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Welcome to Ashley Barlow Co. podcast!  This business has been in my heart for so many years, and I so excited to share it with you.  In these podcasts we’ll discuss all things special education – from eligibility to implementation of the IEP.  We’ll talk about basic concepts and dive deeper into specific topics.  We’ll talk about self-care for caregivers and professionals that support children on IEPs.  We’ll discuss best practices, behavior, therapies, and more!

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Welcome to Ashley Barlow Co. podcast!  This business has been in my heart for so many years, and I so excited to share it with you.  In these podcasts we’ll discuss all things special education – from eligibility to implementation of the IEP.  We’ll talk about basic concepts and dive deeper into specific topics.  We’ll talk about self-care for caregivers and professionals that support children on IEPs.  We’ll discuss best practices, behavior, therapies, and more!

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    COPAA Conversations: Part 02, Amy Bonn

    COPAA Conversations: Part 02, Amy Bonn

    If you've ever wanted to crawl inside my brain to have a conversation on special education advocacy, law, and practice, here's your chance. Amy Bonn, consulting attorney, with COPAA, speaks. my. language. Amy and I have a hearty conversation about our jobs as special education attorneys, and it's just too good! Sometimes while I record with guests, I write down the time that a particular quote happens or a quote itself. I had to stop writing on this one, because I'd filled two big Post Its!!!! Tune in for All Things SPED Law and Advocacy today!
    Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/LBuZb8GKRdH
    Amy Bonn, Esq. - Amy is a Nebraska attorney providing legal representation to families of children with disabilities in special education matters. Amy is a summa cum laude graduate of Creighton University School of Law, where she was a member of the board of editors of the Creighton Law Review. She is licensed to practice in state and federal courts in Nebraska.
    Amy is also a proud parent of children with developmental disabilities. She completed a ten-month traineeship in disability advocacy and leadership at the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center, where her research focus was on parental advocacy in special education.

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    COPAA Conversations: Part 01, Denise Marshall

    COPAA Conversations: Part 01, Denise Marshall

    Today we roll out a new series on the podcast called COPAA Conversations by chatting with Denise Marshall, the CEO of the Council of Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates. COPAA’s mission is to protect and enforce the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. The organization offers trainings, an amazing conference, public policy work, legal assistance, really effective committees, and more! It's seriously my one-stop shop for information and community in my work. Denise and I chat about all things COPAA in this episode, and of course, we dive into some of our favorite advocacy tools and ideas! I hope you'll join us and check out COPAA!
    Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/Tx38ehX5c7M
    Denise Stile Marshall, M.S. -  Denise has led the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) since 2005. She  graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Science. Denise has over 40 years’ experience in the field of disabilities in a variety of support, management, and advocacy capacities. She has a wealth of non-profit association management experience and is a dynamic trainer, experienced in leading sessions for participants of diverse abilities and experience levels. Prior to becoming the CEO of COPAA Denise was the Director of Training and Educational Outreach for the national organization TASH from 1995-2005, the Program Manager and trainer for Maryland Leaders in Disability Policy; and a Positive Behavior Support specialist and Director of the National Training Center for The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland among other consulting and management positions.  Denise's specific areas of interest are civil right to quality education, positive behavioral supports, prevention and reduction in the use of restraints, abolishment of seclusion and aversive techniques, family supports, grassroots advocacy, self-advocacy, and experiential learning.  Denise and her husband are the parents of two children and have three grandchildren, one of whom has Down syndrome.

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    Negotiation Strategies Straight Out of Psychology

    Negotiation Strategies Straight Out of Psychology

    Ever feel like you need to up the ante on your Negotiation but feel stuck in how to do that? How about a tool that psychologists use to help people get to the root of their own struggles? In today's episode we're going to dive a little deeper into a concept I call "Tactical Empathy," and we'll work on validating the emotions of all of the people at the IEP table. For some people this is super intuitive. For others it isn't, which is okay, because there are a few things you can do to change the vibe of a meeting in a snap!!!
    Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/8sQAp7hltLn

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    One Crucial Mistake Parents Make In IEP Meetings

    One Crucial Mistake Parents Make In IEP Meetings

    We've all been there. The IEP Meeting is going well. Everyone is smiling, the computer system is working, the child is making progress. Then... (record scratch)... things go sideways. In today's episode I talk about one common IEP Pitfall, and it's so obvious. Fortunately, the solution is also super obvious and easy, so I'll walk you through that, too! This is an easy, quick listen before your annual IEP Meeting! Like stuff like this? Consider joining our ABC Course where you get my Negotiation Workshop exclusively!

