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The speaking industry is constantly evolving. Listen weekly for voices of experience from experts in the speaking industry with tips, insights and knowledge to help you become a better speaker, build a better business, and get paid to speak.

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The speaking industry is constantly evolving. Listen weekly for voices of experience from experts in the speaking industry with tips, insights and knowledge to help you become a better speaker, build a better business, and get paid to speak.

    Focus on Performance with Tom Todoroff

    Focus on Performance with Tom Todoroff

    Join us on Speakernomics as we delve into the transformative power of effective public speaking with renowned coach Tom Todoroff. This episode is designed to elevate your speaking skills from mediocre to professional, ensuring your messages not only reach but also resonate deeply with your audience.
    In this episode, Tom will help you with:

    Understanding the Core of Public Speaking: Learn the significance of breath, voice, articulation, and diction as the foundation of compelling speaking.

    Enhancing Performance through Physicality: Discover how to leverage blocking, staging, and physical presence to complement your verbal messages.

    The Physics of Performance: Explore the critical elements that make a speech impactful, including how to elicit laughter, tears, or thought from your audience.

    Spontaneity vs. Authenticity: Gain insights into balancing meticulous preparation with the genuine spontaneity that captivates audiences.

    Craft and Commitment: Understand the importance of continuous learning and practice in building confidence and a successful speaking career.

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    Set Yourself Up for Success with DC Glenn

    Set Yourself Up for Success with DC Glenn

    Join Kenneth "Shark" Kinney this week on Speakernomics, as he speaks with DC Glenn, one-half of the iconic rap duo Tag Team, about transitioning from a music legend to a professional speaker. Known for the chart-topping hit "Whoomp! (There It Is)", DC shares his journey of re-engineering his diverse and rich story from the music industry to inspire and educate current and aspiring speakers.
    In this episode, DC will help you:

    Understand the Importance of Authentic Storytelling: Learn how to leverage your unique experiences to connect with your audience, ensuring your message is both genuine and impactful.

    Adapt to Your Audience: Discover how to tailor your speech to the needs and interests of different audiences for maximum engagement and effect.

    Overcome Challenges: Gain insights into developing resilience by hearing how DC Glenn navigated the highs and lows of his career, offering strategies to overcome personal and professional obstacles.

    Continuous Learning and Growth: Embrace the mindset of lifelong learning and positivity, understanding how this approach can propel you towards success in public speaking and beyond.

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    Reinvention with Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

    Reinvention with Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

    This week, Kenneth "Shark" Kinney speaks with Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, as she shares insights on thriving amidst the challenges and opportunities of the speaking business.
    In this episode of Speakernomics, Dr. Nadya will help you with:

    Understanding the Importance of Reinvention: Learn why and how often speakers should reinvent their approach to stay relevant in a rapidly changing business environment.

    Strategies for Staying Relevant: Discover actionable strategies to remain impactful and avoid stagnation, ensuring your content resonates with the audience's evolving needs.

    Balancing Change and Continuity: Master the art of balancing between reinventing your content and maintaining the core essence that defines your brand as a speaker.

    Building Resilience and Diversifying Income: Gain insights into creating a resilient speaking career that withstands market volatility, including diversifying income streams to ensure stability.

    Effective Content Delivery: Learn how to effectively convey research and data in your presentations, ensuring your audience remains engaged and derives maximum value from your speech.

    Navigating Brand and Reputation Management: Explore techniques for building and maintaining a strong brand and reputation that transcends individual organizations or events, ensuring long-term success.

    Learn more about Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva here.
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    Tech Tools for Speakers with A.J. MacQuarrie

    Tech Tools for Speakers with A.J. MacQuarrie

    Host Kenneth "Shark" Kinney speaks with AJ MacQuarrie about the vast landscape of digital tools. AJ shares a comprehensive guide to utilizing technology to not only survive but thrive in the competitive world of professional speaking. Explore the importance of establishing a web presence, leveraging different platforms for monetization, and the significance of choosing and mastering the right tools for business growth. 
    AJ's Tech Tools Guide can be found here.
    In this episode of Speakernomics, you will:  

    Understand the Importance of Technology: Learn why mastering technology tools is crucial for professional speakers looking to grow their business and extend their reach beyond traditional stages. 

    Explore Essential Digital Tools: Gain insights into various technology tools, from necessities like professional email and websites to advanced tools like CRMs and online course platforms. 

