune in. Go ahead and give it a “follow,” this podcast will quickly become a favorite in your feed!

David Dunham ,

Serves its niche well

Probably not as interesting if you’re not a designer, but I am and it’s always something worthwhile. They have a wide range of guests, and the combination of tabletop and digital expertise works nicely.

jonbmc ,

Excellent resource and community

GDRT has been providing thoughtful and relevant conversations with designers and game creators for years, and offers a progressive and thorough look into game design across the entire gamut of disciplines.

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