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    IEP Meeting Strategy: Suggesting IEP Edits

    IEP Meeting Strategy: Suggesting IEP Edits

    One of my most favorite and successful strategies has very little to do with negotiation strategy. Rather, it is founded in a desire to make meetings as efficient as possible... but it has a huge positive impact. In today's episode I share my tried and true strategy of requesting a draft of an IEP prior to the meeting and then submitting written questions, comments, and ideas back to the school team prior to the meeting. This strategy was meant to simply be efficient, but it has had a huge impact of IEP meetings for me. I hope you find it helpful, too!

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    Practical Arguments For Inclusion Cases

    Practical Arguments For Inclusion Cases

    I talk to about one professional a week about an Inclusion case. Attorneys, advocates, outpatient therapists, social workers, pediatricians, and so many other professionals have questions about Inclusion. I'm not only honored that these colleagues call me, but I'm also always excited to geek out about Inclusion and to provide my insight. The only group of folks that I consistently disappoint is the attorneys. Why? Because my approach to inclusion cases is really hands-on. It's practical. It's communicative. It's sometimes even messy. In today's episode, I'll give you some of the practical tips that I've dished out to some of my friends in the last few weeks.

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

bguyvv ,

IEP Parent HELP!

Feeling overwhelmed & uninformed? Ashley’s Podcast is a MUST. Why? She’s a Special Education attorney!..who covers an abundance of topics. Plus she’s a mom who is so empathetic & honest! So if you want parental tools to use so you have meaningful participation—as IDEA law intended—Listen to Ashley!

A. Stewart1 ,

Saving grace for a frustrated parent

I found Ashley during a time when we were exhausted from the amount of “fighting” we had to do with our child’s school to have her seen as a child and not a disability. Ashley has a way of explaining things to where you feel like you are sitting down and having a conversation with her. Ashley has done an amazing job at picking and interviewing her guests to get the most knowledge out of them for her listeners benefit. I find myself going back and re-listening to older episodes to take some notes on something we are dealing with or to look up something she mentions. I cannot recommend this podcast enough, I tell everyone about it!

Tina-Louise Wallace ,

I’m in shock!! Great asset!! (Update)

I can’t believe it I just had to stop to review this podcast and I was going to start by saying how I rarely leave reviews….. then I saw I had already left one 🙈 I could not believe today when I was listening because I literally have every amazing parenting book that exists!! I recently also started listening to audiobooks especially since I found out you can get free from your library!!! But between the parenting courses I take, the parenting webinars I attend, and the amount of facebook groups I’m in yoi might think I have enough information - but I love the great parenting books so I definitely love the recommendations!!! I am going to see if there is a Facebook group, page, or instagram page so I can reach out with my opinion but I would be happy to help with any of those also!!

I can’t believe this show doesn’t have more reviews, especially 5 star reviews!! I have been a special Ed mom now for going on 5 years, I am now a mom of three and this year will be the first year with all 3 in the same elementary school. I have two with IEP’s, my oldest is going into 4th grade and I didn’t get her IEP until the end of kindergarten (huge mistake) even though I had a diagnosis before kindergarten. I didn’t know any of the laws, or my rights, I had no idea the district should have been doing their assessments when i contacted them with the diagnosis. When I think of where I was now and where I am now - my youngest is 4 and I already got him an IEP and he is starting the district preschool this year. All I have done during these years is educate myself, from taking IEP advocacy courses like Wrightslaw to a number of other ones, reading books on special education and advocacy, watching videos on YouTube, joining countless Facebook groups, and listening to amazing podcasts like Ashley’s!! I just started listening but I’m binge listening and I have already learned a lot of valuable information. Like Ashley I too have a habit of writing/speaking a lot (in case you couldn’t tell) but I also helped form a SEPAC (special education parents advisory council) for our district and region. I know a lot of parents start out like me assuming that schools, districts and educators just do what is needed for each child, because that is their job…. Unfortunately that usually isn’t how it works. Sometimes teachers are even deterred from speaking up for children who need more. I’ll end now but I’ll share one piece of advice for other families. Document EVERYTHING!! If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen (that includes emails….) Even if you have a phone call document it with a follow up email going over what was discussed, etc. Definitely 5 stars!! Please keep making podcasts!! Maybe an added Facebook group ☺️

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