    Monetize Your Message Across Platforms: Discover strategies to monetize your speaking business through non-traditional platforms like podcasts, webinars, and social media, enhancing your brand's value and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. 

    Effective Use of Online Courses and Memberships: Understand how to use online courses and memberships not as direct revenue streams but as tools to solidify your expertise and attract more speaking opportunities. 

    Navigate the Tech Stack for Speakers: Learn how to select, manage, and effectively use a range of digital tools to streamline your speaking business, save time, and increase efficiency. 

    Balance Technology with Personal Branding: Explore the balance between leveraging technology and maintaining a personal touch in your speaking business, ensuring your digital presence authentically represents your brand. 

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    What Kind of Speaker Are You? with Shari Levitin

    What Kind of Speaker Are You? with Shari Levitin

    Join Shari Levitin, as she shares invaluable insights on building a successful speaking and training business. In this episode of Speakernomics, you'll explore the essential skills and strategies needed to excel in professional speaking.
    In this episode, Shari will help you:

    Understand the dynamics of different speaking roles, such as trainers, entertainers, and change agents.

    Learn the significance of tailoring training methods to align with audience learning styles.

    Discover the four pillars of an effective training and coaching program.

    Gain insights into creating lasting impact and behavioral change through speaking engagements.

    Explore strategies for building and sustaining a multimillion-dollar speaking business.

    Learn the importance of repeat business and client retention for long-term success.

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    Leveraging Technology with Susan Frew

    Leveraging Technology with Susan Frew

    This week, Speakernomics podcast, host Kenneth "Shark" Kinney interviews Susan Frew, a professional speaker and author with a tech background. They discuss how Susan leverages AI (specifically ChatGPT 4) in her speaking business to find speaking engagement opportunities, automate financial tasks, and enhance social media content creation. Susan shares her experience in using AI for bookkeeping, creating targeted speaking engagement lists and optimizing social media posts. 
    In this session, Susan will explain:  

    Custom GPT for Speaking Engagements: Using ChatGPT 4 to create a personalized GPT that scours the internet for speaking engagement opportunities. This custom tool helps Susan identify relevant events based on competitors and streamlines the process of finding speaking gigs for 2024. 

    Financial Automation with AI: Susan describes how she utilized AI, including ChatGPT, for financial tasks. She created a financeGPT to generate a budget for 2024 by inputting profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow forecasts, and bank statements.  

    AI in Content Creation: Susan discusses using AI, such as ChatGPT and DALL·E (for graphics), in content creation. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining one's voice in social media posts while utilizing AI to enhance and polish the content. Susan also shares her experience using AI tools for creating eBooks, improving covers, and generating concise content. 

    Who is Susan Frew? 
    Susan Frew is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship. As the CEO of Sunshine Home Services, she led her company to a staggering 535% growth, securing a coveted spot on the Inc5000 list and earning 43 other prestigious awards.  
    Her background as an International GM with AT&T Wireless and an Instructor for the SBA's national Emerging Leaders program only adds to her wealth of expertise.  
    Susan's passion for coaching and entrepreneurship has led her to become a sought-after Professional Speaker, Emcee, and TEDx speaker on the critical issue of workforce shortage.  
    Her insights into alternative career paths for women have earned her a reputation as a renowned expert. With her infectious energy and unwavering belief in the power of taking risks, Susan encourages her audiences to "Go Out on the Skinny Branches" and embrace the unknown.  
    Her book, "Compete on Awesome, Not on Price," has helped countless entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and maintain healthy profits. Susan's journey to success has not been without its challenges, but she has emerged stronger and more determined than ever before. 
    Drawing on her experiences of both triumph and adversity, she has developed a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in the world of business. 
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

Profitable to Train, llc ,

New year, new host, new knowledge!

This is a podcast that I look forward to seeing in my feed, and I appreciate Kenneth Kenney’s approach to letting the guest speakers shine. If you are a professional speaker and you haven’t listened for a while, give it a try again.

Neil I Thompson ,

The host asks insightful questions

What I like about the podcast is that the host asks the guests questions that they have to think about. This way, you’re really able to spot the knowers from the fakers.

Hoogie40 ,

A class act!

Speakernomics is the smartest podcast I listen to. It has world class guests and a fantastic host. They get in, get out, and you learn to be a better speaker!

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