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The show that tells the stories of renegade entrepreneurs who bet it all on their passion.

Hosted by Jason Skeesick, a serial entrepreneur on a mission to build a community of entrepreneurs just like you who don’t see their reflection in day-to-day life.

Each week Jason sits down with a visionary entrepreneur who saw the world as it could be and couldn’t help but to take action!

Spear and Clover Podcast Jason Skeesick

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The show that tells the stories of renegade entrepreneurs who bet it all on their passion.

Hosted by Jason Skeesick, a serial entrepreneur on a mission to build a community of entrepreneurs just like you who don’t see their reflection in day-to-day life.

Each week Jason sits down with a visionary entrepreneur who saw the world as it could be and couldn’t help but to take action!

    #85-Superman of SEO with Atiba de Souza

    #85-Superman of SEO with Atiba de Souza

     Introducing my friend, Atiba de Souza! Atiba is the true Superman of SEO, wielding his expertise to conquer the digital realm. His genuine warmth and incredible insights not only make him a top-notch professional but also an amazing person to know. On and off the field, his wisdom shines through. Discover more about him at meetatiba.com. 🔗🔍 #SEOExpert #DigitalSuperman #FriendshipGoals #ExpertiseUnleashed #InsightsAndCharacter #MeetAtiba

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    #84-Champ Talk with Branden Hudson

    #84-Champ Talk with Branden Hudson

    When I meet new people, I am always trying to explain why I'm drawn to difficult things. Why I have chosen to put myself in situations that challenge me, even though it's often painful, and it's always hard.  This can be in the form of physical struggles, like CrossFit and combat sports, as well as personal struggles. For instance, if you think pain is your ally, try starting a company from scratch. The bright side of this is seeking out struggle puts me around others, who like me, force themselves into positions where they're forced to grow.
    Those are my people. Like so many of these folks, today's guest has not only spent his life testing himself against unbelievable challenges. He's also made his living, helping others do the same. He's not only helping other adults like him pursue fitness BJJ and MMA. He's also helping raise the next generation of champions with a large and competitive kids program.
    Brandon Hudson is a fighter, coach, investor, and entrepreneur. He's the owner of SBY MMA and Fitness in Salisbury, Maryland, host of the Champ Talk Podcast, and one hell of a guy. Please welcome my friend, Branden Hudson.  To learn more, go to https://thefightyard.com/sby-mma and @champtalkpodcast on IG!

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    #83-Tipped Finance with Barbara Sloan

    #83-Tipped Finance with Barbara Sloan

    One of the best pieces of advice for young people is to spend at least some time in a service job. Things like waiting tables, bartending, washing cars, etc. The reason is it teaches you about hustle, it teaches you about real teamwork, and most importantly, customer service. These are things that will last you for your entire life. 
    But for millions of Americans, these jobs give them the ability to make a decent living while retaining a flexible lifestyle. This means that they're heavily reliant on cash tips to succeed. And it's always been very difficult for these folks to save up meaningful wealth and resources on par with their nine-to-five counterparts.
    Today's guest wants to change all of that. Barbara Sloan noticed that for years, she was seeing personal finance tips and education that only focused on the more traditional nine-to-five careers and left these tip dependent workers out in the cold. So she's built a coaching business and even wrote a book called Tipped, which delivers real and useful education on how to build wealth and live a high-quality lifestyle when working service centric career.
    This is a conversation that I've been looking to for weeks and one that I'm sure you won't want to miss. Please welcome my friend, Barbara Sloan.!To learn more, go to https://www.tippedfinance.com/

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    #82-Equipped 2 Evolve with Jared Cohen

    #82-Equipped 2 Evolve with Jared Cohen

    Guys, successful people in any realm of life seem to share a common trait.
    The ability to look into the future. This helps them to plan and behave today in a way that'll get them to their desired results tomorrow. This is something that most people in most walks of life understand, but the most successful people don't seem to stop there beyond looking forward. These folks become masters at looking backward.
    And in fact, Inwards to discover new and meaningful waves to improve and thrive. Today's guest has built a business around helping these folks do a better job of this. He empowers leaders with deeper and more powerful emotional intelligence, which allows them to succeed in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

    If you want to learn how to better solve problems, build bulletproof and cohesive teams. And master that beast between your ears, then this conversation is for you. Please welcome my friend, Jared Cohen. To learn more, go to https://www.equipped2evolve.com/

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    #81-Podcasting Made Simple with Alex Sanfilippo

    #81-Podcasting Made Simple with Alex Sanfilippo

    When someone creates something undeniably great, something that touches the lives of many people, their name often becomes synonymous with their company. We think of Henry Ford. We think of Steve Jobs, we think of Elon. We think of both Ben and Jerry. These folks not only built big successful companies, but they did it while leaving an indelible impression on their unique character and values on the products and services they produced. They had an idea that became a business. And then, whether by necessity or by choice, each of them became the living embodiment of their life's mission.
    Today's guest is, in my opinion, one of these people. His company, Pod Pros, is responsible through its various platforms like Pod Match and Pod Talks for empowering literally thousands of podcasters to express themselves and chase their dreams through this beautiful and liberating art form.
    But like those names I mentioned earlier, you cannot talk about podcasting or the podcast community at large without hearing the name Alex Sanfilippo. Alex and his wife Alecia have become the charismatic central leaders of a massive tribe of podcasters, a group defined by their independence.
    And as you will soon see, he's done it while remaining humble, kind, and giving of himself. Today, I hope to learn how Alex heard the call and, maybe more interestingly, how he's been able to make living up to it look so damn easy. Please welcome my friend Alex Sanfilippo. To learn more, go to podpros.com/win.

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    #80-Progressive Discipline with Greg Birch

    #80-Progressive Discipline with Greg Birch

    Believe it or not, I don't really think of myself as a fitness guy. I'm more of a tribe guy. I'm a hard work guy. I believe in investing in myself, I believe in working towards improvement in any form that I can find. Fitness, like entrepreneurship just so happens to be a perfect match for these behaviors. Our bodies are the most fundamental place we can invest to see a real meaningful improvement in our overall quality of life.
    Today's guest is no stranger to investing both in your body and financially. Like myself and so many others, he's seen what life is like when you don't invest in yourself physically, mentally, and financially, and he has made it his life's mission to make sure that you don't have to learn the hard way like he did.
    He's the owner of Delta Financial and Delta Fit. He's a veteran. He's a badass ball of positive energy. Please welcome my friend Greg Birch.  Visit https://deltafitlife.com/ to learn more!

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5.0 out of 5
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20 Ratings

Ahansen123456789 ,


Glad I found this podcast.

Walk 2 Wealth ,

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Tonikia S ,

Mindful Guest

Jason is very mindful of who he is and who it is he helps. His entrepreneurial approach through evangelism is very inspiring. I love the way he connects with his listeners and understands how to cultivate change.

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